7 Acre Kennels, Caldwell, Idaho, United States. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. She had a severely infected tail pocket, and although her tail was removed she continues to struggle with infections. These senior Bulldogs depend on other people that take the time, to show concern and open their hearts for these Bulldogs that are no longer puppies – but just as adorable none the less. Phone: (843)834-4312, popeye We go to the Vet next week and I'm hoping they say his ears are clear by then too. Please contact us for more information about our bulldogges. “Proud recipient of an Innovation Grant from The PEDIGREE Foundation in recognition of the great things we do for dogs.”, “Proud recipient of a generous donation from the Petco Foundation.”. Here at 7 Acre Kennels we breed for health, athleticism and conformation. Rob Phone: 2396946863, Willows Haven Ranch & Rescue Please feel free to contact us for more information about our dogs and the availability of  puppies for sale. We love having him in our family! We use most of our resources towards Olde English Bulldogges owner surrenders. (Pronounced Old English Bulldog) the other is the Shorty Bull (Miniature Bulldog Breed). We offer new beginnings for English Bulldogs that are homeless, abandoned or surrendered. Some Bulldogs come to us simply because an owner is elderly or sick and can no longer care for a much-loved pet, or there has been a divorce, job loss or illness in the family. We are devoted to producing two rare alternative bulldog breeds, one called Olde English Bulldogges. Porkchop was severely overweight, double ear infections, and could barely see. Tribull was an owner surrender. Petrea Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." tacoma wa 98408 Thank you again for all that you do. Bulldogs that were once someone’s special puppy and loved so much – often aren’t as loved as much when seniors or out lived their time with the family. Norwalk CT Some of the bulldogs are through pounds, owner relinquishments and in some cases some of our own breeding stock or reputable breeders who are willin to surrender their retirees to our rescue, but all dogs are well mannered with people as we will not take people aggressive dogs. Foster families are the heart of Bulldog Rescue. Currently we have room for about 2-6 Bulldogs in need. We are a small family run kennel located in Up State New York we are 2 hours north of Albany, New York and 45 min. Julie K The Bulldogs do not have to be integrated into your family of dogs, many of them need to be placed as only dogs so they need to be kept separate. Roland / Gail Order now at www.nuvet.com or call (800) 474-7044. We are the world's premier breeder of olde English Bulldogge puppies. Located at: 1040 Palmetto Ave. Pacifica, CA 94044. His people came to meet him and the 3 of them feel in love immediately. RR1 Box 37 Site 8 These dogs are awesome pets and make great family members. Health, temperament and structure are first and foremost in our breeding goals, color is just an added bonus but not a focal point in our breeding goals. Puppies will have been properly socialized in a loving family environment, insuring that each pup will grow to be a happy healthy and well adjusted adult. The American Bulldog has been in our family for generations, ever since my grandfather owned one. Box 31364 Charleston SC 29417 Phone: (843)834-4312 in many cases we waive shipping fees if you decide to adopt. Some come from cruelty; some from ambivalence. History: Often confused with the English Bulldog, the Olde English Bulldogge is actually a different breed entirely.It's a relatively new breed, so its history is well-documented. Please contact us thru here or give us a call:  518-597-3090, if you wish  to be put on the Cold Spring Kennel waiting-contact list for any of our Up-Coming litters. Nu-vet Plus is the ONLY FDA approved immune system booster for dogs and can do wonders for your pets. Hoboken GA 31542 Proudly created with Wix.com. She barked when she needed to poop and loves walking outside. WE OFFER OUR SITE FOR NETWORKING AND ADVERTISING AS LONG AS THE BULLDOGGES PLACED ONLINE ARE SPAYED/NEUTERED, CHIPPED, UPDATED WITH ALL VACCINES AND PLACED PROPERLY WITH ENFORCABLE CONTRACTS FOR NEW ADOPTERS TO SIGN.  * Be sure to check out our FaceBook page for UP-TO-DATE Pictures of all AVAILABLE pups/dogs and UP COMING LITTERS......  Here at Cold Spring Kennel, we carefully plan every American Bulldog & Olde English Bulldogge breeding that takes place, we only produce 1 to 2 litters of each a year. It is a choice when you got your bulldog and a choice when you give them up. Phone: 302-598-4833, Mama Dori’s Jungle Financial supporting can be as easy a making a planned pledge each month for a little as $5 a month, the price of one cup of coffee at a coffee house, less than lunch at a fast food restaurant and even less than a matinee ticket for a movie. Charleston SC 29417 We maintain a strong contract and track all of our offspring to further make sure they were all placed properly. **Especially in the greater Sacramento area**. Medford NJ 08055 Rethink your relationship with your bulldog. We CAN ONLY take in Bulldog breeds as we have resources to place them, our reputation as world-class breeders has made it possible to re-home over 20 olde English Bulldogges in our first 4 months. not a shelter south of Lake Placid, New York home of the 1932 & 1980 Winter Olympics. Ever wonder who cares for the seniors or unwanted bulldogs when a family no longer has time for the bulldog that has been a family member for a number of years? Our primary focus is the olde English Bulldogges, aka Victorian Bulldogges. If you have the ability to gate them off, this would be a tremendous help. Kami Donate your vehicle to help Northern California Bulldog Rescue. She loves to play, she has torn apart one of her toys and has sucked the life out of her bear. Fort Myers Fl 33905 LOUIE (65) Novel Chewer, NPR Listener, Plays the Sax, Only Carries $100 Bills, Favorite Saying "Hey Baby", Swipes Right on Every Girl on Tinder/ Just to Delete the Ugly Ones Later. She listens to commands really well, waits by the door and sits to take her leash on and off. As an owner of French Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogges and other Bully breeds we understand the breed well and have the time, resources and experience to help place them and also be a source of knowledge for our adopters. We offer canine aquatic services, holistic services, and workshops for you and your dog’s behavioral and physical well-being. Here at One of a Kind Bulldogges rescue we are on a mission to help as many Old English Bulldogs and bulldogs in need around the united States. Phone: 760-586-8516 "Click here to view Bulldogs in New York for adoption. There is no “farm” or home for senior Bulldogs that are in their golden years. Adoptions include spay/neuter, chip, current vaccines, current rabies, 1 month of food, a favorite treat and a favorite toy. Please check out "Our Dogs" page for full pedigree information on each dog. We just want to make sure it is a good fit. PAWS for SJACS has graciously donated to Northern California Bulldog Rescue and assisted our rescue group over the years. NorCal Bulldog Rescue is in desperate need of foster homes! We strive to produce healthy, happy and well tempered family pets while maintaining the integrity of the breed. 'Welcome' to  Cold Spring Kennel's new Up Dated Website, formally known as Cold Springs Kennel ~ Your Source for American Bulldogs and Olde English Bulldogges. Claudia Phone: 315-735-0181, Mugsie (Please no harassing emails or calls, remember even as a breeder we have probably helped more dogs in need than most people). Our goal is to help out as many Olde English Bulldogges, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs as possible while also bringing awareness to the wonderful breeds in a positive light. Same products, same prices, same service. Our American Bulldogs have top bloodlines from Johnson, OSB, MGK, BTK, Barbosa, Brave Heart & Bama, please check out "Our Dogs" page for the full pedigree of each dog. She did make her way into our room and slept on the floor right by my side which calmed her down (she trained me fast!). Hannibal MO 63401-3600 She barreled her way through our herb garden and knocked over the plants as she curiously sniffed everything! View fullsize . Last Up-Dated on: October 8, 2020