The people in the main street of Goldenrod City are moved to avoid you bumping into them while hatching eggs. A smoothly increasing level curve, with the final trainer of the game at level 100. Pressing Select on the phone screen of the Pokégear deletes all non-essential phone numbers. Mew roams in Kanto after completing a sidequest. ShockSlayer started modding as a young kid and was primarily focused on hardware and “portablizing stuff,” which is modder lingo for making things portable. He was determined to launch it before Christmas and for it to be fully playable, with as few bugs as possible and all the key features intact. It's hard to image myself oPlaying the original after this. Pokémon Crystal Clear is a ROM hack of Pokémon Crystal that makes the game into a Wide Open Sandbox.You can choose whether to start in Kanto or Johto and face the 16 gym leaders of Kanto and Johto in any order. Just saying. The new sprites aren't animated, but if any artists want to contribute some animation frames I'd love it. Not sure about where in Kanto though. But who knows, maybe that server gets a lot of spammers and the mods are being overly cautious. (Suicune roams instead of appearing in Bell Tower.) Well, the creator is definitely working on it. If the Poke is in a semi-adjacent route (ex. Shiny Pok�mon now have an odd Attack DV, 2, 3, 7, or 11 Defense, 5 or 13 Speed, and a perfect 15 Special; so 1 in 1,024 Pok�mon is shiny. From googling it seems you're supposed to be searching to the right of Mahogany, in the middle of the body of water. It is authored by Shockslayer, who released the latest update for the game (2.1.1) in September 2020. Crystal Clear revamped the highest-grossing entertainment franchise in the world and added a plethora of details fans have been clamoring for. Some trainers, like the Kimono Girls in Ecruteak, do, The Battle Tower is only mentioned once by a random trainer, since it's been. You can buy every TM in the game from the Goldenrod and Celadon City department stores after getting 8 badges. Not just that aside from the event mew and Celebi I have legit 386 Dex in the GBA games because I could afford to get the events, all nds Pokemon events and all 3ds events! Pokémon Fan Game Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Don't think so. You can even get a few cool things by doing so. Some Pok�mon, like Houndour, Murkrow, and Misdreavus, are available at sensible locations in Johto without having to wait for Kanto. Upon completing the Pokédex, if you go to Shockslayer's forge in Cherrygrove Bay, you can rematch him again, this time with a level 100 team. Later they can be bought in Celadon Dept. You start with a Pokédex and 5 Poké Balls. Thanks for all your hard work Knuckle San! Dragon Fang boosts Dragon-type moves, not Dragon Scale. Download. The shiny clause is also in effect. Discord. She battles you and gives you some items throughout the game. A few crystal ones work, but at least the shiny codes won't work (and the quick save thing in the beginning is awesome, but still, will still take a very long time to get my shiny eevee starter), Took me almost 3 hours to get my shiny charmander but it was worth it. You no longer have to wait for a Pokémon's cry to finish before being able to scroll in the summary screen. Defeated stationary and legendary Pokémon will respawn after defeating the Elite Four. So if anyone is reading this, I believe this link will always point to latest version. Crystal Clear is a ROM hack that adds features Pokémon fans have been wanting for years. PikalaxALT, pigdevil2010, Koolboyman, chaos_lord2, padz, and everyone else who developed TPP Anniversary Crystal 251 and made the code public. It will probably be fixed for the next version. Can you provide some examples of Pokemon that don't evolve? It seems to work fine for me and nobody else has reported this issue. “If the player doesn’t have enough money to get in, she’ll take pity on you and pretend to be distracted — ‘Wow, a FOSSIL! Many wild Pokemon hold items now, Every trainer’s roster has been buffed and given diversity, especially Gym Leaders, providing a more challenging and interesting experience, Every Pokemon can be obtained through various means. Any news on Red Adventure Chapter? i understand that legally it's just called "Crystal Clear" but is it okay if i rename the entry back to "Pokemon - Crystal Clear" so it makes it easier to find in searches and puts it with the other pokemon hacks alphabetically edit: i doubt he'll care that much. Shockslayer It's possible that the download is corrupt, so maybe try downloading again. What do you mean by that?Because it isn't working with masterball either.Masterball cheat as for what? You are still required to visit New Cinnabar, Indigo Plateau, and Mt. An open world Pokemon Crystal ROM hack. Photographing your Pok�mon at the Cianwood Photo Studio once a day now makes it happier, like haircuts or massages. “A lot of hacks change evolution requirements, which I think distances the player because it drops the immersion,” ShockSlayer explains. Unlike most examples, he doesn't have a, Doubles experience gained by the Pokémon holding it, Doubles monetary gain from trainer battles if a Pokémon is holding it. 29th June update fixes: - injected starters not clearing PP properly- Leech seed being a duplicate event/battle tutor move for oddish family- Bill's house and Route 12 gate having incorrect palette data constants. You can unlock a DV display in New Cinnabar that shows a wild Pokémon's DV values in battle. Move Reminder in the same house as the Move Deleter. Keep up with game/anime news and chat will fellow Pokémon fans! He got into programming to supplement that. 1st July 2019 update:- Fixed Lake of Rage Gyarados having Dragon Rage twice at certain levels- Fixed injected Unown not showing proper form on starter select screen * always shows A if randomized, otherwise gets from injected DVs- Fixed Fast Ship lost child event showing follower movement during black screen- Fixed the following scripts not properly releasing followers after healing: * Fibbef Cinnabar Tunnel * Fibbef Mount Moon B2F * Fibbef Route 7 * Fibbef Silver Cave * Neph Route 28 * Neph Viridian Forest, 3rd July 2019 update: - Fixed incorrect Mom sprite when starting in Kanto - Fixed double text box during Big Rock decoration event - Removed redundant Azumarill Hydro Pump on Battle Tutor - Dodrio species text extra line fix - Removed extra Celadon Game Corner time event NPC - Fixed Pokemaniac Gustav sight range being too long on Route 14 - Fixed incorrect spelling of renovations on Silph Co 1F. “It’ll take me a long time to do properly, because ‘ROM hack’ and ‘good story’ seldom go together,” he explains. All of the decorations for your room are available in different places. “I really like making NPCs with a lot of dialogue,” ShockSlayer says. Then when my Mareep turned level 18 I thought maybe I will allow it to evolve, unfortunately it don't. You are also not required to have certain badges to use them outside of battle. like this game alot, are there more rom hacks like this one? The Odd Egg is always shiny, with an equal chance to be either gender. Anyone manage to find working cheats? including the new Elite Four and champion. r/Pokemon: The largest Pokémon community on Discord! the computer shows a bluescreen and that the guard is only pretending to fix the computer, steamroll them with a team full of level 100 Pokémon while they're still in their 30's, Eusine is given a more prominent spotlight and development than in.