“Not sure when. We make all of our videos ourselves. And I just was like, ‘Well, what else am I going to do with my life if I’m not going to do that?’ In a band, it’s totally really hard and no one ever gives you credit except other band people. And she was not at all. We do everything by ourselves. They have also been featured in multiple shows for MTV including Jersey Shore and fashion icon Betsey Johnson’s TV show. All rights reserved. We saw “Dear Enemy” on YouTube or “Show It 2 Me,” or whatever,'” said Kavanaugh. And so, there’s a lot of life to a record still, that I know a lot of people were like, ‘Well, you just did that record. We’re going to start writing probably in January again. Mark Brooks and Emily Kavanaugh at the Moonbeam City party. You’re just like, it’s a fucking arena? The members of Night Club have been tied to multiple projects since then. You want to do our fall tour with us?’ And we were like, ‘That would be amazing. It’s so much work. They made the money. I made an album that I really loved, and then it got shelved for like two weeks after it came out. I’m already an anxious person in general,” said Kavanaugh. Scary World became really, really personal, and I think it just had to do with all that stuff that we’d both had to deal with in our lives.”, “The record was about realizing you might be ill and that you have these issues but also realizing that you have to overcome those issues and have to somehow survive it and not let it bring you down,” he added. I struggled with depression and anxiety kind of my whole life. Catch NIGHT CLUB with COMBICHRIST and WEDNESDAY 13 on EVERYBODY STILL HATES YOU Tour. I have to make you see and know who I am. We’re not trying to be like Ariana Grande or something, you know?”, “I’ve been in bands a lot,” he continued. It’s like, ‘Okay, people are actually hearing this stuff and not just us.’ We’ll never say no to a show. “My parents got me a guitar, this electric guitar when I was 15,” she said. “There’s nothing scarier than standing on the side of the stage five minutes before you have to go on. It’s just that our songs are catchy. It just makes you… I just think it makes you better live. Usually, my taste in music doesn’t connect with a lot of people because I just have such a love of music in different things and a lot of people are a little more rigid in their parameters. And those guys are my idols, and Glenn Danzig. I think we’re both really nice people, but we’re both messed up in our own right. We don’t want to just rush back into writing. Night Club is riding their successful 2018 into the new year with new music videos, a new tour and hopefully some new music. You’re just like, ‘Oh, my God.’ It’s a weird thing because everyone is kind of seated, and we’re used to playing these small clubs where everyone is up against the stage and the energy is huge, and you’re just like, ‘Yeah.’ These shows — it’s Maynard’s audience. And I went through a period with one band in particular where I sold the rights to my music. These projects range from two full-length records — their debut in 2016 titled Requiem for Romance and, of course, this year’s Scary World — and a trio of EPs, to soundtrack compositions and Brooks’ directing credits on Metalocalypse and videos for groups like Slayer and Melvins. It really wasn’t an intentional thing to start a band. Basically, the album is about mental illness and coping with it and dealing with it. |  “We own it all, and when somebody says, ‘Hey. The record is filled with dark pop nihilism while also shining a light on the deep, at-times uncomfortable and altogether too rarely addressed topic of mental health. Night Club released their first single “Lovestruck” in July 2012 and their self-titled debut EP in September 2012.