However using more contemporary and commercially available materials like laminated hardwood plywoods in replacement for timbers. What You Need To Know. Iroko wooden, chocks for my sculpture, since it has a tendency to fall over and rip itself to shit. Part of the newest sculpture submitted for my degree show.

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Foundation - University Of Northampton, 2012/13 BA Fine Art - University Of Northampton, 2013 to Current All Work blogged will be from the last stages of my Foundation to present. (2013 to present) Mainly working in sculpture, drawing and painting From getting ready for your next tattoo, to the aftercare involved.

Most recent sculpture I’ve been working on using aircraft manufacturing techniques from when planes were made from wood. Breaking sculptures, featuring Josh. Since 2004, Tattoo U has been providing excellent artistic design for thousands of satisfied customers. Michael Bacon Art, Atlanta, Georgia. Art and musings of artist Michael Bacon.
 Meet Michael Bacon; Owner & Artist of Tattoo U established in 2004. Work in progress, The Minimalist Theme — Tumblr themes by Pixel Union | Powered by Tumblr. I am Michael Bacon, born in Uxbridge, Middlesex but currently live in Northamptonshire. 145 likes. Found out the rudimentary and intuitive guide is so much better than a regimented, uniform and designed one. Also using my own experience of craft techniques from making model radio controlled aircraft and joinery methods from working in a timber yard, fencing manufacturer. Words don’t come so easily, 2015. He’s an alright guy, A series of sculptures that were destined for the scrap heap saved by bodging them back into something else, Words don’t come so easily, 2015/16 before it broke and ripped itself to pieces. I am Michael Bacon, born in Uxbridge, Middlesex but currently live in Northamptonshire.

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