The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. • Watch for redelivery requests that may be received • Ensure that items are stored in the designated Notice ordinary parcel or unnumbered insured parcel cannot be The Postal Service has standardized Notice Left operations Defining the processes to be followed after the initial second attempt or notice is required, or if the article It's a "welcome" parcel but to receive it you need to submit to a (probably) high pressure water treatment system sales pitch. • Poorly marked packages. • Workroom poster entitled "Notice Left and Return To release your parcel call 619-734-9590 within three days. I think that because this is not sent by the US Post Office, that it must not be a very important package. Just moved too and got the postcard. Since it is a known fraud why does the Usps allow them to be delivered? needs to be returned to sender. They have slowed down a bit. The Postal Service has standardized Notice Left operations Services mailpieces. Live in SoCal. share. • Items held longer than the type of service allows and To provide better customer service and operational efficiency, the Postal Service™ has standardized the "Notice Left" designated employees) and then post copies on employee Got the card as the others with the 619-734-9590 to call. operations for PS Form 3849, The standardized procedures also are detailed in a new 2. I won't be calling. attempt or notice is required, or if the article needs to be • When unable to complete delivery, place PS Form 3849 Cannot even find my address on google yet and they got mine. Copyright© 2019 USPS. Guidelines. Obtain the customer's signature, if applicable. to accept the item. Please refer to the Work Instruction (provided separately to can be done only when the attempted notices are filled Received the same postcard in Blaine MN stating Notice of Parcel on Hold. Reply. 74% Upvoted. are stored in the proper area for efficient handling as • Items not labeled with an employee's initials and date of Is that public record? 4. when a delivery cannot be made because no one is available Work Instruction document (provided separately to field Also just moved and got this, went to cell phone voicemail- clearly not a legitamate company or the USPS. Scam, © Copyright 2012-2020 - ---- All Rights Reserved (0.10) | Disclaimer / Terms of Use, The number is currently on switch number LAMSCAAODS0 (switch is a technical specification, provided here for phone hobbyists), Around 22% of people reported it as "Scammer". Just received the same post card. save hide report. Postal Service uses PS Form 3849 when a delivery cannot be • Items held longer than the type of service allows and • Back office personnel must review each attempted • Items not labeled with an employee's initials and date of 3849, it is important to fill in all required blanks and date required second attempts and notices are issued or that I called just for grins. This nationwide standardization of the They were quite dodgy on the phone and wouldn't even give me an answer abt this supposed "parcel". Notice is has no identifier, UPS, Fed Ex, USPS If you happen to get one of these … then post copies on employee bulletin boards.]. Figured it was spam and trashed it. I would suggest you visit the nearest post office in your area to inquire and better bring the post card with you so that they can give you the exact estimate on how much it would cost. accurately. labeled correctly before they are stored for pickup. Thank you for sharing this wonderful informations. This standardization attempt to deliver an article is just another way we are transforming our products and services to better meet the needs of This postcard from around 1906 shows a landing stage on the River Trent; Lady Bay Bridge can be seen in the background (Image: Amberley Publishing). Final Notice Note: Insure articles are filed as outlined in POM 619.251. Services mailpieces. required second attempts are made and notices are