Once in the final chamber, Sigma reveals that his entire plan hinged on awakening Zero from his "false self" and giving him his true power by infecting him with a massive amount of the Sigma Virus, scattering it around the Earth. If Zero was normal, a scene three years after the final battle with Sigma is shown.

The FMV sequences, seen in Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4 (with the exception of the game's opening), have been replaced with still screens and text.

The PAL version contains a glitch not present in the NTSC/American version. One half of the Mavericks possess the pieces for the Enigma and the other for the shuttle.

But, as the amount was not enough to awaken him, he used the colony as a virus and let it land on the Earth. Both characters have changed somewhat considerably as well.


If the player is Zero, he will confront X and two. I just told the team to 'finish off the series with this title,' and left it at that. Bosses with a health meter will always have an HP value of 32.

He assumes these visions are due to his power source running out and his memory unit malfunctioning as another vision, this time of a blurred Dr. Wily, comes into view. It's considered to be Iwamoto Yoshihiro's alternate ending to Mega Man X5.

If Zero is chosen at the beginning of the game with the special code that allows him to wear his Black Zero armor at the beginning, or if the player obtains the Black Zero armor in Zero Space Stage 3, it will permanently replace his normal armor for the remainder of the game.

This is also the first time in the franchise's history the main protagonist of a series is fought as a boss.

If the Enigma fails, only part of Eurasia is destroyed, slightly changing its orbit and delaying the crash.

Zero regains the use of the Z-Buster in this title, although it does not function the same way as it did in, When fighting X in the third Sigma fortress stage, he uses some of his Special Weapons from. The first half of the Dynamo battle theme is based on the first two X-Hunter stages' theme from Mega Man X2. Projectiles fired from enemies or bosses that can be destroyed and other parts of a boss are also listed.


Mega Man X5 E3 2000 Trailer (60FPS) Capcom E3 Sales Presentation VHS 2000, TAS Mega Man X 5 PSX in 16 51 by Mothrayas, TAS Megaman X5 100% All Stages (X) in 58 30 by zeroblaze777, "I had very little to do with 'X5.'

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X will hold the Z-Saber during the "Thanks for Playing" screen, regardless of the ending.

Well, the crazy creature has returned in X5 and he's stronger and harder than ever. However, the game also received some criticism with this being mostly targeted at Alia's transmissions during stages, the backtracking for optional items being more exigent than previous games, and the removal of animated cutscenes (and to some extent voice acting) like the ones in X4. In the same battle, X also dons his Ultimate Armor, making the battle the first (and so far. To prevent the crash, the player must collect four essential parts for one of two options: intercept the colony by using the Enigma cannon or kamikaze into it with a space shuttle. Regardless of the gameplay progress (whether the player stops Eurasia or not) or selecting a character for the mission, the battle in the third stage of Sigma's fortress will always be between X and Zero. Publisher(s): After the explosion, the extent of the damage is shown; Zero's body lies shattered on the ground, his lower torso and left arm apparently destroyed in the blast. Platform(s):

Bosses with a health meter will always have an HP value of 32.

It was then re-released on Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2  on July 24, 2018 in North America and Europe, and was released two days later in Japan.

The Hunters fight Sigma, who loses and reveals his final body; a huge, unfinished battle body. Additionally, he will use it during the cutscene that occurs after his fight with X (if the Eurasia Colony was destroyed).

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There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero. However, one day someone had occupied Eurasia and took control of it, scattering a virus in the colony and using its artif… After Zero lands, the Hunters come to pick him up.

One of the Hunters asks X if he remembers anything about what had happened the previous week, with X firmly stating that he doesn't remember anything about the battle.

If the player finishes a mission when the timer is between 00'50"00-00'59"99, 01'50"00-01'59"99 (the intervals from this point does not follow the same pattern), the timer will remove 50 seconds from that, thus giving the impression that the player completed the mission faster than they actually did. It had twelve chapters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

If X is chosen at the beginning of the game with the special code that allows him to wear the Ultimate Armor, the Fourth Armor will not be available, with the Ultimate Armor permanently replacing it. Series:

The Hunters go into Eurasia's remains to verify the virus.


Several months after the Repliforce war, Earth is at a peaceful time. Director(s):

ESRB: E (Everyone) The levels of each of the eight bosses will be determined by how many hours you have left.

These two stages have boss fights against enhanced versions of Yellow Devil and Rangda Bangda respectively. If the shuttle succeeds, 86% of Eurasia is destroyed and Earth is no longer in danger.

