Doing One Year Into 'Vision Zero' Plan To Eliminate Roadway Fatalities?

She has not come out openly to defend her sexuality. Wilson and other staff resigned while Bowser refused a request to testify about Wilson's statement that she was aware of the placement, calling an inquiry "political circus.

Though funding was available, the Department of Behavioral Health failed to establish adequate treatment programs. [67][68], On multiple occasions, D.C. government agencies under Bowser's authority and led by her appointees lost millions in federal money because deadlines were missed. [25], In 2008, Bowser announced her reelection campaign for the council. [30], No candidates' names were on the ballot for the Republican or D.C. Statehood Green primaries. [152], As part of her first State of the District Address in March 2015, Bowser promised to get the DC Streetcar "up and running."

[71] The initiative was the first PAC in District politics so closely aligned with a sitting mayor and created by a former campaign treasurer. But, she has a child.

[73] Many of the highest donors participated in a trip to China with the mayor. [141], In October 2015, Bowser changed her position to support the $6.4-billion merger between two public utilities, Exelon and Pepco.

She has been living in her Colonial Village since 2015. Matt Crouch then went live to talk about the new findings. Family/Relationship Muriel Bowser …

Later the same year, the Department of Health began to enforce an existing law banning dogs from outdoor bar patios. The number of diagnoses in the previous year was 360, decreasing by 13 and 5 during each of the previous two years of Bowser's term.

The funds will be used for improvements to the islands, including outdoor classrooms, walkways, a floating lab platform and bathrooms.

There have never been any rumors regarding a possible affair with anyone. Like governors, Mayor Bowser runs Medicaid, issues driver’s licenses, and has tax authority.

[33] Jahi received 19%, Montague received 3%, and Mendenhall-Johnson received 2%. [75], In 2017, the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance fined Bowser's campaign committee $13,000 for accepting contributions beyond legal maximums during her 2014 mayoral campaign.

[100] In 2018, it was revealed that Bowser's recently appointed Schools chancellor Antwan Wilson had similarly manipulated the system to transfer Wilson's teenage daughter to a preferred school.