Sports decal image courtesy "ColonelJLloyd" - Raleigh Sprite, used '66-70 only, Chainguard decals: It still has its registration sticker from that year. Where is the serial number on my bike? I have seen these bikes sell for $150-$350 on eBay! If you still have questions after seeing those suggestions, feel free to click “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page or call us at 800-395-9549.How do I find information on bike assembly or bike tuning? Please email me your zip code for a more accurate cost) Pedal My Gear. With rather different bikes. Chrome and paint shine bright. Some decals are not shown at this time, and some information may need further clarification. Please give this bike a good home and DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! At present, I have insufficent information about the serial numbers from this era to construct a definite chart of every example used during this time period. DON'T MISS OUT. If you have questions, connect with our bike experts via the Contact Us form below. Rims are Sturmey Archer. This TT decal may be found on either genuine SDBU frames or Record replicas (!). If payment is not received within 4 days of the auction end and I have not been contacted regarding payment, your item will be relisted for other buyers to purchase. Top tube ink transfer, used until 1977, Top tube clear sticker w/TI logo, 1978-1982, Alternate seat tube decal used on Gazelle-produced models. Mountie The alternate white set was used on the Super Tourer, International and Professional until 1976, while the 1977 Professional Mk. Available for pickup in Westchester- right next to LAX on the north side of the airport. Serial number 4894 and according with online information can be form the 1960’s or 1970’s. V reverted to the gold set. Vintage Raleigh Sprite Model number DL90 5 Speed men's bicycle for touring. The bike has 27" tires and the frame is a 21 1/2' with a 31" stand over, perfect for a rider with a 32 or 33" inseam. It has minimal chips in the paint or rust on the frame. Very nice hard to find bike in nice original condition considering age. Both bikes have front and rear side pull caliper brakes. Local pickup only in the metro Detroit area. But it's in excellent overall condition with no signs of rust or major areas of wear. The bike appears to be all. It's not powering at the moment. This starts reasonably with ABSOLUTELY NO RESERVE so bid early and don't miss out! If new information is found, these charts will be duly updated to reflect such. The fenders ("mudguards" to the British) and chainguard (on the 5-speed version) made the Sprite into a somewhat livelier alternative to the Sports for transportation cycling. Local pick-up as advertised Shipping Policy: I will ship this bike to you under the following terms. And the seat post tube measures 21.5 inches. Assemble yourself! Shipping quote is for lower 48 only. I'm torn to part ways with it, but it deserves to be in the hands of an appreciative collector or bike enthusiast.