So I hope that what's happened before is just a thing of the past. That line right there was a red flag. — MisAnthro Pony (@MisAnthroPony) July 19, 2020 prev next. Don't let these things what people say get to you Golden I don't like seeing you suffer like that. Hmm...Golden, Just know that no matter who says what about you there will always be fans who won't judge you based on others opinions. The Fall Of Steven Universe - How It Fell From Grace (FINAL PREVIEW) Even Roger Ebert and Doug Walker have made this mistake before. In this part we're gonna take a look at MisAnthro Pony's rant videos on Doug Walker aka The Nostalgia Critic and go through as much as I can. With the regard of Josh's defense of the episode, it wasn't his general defense, rather it was how he worded it that offended me.

We all came to a hopeful closure. It did add more fuel to my frustration because of other expectations from the premiere, which I'll not talk about since it's an old argument anyway.

When it started becoming more apparent, that's when I was criticized for eating my own words. THANK YOU!!! I can see how nerve wrecking it can be with seeing rant videos I haven't seen his videos yet but I'm curious now. Actor Shipping: Shipping in the community toys the line as the analyzers use pony avatars but generally don't use exaggerated personas.One of the more prominent ships was Digibrony (now known as Digibro) and BronyCurious (now known Tommy Oliver).

Chibis- $7 I instantly rolled my eyes when he started that one, and immaturely when he used the mocking Robin voice from NC’s review of Batman & Robin. 355. Regardless though, he was aggressive but was lighter on this one compared to his Rant on. There's also indication that he did it again in ". It was directed at those people.Now don't get me wrong, I've called foul on the show for many things, mainly things like no entertainment value (Appleoosa's Most Wanted) or rancid morals (Somepony To Watch Over Me), which is what I personally feel are the important things. Not one’s individual interpretation.

And that didn't seem to change since his Real Thoughts on the first film.

Oh hello you responded. With Toon Kritic to form ToonBlisstramon.

Dude can really move for someone his size, A Buck to the Face: Rarity Takes Manehattan, A Buck to the Face: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, steps off-screen for a moment just to get a table to flip, A Buck to the Face: The Gift of the Maud Pie, going from a normal wolf to what he is now, so Rarity won't dress her up like a G3 Pony doll, going insane from something within its walls, Thanks to his "interest" in giant and tiny ponies, it's. His approach in his rant videos though are a bit unnerving to say the least, but his reviews and tributes are better to watch. despite being a member of a species that was created via magically. “As in, not for children, playtime is over, send them to bed.” You can check out screenshots of the original post below, which features the woman referring to Adult Swim fans as "demons" who are coming out now that she "exposed darkness. The video made good points on him. Glad to see this ended off on an good note. This ultimately backfires when Bliss, kick Cartoonz's ass for summoning her and show "true hatred". Of course, fans of the channel are not here for this bizarre take.

He made it sound as if everyone's expectations of the games were their own headcanon, and thus it were the fans at the fault for setting their expectations too high. Oct 12, 2018. kittylaughs Hobbyist General Artist. We are here when you need us. Because I was being immature and spiteful.

And one year later, even after it's ended, the magic is still strong. Anti-Hero: Somewhat, while he isn't really as scrupulous as MangaKamen, he's shown to at least have a good heart - Hell, he's taken over some reviews for Manga whenever he's... Incapacitated.
He dun goof on that one. Like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the MLP Analysis community has Loads and Loads of Characters. Such as her attempts to sabotage Scootaloo's Flag carrying role because of her loss of the competition. When I commented on Mr. Welcome to Part 2 of MisAnthro Pony is Awful. It's on a channel by the name of MisAnthro Pony. save. After coming back, my curiosity took over me and thus, I looked at the comments of the video.

In fact, the mere fact that you are so known gives their rants great irrelevance. These video lengths are crazy.

As for the Equestria Games itself, I too admit that the review was over-exaggerated and blew up my background. He. As I began watching it, I looked to the Up Next video and lo and behold, there's a part 2 with a longer-than-average length of 42:43. I guess, but then again I've been on the internet for a while and I have seen much worse behavior such as stalking and hacking. 15. though this ultimately becomes her downfall. Ummm... no it wasn't.

Put your child to sleep at a reasonable hour, If y'all try to cancel Adult Swim for their amazing content, I will start throwing these hands, It seems the Karens have found out about Adult Swim, I know you not acting like cartoon network doesn't literally say goodnight to the children and that adult swim puts a warning before the shows start, i cant believe adult swim would broadcast this child being viciously maimed what the fuck why would you let me let my kids watch this, Karens recently discovering Adult Swim and not knowing it's been around since 2001., Adult Swim always airs the weirdest shit at like 3am.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes, I take the show that seriously and it’s because I care. He got some things right. I intended to do so way before his rant video. It wasn't directed at general detractors. I know I am at least. She at least gains better control over her rainbow magic after destroying Thunder Blight.

No, GoldenFox responded that rant in the most mature way possible and ever since then, MAP changed his attitude! The episode could've existed either way. Headcanons are one’s individual interpretation, and the things I pointed out where apparent in the show. In fact a majority of my favorite episodes that season were Flight to the Finish, Bats, Pinkie Apple Pie (Which by the way didn't intend to say filler as a bad episode), Maud Pie, For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils, Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 (Yes I know I said some stupid things on that review, but I actually liked the episode and plan a follow up with it some time later on.) Is inadvertently responsible for CarToonZ becoming such a big threat when she blasted Toon with her monochrome beam. Most of which, people stood on the lines of saying that they actually liked my work, despite the flaws I’ve made. A bit overdramatic right there, or maybe it was a silly joke he wanted thrown in there. I stated I was going to make myself more controlled, and yet ranted on Testing Testin 1, 2, 3. Her Analysis Anarchy video shows she really hates it when others don't take her seriously because of her cute looks.

It’s also worth mentioning that I wasn’t using any “selfish headcanon”. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The next morning, I was close to throwing up, which thankfully didn’t happen. Especially acknowledging the current controversy surrounding the Eclipse layout design that artists are not very fond of. Hope you enjoy and subscribe for more. *Headshot  $1 Regardless though, he was aggressive but was lighter on this one compared to his Rant on . He even stated that I’m the least of his problems compared to others.

Subverted. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Jamie Jirak He actually means pretty well. Unlike other unicorns & alicorns who have a single color for their magic, Bliss' magic is rainbow-colored. That obviously didn't happen, which is what I meant to say was meaningless, not the episode. ~ a color palate He got some things right. Also, much like literally any channel on television, parents can just... not let their kids watch? ~ 1 pose Even if some of your fans are foolish enough to base their opinions of you on someone else's there are still so many who won't listen to utter nonsense and will judge you based on what they know of you and what they've seen of you and your work. ". - July 19, 2020 12:52 pm EDT. I also saw that MisAnthro commented on my review of The Cutie Map with responses where he was suggested to be careful so that he wouldn’t get a backlash. It adds purpose to why you’re watching it. There are a lot of people out there who will remain loyal to you and be there for you during the hardships. He was created by his Master via magically altering a normal wolf. It'll all be alright in the end. I know it’s a strange comparison, but the motives that the characters have engage your interest and follow along. It may be over the top, but I have my reasons for it.

Story is something I’ve always taken into account of in anything with any shows or movies. It seemed like he didn’t acknowledge how irrational DHX and Hasbro were.
So for any reason as to why I haven't typed anything here, despite my activity, it is because I was honestly sidetracked. There I saw he left me a comment.