Based on collected data, the geographic range for Phidippus regius includes 1 countries and 3 states in the United States. Phidippus otiosus (Kissimmee, Florida) Piękny model, czekamy aż jeszcze podrosną. +++ 3% discount on all products with "3-2020" +++, Home > Shop > Other arthropods > Phidippus regius (North Florida). The first impression made upon the casual observer is of a moderately large, black, hairy spider; to the uninformed, this impression leads naturally to the conviction that the spider is a black widow.

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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. This species, however, the effects of a bite are comparable to a bee / wasp sting (not dangerous, but painful). International: 1-8 working days. These animals are known as “Phidippus regius (North Florida)”. Sign up now for our Newsletter and always stay up to date. Phidippus regius has also been sighted in the following states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia. The spider species Phidippus regius, commonly known as Regal Jumping Spider, belongs to the genus Phidippus, in the family Salticidae. VAT, plusshipping Approve the Cookies This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Enclosure size: 20 x 20 x 20 cm for one adult spider.

Phidippus regius (Florida) Unsexed L5+ Feeding on house/green bottle flies. It […], Phidippus audax, commonly known as the daring jumping spider is a jumping spider found throughout the USA. Description of the Daring Jumping Spider Phidippus audax are black with three marks […], Spiders by US State – Spider Gallery – Submit Your Spider for Identification – Spider Information – Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy – About – Contact. Various furnishings such as plants, branches and bark are accepted for hiding and climbing. Sesja zdjęciowa. Life expectancy: up to 2 years

Phidippus regius (Bahamas) Next breeding in 2021. Rel. Description of the Regal Jumping […] Read More. It occurs mostly in the Southeastern United States as well as the Caribbean and the Easter Islands. As their name suggests, the daring jumping spider is known for its audacious jumps. Regal Jumper Spider (Phidippus regius) CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY: Regal Jumper Spider (Phidippus regius) This female has a variation of markings from those that usually visit my property. M&M Wüst – Mantids and more Price: £15.00. Price: £15.00. on Phidippus Regius – Regal Jumping Spider, on Lyssomanes Viridis – Mangolia Green Jumper, on Menemerus Bivittatus – Grey Wall Jumper, on Phidippus audax – Daring Jumping Spider, Lyssomanes Viridis – Mangolia Green Jumper. Translated +19. The spider species Phidippus regius, commonly known as Regal Jumping Spider, belongs to the genus Phidippus, in the family Salticidae.Phidippus regius spiders have been sighted 16 times by contributing members. Phidippus regius has been primarily sighted during the month of May.
63165 Mühlheim am Main Phidippus regius is a common spider in peninsular Florida. I think they are the cutest spider in the world. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. Found in a blueberry bush . There have been 16 confirmed sightings of Phidippus regius (Regal Jumping Spider), with the most recent sighting submitted on April 19, 2020 by Spider ID member gpertell76., Office times: Out of stock | 1-3 working days | Only valid within Germany. Price: £27.00. An adult spider has […], Maevia inclemens, commonly called dimorphic jumper is a species of jumping spiders mainly found in the Eastern U.S States and Southeastern Canada. Comments & ID Thoughts. Group-keeping is not recommended (danger of cannibalism).
Submitted by: gpertell76. Its common name comes from the fact that there are two types of males that differ in appearance and behavior – so called morphs. Dimorphic Jumper Description As mentioned, the male dimorphic jumper […], Salticus scenicus, the zebra spider, is a jumping spider that can be found in the entire northern hemisphere. Phidippus regius, the regal jumping spider, is one the largest species of the jumping spiders of the Phidippus genera. Information & quality directly from the breeder, Over 10 years experience in animal shipment. Phidippus regius spiders have been sighted 16 times by contributing members. The gray morph is in central FL and the orange morph is in south FL. It can jump up to 50 times its own body length.