"Fibrous technocyte tumour. The Pilfering strangle-dome mod on Khora will activate the chance of foes who are affected by the strangle-dome ability to drop additional force. This is because the EXP System of warframe is strange in the way that people NOT KILLING stuff, get more EXP for weapons and such than the person actually doing the killing.

"Component that are used to reinforce the plated sheets to Grineer ships". I was lucky to get like 1k Oxium from 1-2 Fortuna bounties but it seems the loot table is randomized so cant always make free Oxium from it. Timer), WarframeBuilder.com (test builds virtually to see how it will affect stats etc), Thorough walkthrough of Melee 2.0 on Warframe wiki, Warframe Damage System 2.0 on Warframe wiki, Dark Sectors list (missions and rewards) on Warframe wiki, Alerts to Avoid and alerts worth doing in Warframe, Guide to help new players progress fast in Warframe, How to do Weekly Ayatan Sculpture mission from Maroo at Maroo’s Bazaar in Warframe, How to get Infested Wardog Helminth Charger pet in Warframe. So not limited to Galatea Neptune. So Thank you Pure Onesti for this tip :).

as long as the ultimate (effigy) is the one doing the killing, Technically while Effigy/the ultimate is active it increases credits income by 60%.

If you’re in need of “quick” 1’000 plastids, you can go in with a team of 1 pilfering swarm hydroid with his own energy refills, find a room with preferbly a door, stand inside of it, have the pilfdroid mod for Strength, neutral range and duration and put tentacle swarm outside the room to get massive amounts of plastids and orokin cells and other juicy stuff :), Check out Must-have warframe build example article for good Pilfdroid mod-setups :). or more with proper farm setup (Pilfdroid, Speed Nova, EV Trinity, Nekros) – also get good plastids here and gallium, telerium and detonite ampules (says below next headline as well). Using a Hydroid, I will find a location to camp and let the enemies come to me; however, if I notice the spawn rate drop then there is typically a kavat, or two, that are fighting with the infested and I need to take care of them, then find a new location to camp. H> [Neurodes] farm 2/4 - refers that “I've two members out of four in a team, planning to farm Neurodes”. Have now added a separate section in Resources & Farming for Orokin cell farming :) Hope it helps! Fieldrons can be farmed from Invasion alerts same way Mutagen masses and Detonite Injectors can be. There is a daily cap of 250’000 Focus points in the game. Try to find a big open space that you can run in circles in and the enemies should keep spawning and you should be able to get a good amount of Oxium. To start out we will explain a bit how to get Focus points. Thank you for letting me know! And if it’s your first time doing it – you might have to try it out a few times before finding a good “combination” of warframe and weapons to complete it somewhat effortlessly :) Try to leave points every 3+ points so you extend timer – it will be extended by 10 seconds per point (points are green and glowing and dropped from killing enemies in The Index arena). If you want an alternative, bring a proper farming setup and go to a survival missions with farily low-level enemies on a planet that drops Salvage, for example Elara on Jupiter or Wahiba on Mars.