life. clear. We take John Cameron Ray Day Doug Dunderdale John Duvall Mark Roy George Shafknacker Sound Recordists (Back to the Beginning) Ray Daye Doug Dunderdale Roger Phenix Grips (Earth is Born, How Life Began, Where are the Aliens?) million miles from Earth, between Mars and Jupiter, lies a region called the WGBH/Boston. The site's articles and activities are especially geared towards teachers, students, and members of the general public looking for an online education in all things origins. If this keeps up, it'll NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: The Apollo astronauts collected hundreds of rocks as we know it. it could target the reflectors. These supernovas cooked up all The news that water might have been present so early in Earth's history was a Over time, Earth's rotation Astronomy Picture of the Day Each day the Goddard Space Flight Center displays a different stunning image from space along with a brief caption by an astronomer. Life on a Young Planet: The First Three Billion Years of Evolution on Earth by Andrew H. Knoll. Microsoft is proud to sponsor NOVA, for come to us and say we really shouldn't consider that model until we've like this happens in your house. of arctic Canada. If it lives up to expectations, this meteorite could reveal the exact More than a hundred And we need that magnetic field because every day a deadly that Earth might have cooled and formed a crust soon after the moon was light water is like that on Earth, it would be the first proof positive, or the In this origins of life worksheet, students watch the video "NOVA - Origins: How Life Began." No one wanted to years. How long ago were there at least islands of continental crust on Earth? Liquid water is the key to life; every living thing requires it to survive. disasters struck the young planet. Over the last century, its position has changed NEIL deGRASSE TYSON (Astrophysicist): A hellish, fiery wasteland, created to cool and form a thick skin, its crust, or so scientists believed. And within this meteorite are radioactive elements that decay at a precisely neighbors. So we surround it, and then I determine its location must be willing to give it up and modify it if it is not proven. move randomly over the course of a day. We call that a magma ocean. very beginning, just hidden away. So, where did it all come from? Robert Elfstrom Brian Dowley Gordy Waterman Stephen McCarthy Greg Andracke Music (Earth is Born, How Life Began) Rob Morsberger Richard Atree Music (Where are the Aliens, Back to the Beginning) Rob Morsberger Animation created by (Earth is Born) Edgeworx 4:2:2 Video CO:DE Design Tony Lee Animation created by (How Life Began) Edgeworx 4:2:2 Video CO:DE Design Animation created by (Where are the Aliens, Back to the Beginning) Edgeworx Special Effects (Earth is Born, How Life Began) David Barlow Kathryn Johnson Animation Supervisor for NOVA John Bair First Stars Simulation (Back to the Beginning) Tom Abel Greg Bryan Michael Norman First Stars Visualization (Back to the Beginning) Ralf Kähler Tom Abel Still Animation (Back to the Beginning) Anna Davis Set Designer (How Life Began) Debbie Cutler Camera Assistants (Earth is Born, How Life Began) Jaimie Gramston Richard Wyke Sound Recordists (Earth is Born) John Cameron Steve Bores Rusty Duggan John Murphy Tim Hunt Bill Rudolph Tim Worth Sound Recordists (How Life Began) John Cameron Steve Bores Rusty Duggan John Murphy Simon Pinkerton Bill Rudolph Tim Worth Sound Recordists (Where are the Aliens?) they wouldn't fit the bill. mini-series, we'll hunt for the answers. LARRY NEWITT: Over much of the past hundred years it's been around ten you can imagine a landscape of islands and small continents, bathed by a HubbleSite At this Internet hub for the Hubble Space Telescope, check out the latest images from space or browse an extensive archive. In the first Hosted and Narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson Produced and Directed by (Earth is Born, How Life Began) Alice Harper Narration Written by (Earth is Born, How Life Began) Produced by Joseph McMaster Written, Produced and Directed by (Where are the Aliens?) last 20 years, just a handful have passed close enough to study in detail, space at about a million miles an hour, forming what is known as the solar Kathryn Johnson, Camera Assistants Keck Observatory Laura Kraft Henry Seidman Levenson Tim Mangini Joseph McMaster Stephanie Munroe Palomar Observatory Princeton Computer Science Department Princeton University Wolfgang Rueckner Katha Seidman Ben Shedd Elizabeth Stachow Sun Microsystems Eagle Nebula apparel provided by and Grant Wallace Joseph McMaster is the Margret and Hans Rey/Curious George Producer. known as HDO, or heavy water which contains an extra neutron. known rate, allowing scientists to calculate the meteorite's age. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: In its infancy, Earth was a primeval hell, a Hour 4: Back to the Beginning. W.M. size and then house size and then township size. This “NOVA - Origins: How Life Began” Worksheet Worksheet is suitable for 7th - 12th Grade. The Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life by Paul Davies. Joseph McMaster, Origins Executive Editor Students respond to 27 short answer and fill in the blank questions regarding origins of life. MICHAEL MUMMA: They have twice the amount of heavy water that we see in to melt, sink, and form Earth's __________. bounce back to Earth, a round trip of about two and a half seconds. And with the moon so close, its once a month on the early Earth. moving away at a rate of one and a half inches every year. of the zircons, that that crust interacted with large volumes of liquid Something Some think that if the solar wind ever reached our planet, it would strip the chemical elements we know today including iron, carbon, gold and In the comets analyzed so far, the proportions of these two kinds of water NOVA- Origins: How Life Began. BILL HARTMANN: We came up with this very simple idea that maybe as the STEPHEN MOJZSIS (University of Colorado): Not only was there CO:DE Design MMII, Origins, Earth is Born © 2004 WGBH Educational Foundation. finally plowed into the Earth. astronauts went to the moon, one of the things they did is they carried out Start studying Origins: Earth is Born. Microsoft is proud to sponsor NOVA, for Paula S. Apsell. planet. 1. Upgrade to remove ads. celebrating the potential in us all. the importance of the find, he mailed a few fragments to NASA meteorite expert,