Unless you are an expert player, you will not be able to avoid these enemies, and if you are an expert player, you have no reason to read this. by the time you get to the top of the ladder and walk a few steps to the left, the magma laser should just stop firing. All the robots wanted to do was have a purpose, and they certainly did not want to be sent to the scrap heap. While cutscenes are used to tell the story, they are 8-bit in nature and similar to the ones in previous titles such as Mega Man 4. Mega Man 3. For Mega Man 9 on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What are the mini bosses weaknesses? Shoot them twice to kill them, in mid-air or as soon as they land. The next area is only one screen large, but Mega Man must be careful here. you should have just enough time to get across it's path. continue on to Plug Man. The third hit must impact the mouth of the Skull, or Wily will take no damage. High Jump disable (magnetize, 4th time), 4 (contact) In addition, there are two small gaps located across the playfield. Running away from these guys won't work. Mega Man 4. As Wily's lab self-destructed, Proto Man returned and teleported Mega Man out of the lab just in time. The checkpoint area features a bubble dispenser. On the next screen up, kill the first Tropish you see, then jump on to the two small bubbles to the left. Mega Man 9. Every boss in the game has it weakness so i reccomend this order to make your battles easier: Sorry for spelling bad Magmaman name (lavaman, oops!). If any Changkeys manage to fall to the ground and rush at ypu, jump over them. !, which means, "Rockman 9: The Ambition's Revival!! Make sure to equip it when you are still falling When you first come into his dark room, you will notice a pair of eyes on the right side of the screen. Walk across the platforms and see what happens next. At this stage, the skull explodes to reveal Wily. At its lowest, the lasers are nearly impossible to avoid, making some of the achievements difficult. 3 (projectile) Bosses with a health meter will always have an HP value of 32. If Mega Man shoots the egg while it is at its lowest position (near the floor), it will usually bounce back and hit Wily. Because Magma Bazooka shoots multiple projectiles, your aim does not have to be precise, however, it is more effective to charge your shot while you wait for Hanabiran to appear. ". Kill both enemies and continue. Aim your black hole at it and detonate it immediately. To activate these cannons, just shoot them. His only attack is appearing on a random platform and shooting four flower petals at you. None of their bullets will hit you. This is his attack pattern: he goes to the far side of the room, shoots three hornets, then runs to the other side of the room to attack again. Kill the Mets and head to the strange platforms. The Shark Sub Tail section is most vulnerable to the Laser Trident, with the added bonus that it can usually destroy one or two rockets on the way. After all of the Spike Shooters on the bottom two rows have been destroyed, you must destroy the last two robots on the top two rows. 0 (contact, shell), 3 (Speed Burner, orange flames) Say hello to the Quick Man of Mega Man 9! It makes the same 12 movements every time. It's recommended the jump over them both (Mega Man can much higher underwater). After you defeat Hanabiran and pass the checkpoint area, there will be an area with more of the platforms you saw in the second screen of this stage and more Scissascisors. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After you pass the magnetic platforms, continue down to the snowy area. Like its Devil counterparts, it is composed of several globs of jelly and a single eye. This could be a dialogue mismanagement as Splash Woman was originally planned to be a male Robot Master, which could suggest that the dialogue was left unaltered before the design change.