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The standard amount of points to gain from any single shift is two, but this can either be increased or decreased based on your performance when asked to assemble a bunch of flowers for specific customer orders.

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├ New Features in Mementos ├ Captain Kidd There aren't any challenges as such to be found at the Persona 5 Flower Shop, unlike the Big Bang Burger Challenge at the restaurant of the same name, but you can undertake some fairly rudimentary tasks at the store. ├ Magician Arcana You can apply to work part-time at the flower shop if your Charm social stat is at level 2 (Head Turning).

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After the 777 convenience store, the flower shop is easiest job to get.

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You can also buy various items sold at the flowers shop.

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Persona 5 Royal Flower Shop Part-time Job.

├ Temperance Arcana ├ Crafting Infiltration Tools Getting a part-time job in Persona 5 is surprisingly easy, as there aren't any interviews or barriers you have to clear, all you have to do is find the part-time job stand in Shibuya Station after being prompted by Morgana, and place a call to the Flower Shop.

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Successfully preparing the correct combination for the bouquet rewards you with an increase of +3 in Kindness and a salary bonus of 4,300 Yen.

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