Eldritch QueenPale LadyBaba YagaMother of MonstersArgante, Kill Merlin and anyone who stands in her way (failed)Create the Eternal Night (succeeded)Commit genocide on all of mankind (failed), Tormenting her enemiesMurdering innocents (all formerly). First appearance In fact, many of her actions have either led to the creation of the villains and/or gave the villains some kind of advantage first hand (whether directly or indirectly). This means that this villain is the last to be on our Totally Dark list despite the criteria on other websites, which is because we have our own criteria. Character Information As a result, Arthur developed his own ambitions and became odious by his own will, eventually coming up with genocidal intent on all magical beings to avenge Guinevere, regardless of whether or not they're good or evil, even though those he pursued had nothing to do with her. Thus, she is to be taken very seriously if anyone ever confronts her. "It's About Time" (Trollhunters)"Spellbound" (Wizards; projection) Voiced by However, he is nothing more than a pawn to her, as she is willing to kill him once she no longer needed him. morgana trollhunters without mask. Her manipulativeness even extended to where she once took the form of Barbara Lake to persuade Strickler into trapping Jim and his friends in the Shadow Realm forever, by offering to give him the heart of another (though Strickler, in a desperate attempt to resist her temptation, claims that a stolen heart is never truly an act of true love, but rather an act of selfish desire). Home !Steve PalchukKrel Tarron Because of her new hatred of Merlin, she went to a troll named Angor Rot who was trying to protect his village from Gunmar, and went to Morgana so he could get the power he needed to protect them. Following this, Jim and his friend, Toby, go into the Shadow Realm to return Claire's spirit to her body. In her witch armor, she is completely clad in a golden suit of woman's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with gold trimmings. Type 1 History 1.1 Trollhunters (Part Three) 1.2 Wizards (Part One) 2 Description 3 Powers 4 Limitations 5 Appearances 5.1 Trollhunters 5.1.1 Part One 5.1.2 Part Three 5.2 Wizards 5.2.1 Part One 6 Trivia 7 Gallery Her armor was seen when she manifested herself as a hologram in order to resurrect Angor Rot. Gender She holds an intense, long-term grudge against Merlin and everything associated with him, like his Trollhunters ever since he took her left hand to create his champions' Amulet of Daylight (though it can be argued that he mostly did it because of her betrayal, which would also make this excuse extremely petty compared to her past horrendous actions). Used for Armor Chaos, dark magic, the Eternal Night, manipulating people, revenge (all formerly) Magic and its creatures In the battles that followed, Morgana expressed remorse and wisdom that had come from self-reflection and understanding that her mistakes and sufferings and the consequences that resulted of them were her own doing, and so sought to redeem herself and entrust the future to a new generation of protectors. This makes Morgana an even worse threat to humanity than Gunmar (who is somewhat amoral) and clearly possesses no such honorable traits: holding no sense of morality, reason, and lack any respect for rules of engagement nor innocent lives whatsoever. Morgana was a human witch who was born in planet Earth and was King Arthur's sister. On her right hand are gold claw finger ring tips. after they chose her to be their champion in the episode "Battle Royal". Quite simply, Morgana is more than willing to use anybody and any dirty trick (dark magic included) to get what she wants, as she is megalomaniacal with an insatiable hunger for power. Morgana is mentioned by Toby when he compares her to General Morando after the latter is imbued with Gaylen's Core. Hair color “Jim!” It is after this when Morgana finds Merlin after he was previously killed by Arthur, and the two peacefully move on to the afterlife while knowing that their time has come. What caused her to hate King Arthur in the first place was his genocidal crusade against trollkind because of Guinevere's death. Female She appears as the main antagonist of Trollhunters, is mentioned in 3Below, and the central antagonist in Wizards, serving as the central antagonist of the first half and a supporting anti-heroine in the second half. Underneath the armor, there is dark gold inner layer. Although Morgana looks remarkably human, Merlin once implied that she's probably something else (regardless if she even was human to begin