My point is that it can manifest in other ways that may not be directly towards harming kid, but is still sexually harmful. What is a pedophile, or a minor-attracted person? Which is essentially confirmation bias. Calling yourself a MAP, or a minor attracted person, or pedosexual doesn’t change the fact you’re a literal pedophile. To reiterate, this is not a term we invented, NOR is it a term used to rebrand pedophiles OR link them to the LGBTQ community. I don’t care if you don’t act on your attraction. Your voice is missing! We hope to see you as a part of our community soon and God Bless! Go to a therapist you fucking weirdo. What Does the Bible Say About How To Treat Your Neighbor. My bad, not pedosexual, the correct term would be "Virtuous Pedophiles": Sure, be like Jesus, be about the father's business. Sin doesn't operate as clear cut as you are making it. You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world. Pro-contact pedophiles are. This forum is intended to be a place where people can support each other in finding healing and healthy ways of functioning. Plus no sex registry requirement. While fair instinctual assumptions that attempt to understand insidious acts (i.e., child sexual abuse), they are inherently flawed. Unfollow. Usually this day and age, people make their sexual sins an identity. You need not look very far to see that. No, they are not the same thing, nor two sides of the same coin. ... Is it a behavior? Follow. Which begs the question: What is Jesus addressing? Yes, sin is crouching at the door of all mighty men and the greater the potential of the man the worse the sin that tempts him. In California minors 14-17 are now fair game for a the local sex offender 10 years or less added to the victim age. Because He requires us to deny ourselves, pick up the cross daily, and follow Him. And frankly speaking, I do not believe lust to be, "any sexual thought/fantasy ever," and discussing lust is something for another thread. People feel alot of things throughout the day though, but if someone was able to classify it, wouldn't it require some thought to know that it is something of importance, specifically sexual? MAP is an umbrella or all-encompassing term used to signify or delineate specific age's of attractions. Writing slanderous articles claiming that we are advocates of child sexual abuse drives individuals who struggle with this attraction further into isolation and further from help. Reblog. Even among the academic community, pedophilia is described with disgust and contempt, “these feelings strongly influence the kind of research that is done on the topic of sexual attraction to children and adolescents, promoting research that supports the narrative of the sexually deviant predator and stamping out any research that contradicts it” (Cash, 2016, p.1). Except the verse you just quoted deals with behavior, and sexual attraction is not a behavior. What does the presence of minor-attracted people mean for the prevention of sexual violence, and is sexual violence perpetrated by people with minor attraction? Minor Attracted Person (MAP) discussion on the SicEm365 Eric Treszoks Politics, Religion, Etc. Research indicates that, “after thorough police and child welfare instigations, some pedophiles are found to have no history of sexual contacts with children” (Seto, 2009, p.392). THANKS KJ MCELRATH FOR THE ACCURATE ARTICLE ABOUT OUR PROGRAM. But anyone in public office should loose their job if they cannot control themselves. SEX OFFENDER. It reads, "Post a summary of the videos you post . It is one thing to drool over your neighbor's TV: It is another to love, I see you have already met Todd! ©2020 SicEm365. B4U-Act is a unique collaborative effort between minor-attracted people and mental health professionals to promote communication and understanding between the two groups. I made that quite clear in the OP. Should the same be applied to heterosexuality, then? Sin is usually some form of a conscious choice, a thought, a behavior, or choosing not to control strong feelings and acting out of that feeling. There have been some changes in the Life Stages section involving the following forums: Roaring 20s, Terrific Thirties, Fabulous Forties, and Golden Eagles. traitortothecapital . The thoughts are not the end result, its the action, but it starts with the thoughts.That why I see it as two sides of the same coin. I could quibble further and tell you that. Trial only available to users who have never subscribed or participated in a previous trial. Please note there is a new rule regarding the posting of videos. You don’t belong in the LGBT+ community and you never will and you can fuck