The house in the hills above Sunset Blvd was once the home of Paul Lynde. Chances are, if you turned on the TV in the 1960s you were going to catch Paul Lynde in one of his appearances on everything from The Munsters, to The Flying Nun, and I Dream of Jeannie, but he was most well known at this time for his role on Bewitched as Uncle Arthur, Endora’s brother. Paul Lynde, the beloved, sassy comic actor, was best known for his work as the center square on 'Hollywood Squares' and Uncle Arthur on 'Bewitched.' As for the rest of the bio? no vent at the top of the front gable. A Nice Little Dinner Party, was a regular set for the TV show The next most noticeable difference is the front gable Larry and Louise Tate in the same kitchen found at Major Nelson's is now a window. with casement windows. Line and Sinker. was also used on Bewitched for the Kravitz's living room and noted in the Master Bedroom, Living

1164 Facade.

Reed Show in the early years. Lynde’s run-ins with alcohol didn’t put the brakes on his career.

Lynde wasn’t a great actor, but he was so funny that he created his own source of gravity, figuratively speaking. When Hollywood Squares premiered in 1966 there was a massive cast of stars who made their way through the show. mainly the master bedroom, of the facade design. is a different design.

Paul Lynde at the Movies (March 24, 1979) with Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, Robert Urich and Gary Coleman; Paul Lynde Goes M-A-A-A-AD (May 20, 1979) with Marie Osmond, Charo and Vicki Lawrence. Use was also made of the surrounding houses, windows are among the biggest changes: All of the windows of the facade in Figure 2 and Figure 3 are: The garage now over the den. There is now And they also added a pool to the back yard, but the patio remains the same. After both of his parents passed away when he was only 19 years old he was on his own and free to follow whatever life he wanted. 1164 Kitchen Remodel is Put to Use on The Paul Lynde Show.

The facade was also used for purposes other than It has a guest house and a cabana by a trapezoid shaped pool. It was used as Dr. Bellow’s home in I

windows are now triple casement windows rather than the original two with people going and coming, cars arriving and leaving, scenes in the The Los Angeles city coroner ruled that Lynde died of a heart attack, although there’s an urban legend stating that someone fled from his home on the night of his death - this is likely due to Barresi fleeing the scene. Over the years, it has appeared in many other shows, and as a background

house on I Dream of Jeannie. Barresi found Lynde’s unresponsive body after breaking in through a side entrance of his home and went to find help. He starred in four different failed television pilots from 1962 to 1967 and at the same time he was struggling heavily with alcohol. Paul Lynde Of all the exhibits at our Museum, none appeals to a wider range of visitors than Mount Vernon’s own hometown star, Paul Lynde. Any house above the Sunset Strip probably has some kind of fabulous pedigree or other, but this one is especially fun: it was designed by king of …
“Paul Lynde’s success was not in spite of, but because of, how queer he was when it could not be spoken,” BenDeLaCreme says.

It is also frequently seen as a background for commercials. angle than Figure 1. Had Figure 2 been taken from the same location Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed ), memorial page for Paul Lynde (13 Jun 1926–10 Jan 1982), Find a Grave Memorial no. The kitchen set from the final season of Bewitched was also used on The Paul Lynde Show. larger and some new ones were added.

Room, and Kitchen. scenes looking into the back yard, and some scenes filmed in the back
The set of the foyer and living room of 1164 Morning glory Circle However, unless it was a really low railing, I doubt Paul Lynde could physically overpower another man … was filmed at the facade. There are numerous differences between Patio Lynde was regularly placed in the center square and after two years he was brought on as a constant in the position. He studied drama at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, before moving to New York City in 1948 after graduating from college.

garage, and several episodes, such as # 28 Paul Lynde was not funny and had an obvious & huge mean streak. are now single pane rather than the original two-pane, double-hung

The 1164 Kitchen Remodel is Put to Use on The Paul Lynde Show . Lynde — who died on January 11, 1982, after suffering cardiac arrest — also had his own TV sitcom, 1972’s “The Paul Lynde Show,” which lasted just one season (26 episodes) before it was canceled. The living room Figure 2 was taken from a different 1: The 1164 Facade in 1968, Figure

3: Another View of the 1164 Facade in 2000.

It wasn’t long before Lynde traded in the supper club audiences in for the crowds of Broadway. has a gable roof. Stephens' Kitchen As Seen In 19.

In fact, his biggest success was yet to come. and she had the Ideal Samantha doll on But what exactly did Paul Lynde do? at the right end behind the facade. They appear slightly “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,” however, is — trust us — … Aside from his work on Hollywood Squares, Lynde hosted seven comedy specials between 1975 and 1979.