These were not exported anywhere and came in their own unique white packaging with all writing less the Rainbow Brite name in the Brazilian version of Portuguese. Brite | Red Some dolls were sold with a Region 1 DVD in English featuring a single episode of the original cartoon. These ordinary earth kids are chosen by Rainbow Brite because of their special "individual" qualities that make each of them extraordinary in their own way. Stormy also played a more prominent role. Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids! Voice Actors | Not all toys were sold in all markets, and the Emotions line was never sold outside the United States and Canada. She uses the colors of the rainbow to make our world brighter and our hearts lighter. She was later voiced by Emily Osment in the reboot. She is also a great inventor, helping improve life in Rainbow Land with such devices like the Color Consoles, and even assisting a poor lost Alien by making his space ship run on Star Sprinkles. He serves as Rainbow's protector and guardian, and as her swiftest means of transportation.Rainbow's partners are the Color Kids - seven little people with personalities as varied as the colors of the rainbow. Here are some of Twink's favorite phrases in Happy Talk: "Jibbly Vink Lorp?" He was originally a red Sprite, until the villain Murky Dismal removed his colour, leaving him white. Germany also had an exclusive version of the Dress Up Rainbow Brite doll that included a story cassette. The Playmates line never caught on with its target audience. When she isn't making the night sky an deep indigo color, she and her sprites are putting on plays, dressing in costumes, and helping entertain the others in Rainbow Land. Shop for Rainbow Brite in 80s Characters. In typical hero fashion, with cape and a take charge attitude, his bravery can have it's drawbacks as it often gets him into trouble. He is so full of energy that he literally bounces in the air, sometimes hitting his head on tree branches or low-flying birds. Collectibles | Multimedia | The small dolls came boxed at first and then blister carded on two different types of cards. The two horses, Starlight and Sunriser, were made from hard plastic rather than being stuffed. The specials became part of DIC's weekly syndicated Kideo TV block of programming starting in April 1986, which were followed up with eight more episodes for a total of thirteen, which is one season in American television,[8] and were rerun until the end of March 1987, after which the show was replaced on the Kideo TV schedule by Lady Lovely Locks & the Pixietails. Additionally, Hallmark Keepsake Rainbow Brite holiday ornaments were sold in 2015 (a reissue of Hallmark's 2013 ornament) and 2016. These toys are sold only in the United States and Canada. [4] A line of new merchandise by Hallmark online and in its shops debuted in 2015.[5][6]. Ideal Toy Company was the importer for most of Western Europe, though Euro Play imported the line for Germany. In Fall of 2016 many new Rainbow Brite items were available at Hallmark stores and online, including several new story and activity books, a new range of greeting cards, and a 1,000 piece Rainbow Land puzzle. The Color Kids spread color across the universe from the Color Console inside the Color Castle. You might find this one hard … Story | If he is not with Lala Orange, he can be found with Buddy Blue exercising or coming to the rescue whenever Rainbow Brite needs their help. Characters | The second Rainbow Brite generation (1996–1997) greatly differed from any generation before or since. The land itself is touched green with green grass, and trees. In a faraway place, right at the end of the rainbow, there is a magical kingdom where all the colors of the earth are created. It gave detailed drawings of all the players and Hallmark's policies on a number of subjects such as the use of its Rainbow Brite logos on the packaging for each product, copyright notices on all products where feasible, fees for creating artwork and the approvals needed before production of new Rainbow Brite merchandise could start. The Emotions line included five dolls including a 15" Buddy Blue doll that was sold only in Canada. The Dress Up line was only made for about one year. The land is touched indigo with many indigo plants, and in addition to making such a rich color to the indigo plant and the deep indigo of ripe grapes, she also provides the deep indigo blue of the night sky to make sure it is as beautiful and deeply colored as the bright blue day sky. Are we doing a good job with the website?Buy us a cupcake?$3.00, Advance Review: Rainbow Brite 01 by Dynamite. Rainbow Brite and her horse, Starlite, must team with Spectra's boy warrior, Krys, and his robotic horse, On-X, to defeat the powers of darkness and save Spectra, Earth, and the universe. It introduced a few new story elements, one being the Sentinels of Light, which included Rainbow Brite as a guardian of light and color and Krys as the protector of light unseen. Production delays saw the line actually debut in stores on December 24 of that year, which of course missed the 2009 holiday shopping season. Although this version did have rainbow-colored hair, the characters resembled real-world children more than their previous animated and doll counterparts. But only the black version was ever produced and then in very limited numbers. Gen 4 continuity makes Rainbow Brite a girl originally from Earth (Return to Rainbow Land). The large doll later came in a window box with a simplified single wardrobe. Child actors Tracey Gold, Kellie Martin and Heather O'Rourke, famous for their roles in 1980s television and film, also appeared. Toy Play indicated that the missing color would be added for future production runs, but this never happened because the line died out before a corrected version appeared.