Will it help eliminate the amount of walking you currently do? They also noticed GoPET offered two maximum variable speed settings. It’s intuitive and takes minutes to learn and operate. The level of labor savings was apparent. SmartScoot lithium battery, lightweight only 40 lbs. Please try your search again later. Reduce dependency on costly utility carts

Sugar Land, Texas is just outside of Houston. The GoPET scooter provides a fast and cost effective way of improving your facility’s productivity and accuracy levels.

Order your GoPET with a maintenance free lead acid battery or step up to the powerful lithium battery set. Every lesson you learned and fixed during the past 10 months will be tested to the fullest starting in just days. Copyright © 2013 My GoPET, Inc. All rights reserved. Everyone is happy riding it! Leading warehouse professionals were able to test drive how their operators would be distributing inventory throughout their warehouse. Education, Hospital and Government institutions and organizations each have specific requirements. For a look at this article: Electric Bikes. At a starting price of under $2,000, other personal electric utility carts (golf carts), Segways, T3s, ATVs are priced anywhere from 20%-30% higher. PET Pro Flex 500 - Electric Mobility Scooter - Stand and Ride, E-Wheels - EW-18 Stand-N-Ride Mobility Scooter - Blue, X8 4X4 Extreme All-Terrain Electric Power Wheelchair - New, E-Wheels - EW-18 Stand-N-Ride Mobility Scooter - Yellow, E-Wheels - EW-18 Stand-N-Ride Mobility Scooter - Red, E-Wheels - EW-18 Stand-N-Ride Mobility Scooter - Orange, Permanent-magnet brushless DC wheel motor, PET- Pro Flex 350 - Electric Mobility Scooter - Stand and Ride. Do you sell wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories? MyGoPET partnered up with the industry’s leading professionals to demonstrate how the GoPET Scooter can be a major cost effective tool to increase their productivity and reduce the needless walking back and forth throughout the hall. Smith estimates that each GoPET Scooter saves her employees up to 10 miles per day total in walking over the course of the company’s daily three shift operation. The holiday season is upon us! When time is your most valuable resource, nothing gets people moving safer, faster and the most cost effective way then a GoPET Scooter. The freedom of everyday mobility is a freedom usually taken for granted unless it is taken away. Finally, a Portable Cost-Effective electric scooter under $2,000…Happy Holiday! Quincy says she has had the scooter about a year and has not encountered any major problems.

The PET Pro Flex 350 Electric Scooter is fast, fun, friendly and now it folds! MyGoPET is a leading distributor of Personal Electric Transportation scooters for applications and is dedicated to bringing a reliable, safe, productive and cost-effective transportation solution to the marketplace.

These are the same great scooter and power chair tires found on brand new mobility scooters. These are 2 speed units with an extra lockout key which controls changing from low speed to high speed. The lightweight 39 inch portable, ergonomic, 3 wheeled GoPET is affordably priced under $2,000. The ability to have your managers and workers improve: The Solution… Simply use a GoPET electric scooter for key personnel or processes. Rolling Mobility Walkers, Rollators and Electric Mobility Scooters. For additional information on MyGoPET scooters, high resolution images/jpgs or word documents please contact Deborah Farber: 717-409-5159 | email: deb@myGoPET.com | www.MyGoPET.com. If your need is to carry your GoPET Scooter on scaffolds to reach the tops of buildings for maintenance projects, transport your GoPET Scooter on an elevator, use due to an injury or impairment take along to a conference or meeting, or even to have throughout the warehouse for your employees, it’s entirely up to you. GoPET is the best alternative to other Personal Electrical Transportation police and security scooters, due to its ease of use, speed and price. As you can see from the accompanying pictures, Quincy has installed a pack on the front of her GoPET to hold various items and keep them out of the Oregon rain. pauseOnHover:false, Why will it help your organization to have the ergonomic benefits of a scooter. In some situations such as rental, industrial, and trade show use the GoPet owner may not want riders to go over 6 mph. We are able to get to people and processes much quicker to address needs as they arise. Twitter Hashtag: #mygopet. Grainger Offers GoPET Electric Scooters Houston, TX – MyGoPET is pleased to a new distribution agreement with W.W. Grainger Inc., North America’s leading broad line supplier of maintenance, repair, facility and operations products. The scooters not only improve the ability to accomplish more work in less time, but because of the ergonomic benefits, operators are more accurate and are prone to less injuries and sick days. Our GoPET Scooters save hours each week in lost productivity. Lona Smith, General Manager at Hallmark, invested in five Personal Electric Transportation Scooters for use in Hallmark’s 300,000 square foot distribution center, located at SubTropolis, the largest underground business complex in the world.