with). Morgana le Fay On her right hand are gold claw finger ring tips. Books However, while she did want to rule the world, she did have some good intentions as well when bringing forth the Eternal Night; she truly cared for trollkind and felt that mankind must be destroyed to ensure the trolls' freedom, even though Merlin claimed that she wanted to do it just because she craved chaos. Morgana was originally motivated by her hatred of King Arthur and the rest of mankind. Unknown (immortal) Thus, this supposed act of betrayal and the Arcane Order led her down a dark path to take over Camelot herself and become one of the most feared witches in history, doing everything in her power (dark magic included) to make sure she and other magical creatures can have true freedom from prejudice (although she becomes the very person she despised, much like Arthur). Age In reality, she wanted to rule the entire world with her widespread of chaos and malice, using the Gumm-Gumms to do so, starting by releasing the Eternal Night upon the surface lands to keep the sun from shining on the Earth permanently. Occupation In her spirit form, she appears as a fiery gold humanoid being with glowing green eyes. While she first appeared to have some sort of affinity for trolls, as she sought to bring the Eternal Night to relieve them of their petrifying weakness to the sun, but she does not actually care for them, shown when she had no such qualms destroying several Gumm-Gumms to use their dust in order to begin this fiendish ritual. It has a green cape attached to the pauldrons. "It's About Time" (Trollhunters)"A Glorious End, Part Two" (3Below; mentioned)"Spellbound" (Wizards; cameo) Later, it was seen after her liberation from the crystal prison which had held her for so long and during the Eternal Night. Morgana is the former secondary antagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise. Angor Rot (formerly) †Claire Nuñez (formerly)Gunmar †Gumm-Gumms † She was a witch who was once Merlin's apprentice before she betrayed him (driven to by the Arcane Order), the orchestrator of the infamous War for the Surface Lands, the true leader of the Gumm-Gumms, temporarily the possessor of Claire Nuñez, the former advisor of the Janus Order, the former patron of Angor Rot, and the sister of King Arthur. While Blinky and Stricklander try to open the portal long enough for Jim and Toby to escape, Morgana tries to seduce Stricklander into give up and close the portal, but Jim and Toby escape and return Claire's spirit to her body, thus permanently separating Morgana from Claire's body. Just as they are about to reconcile with each other, however, Bellroc sneaks from behind and kills Arthur, but Morgana blames Merlin for Arthur's death. While she restrained Jim's friends and ensnared him, she claims that she only spared their lives just so they could watch her kill him before she would finish them all. However, the Knight realizes that Morgana is a traitor and reveals that he joined the Arcane Order by his own will in his twisted concept of redemption, as he believes that the only way to redemption is helping the Order destroy and remake the world to their liking. Initially, Morgana was incredibly treacherous, scheming, self-serving, manipulative, abusive, and cruel, which was first shown in a flashback in the beginning of "It's About Time" when she made a bargain with Angor Rot. Once she is freed from her prison by Gunmar, she starts by killing several of his own followers, the Gumm-Gumms, and succeeds in seducing the now-resurrected Angor Rot into following her evil ways like he did before. Morgana is a tall, slender, and ravishing young woman, even Toby remarks how beautiful she is. Morgana's Armoris a full-body armor worn byMorgana. Behind the Scenes Forests of the Black Sea (formerly)Camelot (formerly)Her Cave, Black Sea of Bulgaria (formerly)Heartstone Trollmarket (incapacitated; formerly)The Shadow Realm (formerly) MagicShadow Staff (formerly)Staff of Avalon (briefly)Knives Witch This villain was disapproved from being Totally Dark on this site by admins or the site owner HuxRen123. Morgana genuinely cared about Guinevere and tried to save her life from the Stalkling that soon killed her, and despite her hatred for King Arthur, she did seem to genuinely care about him as well to an extent as she was horrified when Bellroc literally stabbed him in the back to his death as it seemed that she and Arthur were about to reconcile. While she claims that she views Angor as her "champion" and will stand by her side once the world became hers, she still regarded him as one of her pawns.