Once X and Zero have recovered the initial four items required to use the Enigma, it is fired and can either succeed in destroying the space colony or fail and only destroy part of it.

His ending has two varieties: Mega Man X5 goes on to expand on the gameplay engine of the previous game. Sigma tells X of an old man he met, with a seemingly undying hatred for X. They lie exhausted on the ground.

Rating(s): Alia alerts the Maverick Hunters of a large Maverick rampaging in HORIE 2146 block, and X tells the three new Hunters nearby to move out.

If Zero "awakened" with the virus, X confronts the "true" Zero, whose power had grown tremendously.

The Maverick Hunters plan on using the large particle cannon Enigma to destroy Eurasia before it happens.

Release date(s):

One week later, X and two other Maverick Hunters are moving some things. Mega Man X5 was later re-released as part of the Mega Man X Collection and it was released on the PlayStation Network as part of the PSOne classics in North America on September 9, 2014.

Producer(s): There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero.

He assumes that whoever repaired him may have accidentally deleted the data (Dr. Light erased X's memories to ease the pain of fighting Zero and leading to his death).

The player can choose whether or not to use this armor at the Maverick select screen. Sony PlayStation: November 30, 2000 January 31, 2001 August 3, 2001 July 18, 2002 PC: May 25, 2002 August 20, 2002 Taiwan: July 2001[1]PlayStation Network: September 9, 2014 December 17, 2014

One of the Hunters says that it's a miracle X came out of the battle at all. Koji Ohkohara

Mega Man X5 met mixed to positive reviews, with most of the praise going for the graphics, gameplay and soundtrack. In Zero's ending, he reflects on his life as a vision of him in his original body fighting the original Sigma (a fight referenced in a flashback in Mega Man X4) comes up. According to vgchartz, Mega Man X5 has sold 750 000 units worldwide.[7]. However, for the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 release, their names are changed to be more similar to their original Japanese names, thereby restoring the Maverick naming convention seen in the first four X games that the original American release had strayed away from. Game Information Theme Music

Mode(s): The scene then shifts to the control center, with Signas, Alia, and. As usual, X can gain the Ultimate Armor and Zero can get his black sheen.

When Zero is using the Black Zero armor upgrade, his Z-Saber is purple and acts similar to the. Like before, the player can choose to play through the game as either Mega Man X or Zero, traversing through perilous terrain and defeating a legion of enemies along the way with a variety of weapons.

This blast seemingly jars Zero from death, as he smiles and blasts Sigma's head with his Z-Buster, finishing him for good.

Unlike X, Zero can air dash from the beginning of the game.

Along with the removal of animated cutscenes, the game also features greatly reduced voice acting compared to the previous game, In an earlier prototype build, Sigma (Head) and Magma Dragoon feature voice acting from.

As with previous games, cheat codes can be entered for enhancement armors for both X and Zero.

Capcom Zero's saber attacks are somewhat slowed down but he gains the ability to use his Z-Buster again, albeit very limited in its use as Zero needs to charge the weapon and has to be on the ground and even then, the blast is only as strong as a level 2 charge shot.

Remember that annoying cyclops boss also known as the Shadow Devil in Mega Man and Mega Man 3?

Description/background information of an enemy or boss. The last part of the final boss music is somewhat similar to the song ".

The focus shifts from the doctor to an incomplete Zero lying on a table, where Zero notes that the old man was creating a robot destroyer. Several months after the Repliforce war, Earth is at a peaceful time. The lower the time remaining, the higher the boss levels will be.

Unlike previous games, not only can the player switch between both characters before starting a stage, X now starts out with a special armor known as the Fourth Armor, which gives him Ultimate Armor-esque abilities including an air dash and the ability to hover if the player should choose to start the game as X, as well as a Charge Shot that leaves behind a damaging energy orb. Within 16 hours, Eurasia will crash and cause great destruction, in the worst case extinguishing all life from the planet. Bosses Guide.

If the player leaves the game idle at the Final Results Screen for 5–10 minutes, an image of Black Zero will appear and will leave the cheat codes for X's Ultimate Armor, and Black Zero. -, "I had honestly planned to for 'X5' to be the last title in the series, but somehow I found myself with 'X6.' He was hired by Sigma to help his execution of the plan to spread the Maverick virus all over Earth.

He'll also use it if fought as a boss regardless.