(2) They provide wire color information as a color code label, in this case black/white. It is generally necessary for the service person to determine the meaning of the lines on a particular schematic. Customize every detail by using smart and dynamic toolkits. The phase of the control supply is connected to a NC contact of the overload relay (O/L). The push button mechanisms are lockable and need a key to release once the push button is pressed. All of these . The large M load contact closes and provides a complete circuit to the motor and the motor begins to run. Technician A says that a good relay should measure between 60 and 100 ohms across the coil terminals. In order to identify different coils and their contacts a letter such as K1, K2 or C1, C2 is placed next to the circle of the coil. The neutral for the control circuit is connected with a neutral link (N/L). If the stop button is pushed, Figure 9–16, the current path to the M coil is broken and the coil de-energizes. If the helix contracts enough, the movable contact will make connection with the stationary contact and close the switch. Factory wired or installed components. As shown in the figure, terminal grouping is based on different operational functions. Click on Set Line Hops in the SmartPanel to show or hide line hops at crossover points. They do not indicate the physical relation-ships of the various components in the controller. The specific circuit needs to be respectively learned referring to different typical control circuits. When the auxiliary contactor (C1) is on, the motor power circuit is completed and the motor starts and remains on until the contactor C1 is de-energized and the power circuit to the motor terminals is broken. All of these markings work together to add clarity to the diagnostic drawing. When the motor is started, the star contactor is closed and the motor is started with a star connection. An NC contact of 1K1 is used for indicating a drive trip by turning the lamp (L3) on. 3. Once connected, it will remain connected even if you move the wire. what do eletrical switches an electricals devices symboles look like on a wireing schematic? 6. 4. You get the same schematics in dealership manuals, because they pull data from factory publications. In electrical schematics, the symbols stand for various components in the circuit, and the lines stand for the wires connecting them. what are dotted lines on a wiring diagram? 11. 1. Figure 9–10 illustrates this concept. Although this diagram looks completely different, it is electrically the same as the schematic diagram. Another set of components shown in Figure 9–12 is surrounded by dashed lines. The control circuit for contactor (1K11) consists of the following series of potential-free, 5. Notice the push button symbols indicate double-acting push buttons. The symbol indicates that the timer is an off delay timer. Local/remote selector switch changeover contacts. Let us consider electrical drawings of an inverter drive, as shown in Figures 2.8 and 2.9. 10. This indicates that the contact is being held open. Three-phase motor with star–delta starter. Customize hundreds of electrical symbols and quickly drop them into your wiring diagram. In contrast, light-looking lines are used to represent low current-carrying conductors (control circuit lines). One auxiliary contact is open and one is closed. 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