xmlHttp.open('POST', '/events/trigger-visit-event');         }); Secondary consideration was given to cubic size, weight, and user friendliness to the end user trained at the level of tactical first responder. window.gapi.load('surveyoptin', function() { !function(_window, _document) { This is our website. Brian Houston only entered April’s live draw because comedian Peter Kay was presenting the show. var pageTracker = new trackEcommerce(); Scott Wilson was diagnosed with Parkinson's after experiencing a slight tremor in his hand and leg, and the loss of his sense of smell. Your email address will not be published. A club spokesperson wrote: "Regrettably, approximately 3% of shirts ordered online are still to be delivered, which is a matter both the club and Castore take seriously and are working tirelessly to rectify.             id: orderID, Shirt sponsor 32Red have their logo in the centre of the training top as well as diagonally on the front of the right shoulder.             quantity: qty Rangers 2019-20 training kit is completed with black shorts with orange trim and orange socks. The 2020/21 Rangers x Castore third kit takes centre stage at The Rangers Store pic.twitter.com/NRnEQiG0Zs. { James McColm, from Ayr, was convicted after sending hundreds of emails regarding his ex as they thrashed out their messy divorce. // Insert Twitter Pixel ID and Standard Event data below         this._trackTrans = gaTrackTrans;         }); api.dispatch.apply(api, arguments) : api.queue.push(arguments);};api.version = '1.1';api.loaded = true;api.marketerId = OB_ADV_ID;api.queue = [];var tag = _document.createElement('script');tag.async = true;tag.src = '//amplify.outbrain.com/cp/obtp.js';tag.type = 'text/javascript';var script = _document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];script.parentNode.insertBefore(tag, script);}(window, document); To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. The kit is designed to allow the user to place the TQ on their duty belt using the eleven10 TQ holder and allow the rest of the kit to remain in the vacuum sealed pouch.             quantity: qty } "That loyalty and support gives the management and team a real boost, and it is never taken for granted.”. a=t.getElementsByTagName(n)[0],a.parentNode.insertBefore(u,a))}(window,document,'script'); xmlHttp.send('{"initiator":{"id":"","session_id":"ae8ccc3ac3b7e253f605b61b8b187d9a3c7e3ef5","type":"ANONYMOUS","visit_id":"d82906b3-e3d9-4964-946c-adfd0c74e790","visitor_id":"caef1d57-31e6-4a24-a23a-740fafd21a11"},"referer":{"url":""},"request":{"url":"https:\/\/www.rescue-essentials.com\/blm-ranger-ifak\/"},"product_id":2023}'); The club say they and Castore are "humbled by the incredible response from supporters across the globe". The Belgians are scheduled to take on Lech Poznan this Thursday. { "products": [{"gtin":"GTIN1"}, {"gtin":"GTIN2"}] 'https://' : 'http://') + 'cdn.livechatinc.com/tracking.js';         this.transaction = {         });     function gaTrackTrans() {             price: price, Rangers fans can snap up the kit in limited numbers at the club's newly remodelled and upgraded Rangers Store at Ibrox from this afternoon. Addition of 'thick' gold chain required to complete the look. View the embedded image gallery online at: Type the text presented in the image below, Football Shirt Culture - Latest Football Kit News and More, https://www.footballshirtculture.com/20/21-Kits/rangers-2020-2021-third-kit.html#sigProId2200cf0378, Nike Phantom Scorpion Elite FG - Pure Platinum / Black / Speed Yellow / Metallic Silver. Would you like to go to our website now? var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); Rangers and kit partners Castore have launched their highly anticipated third kit. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(lc, s); !function(){var e=window.location.search;if(e&&e.length>1&&localStorage){var l,o,t=e.slice(1).split("&");for(l=0;l