off. Historically individuals with sexual attractions towards children have simply been referred to as 'pedophiles'. Sex Offender, ← Challenging The Assumptions of Who Actually Abuses Children, Thanks KJ McElrath for the accurate article about our program! My friend was brought to his knees in repentance and continued to the mans house where he Loved him as Christ Loved us. Can't wait to see the new MAPS series on Netflix. CF Staff, Angels and Ambassadors; ask that you join us in praying for the world in this difficult time, asking our Holy Father to stop the spread of the virus, and for healing of all affected. Saying that pedophilia is a sin issue is just like saying that autism, heterosexuality, or any other sexual attraction is a sin issue. Delving into the bill, SB 145, sponsored by Democrat Wiener (no joke) of San Francisco, who calls it an "anti discrimination bill", reduces the penalties for sex with minors. By providing treatment and support to MAPs we are in NO WAY condoning child sexual abuse. What you mean by attraction though, as in they simple just feel something? One has to. Welcome to Christian Forums, a forum to discuss Christianity in a friendly surrounding. FUCK OFF. According to Associated Press, Calif. Senate Bill 145 or sex offender bill, was signed by Gov. That unless we drop our self-identity and be born again, be an image bearer for God, we cannot enter the kingdom of God. You cannot harm someone with your thoughts, you can only harm yourself with those, and thoughts are the end result of attraction, not the attraction itself. An exception can be made for music videos.". So I don't know how you able to separate attraction and thought so easily when it comes to this topic, without accounting for that. Like with any other unbeliever, christians must be ready to show them that message through love and patience, and stand by them as they are struggling. Jesus would have squash it. Should we shun them, and hope that they work out their attractions on their own? That Jesus loves them and salvation is for everyone, but its going to require a heart that seek God to deliver them completely from such desires. Very nice. All rights reserved. We now are supposed to accept a politically correct term for these scum TOO!??! The behavior being, acting on these attractions, i.e., the sexual abuse of children. Newsom last Friday. For example, I can never change that I have autism. If we continue misusing these loaded labels we are doing an injustice not only to children, but to MAPs and pedophiles who want help and have NO desire to cause harm. When you hear the word pedophile, you likely have an image in your head based on societal assumptions and prejudices. If we are to accurately interpret the Bible, we must take context into account. I mostly agree, however, showing pedophiles to Christ does not address the fact that most of society, Christians included, confuse them for child molesters and hate them with a burning passion that has spawned many trolls, pedohunters, bullies, and extremely negative comments on the internet. Children deserve to be safe. Other topics to be discussed in future blogs include: who sexually abuses children and why, current treatment for individuals with sexual attractions to children, child sexual abuse facts and myths, and much more. Go get some fucking help. forum. The bill is designed to "bring legal equality to LGBTQ." Because pedophile is so often conflated and used interchangeably with sex offender, individuals who identify as a MAP or a pedophile are viewed by society, their friends, their families as sex offenders. Pedophilia, by contrast, is just like heterosexuality, homosexuality, or any other sexual attraction: It is something the person has no choice over and cannot change. →, PEDOPHILE ≠ SEX OFFENDER: CHALLENGING THE STIGMA, CHALLENGING THE ASSUMPTIONS OF WHO ACTUALLY ABUSES CHILDREN, MINOR ATTRACTED PERSON VS. PEDOPHILE VS. Is He addressing any form of sexual thought? Posts: 1,607 Re: LGBT MAP (Minor Attracted Person) This is absolutely repulsive! 1,511 notes . Translated, a 24 year old can do the number on a 14 year old and escape felony charges. Identities are shaped by individual characteristics, family dynamics, historical factors, and social and political contexts, essentially, who we are is largely dependent on who the world around us says we are (Tatum, 2000). Last: How long do you want to ignore this user? They are changed to Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Golden Eagles will have a slight change. ‘Minor attracted person’ or MAP is a widely acknowledged term used in the global Sex Offender Research and Sex Offender Treatment Community.