Parallax adjustment is via a side turret that gives a sharp image focus from 50 meters to infinity and can be adjusted by the shooter without changing position on the rifle.

With the release of Clint Eastwood’s movie, American Sniper, this weekend, I thought it might be fitting to look at the favorite rifles of the American hero, Chris Kyle.

The on-axis shock produced by the McMillan without a muzzle brake is nearly 2000 g’s, which exceeds the image intensifier manufacturer’s (ITT Night Vision) maximum shock specification. When it comes to rifles suitable for use against hard targets, the selection is limited. Cal January 17, 2015 Cartridges, Complete Rifles & Custom Builds 116. I agree with your economics, but the McMillan is darn near a custom rifle, I mean they are not banging out 100,000 a month to fill the shelves of Walmart, Cabelas, etc. The TAC-50’s single-stage trigger broke at 3 pounds and had absolutely no creep or backlash. Short: 11.6 pounds (5.3 kilograms)Stubby: 10.6 pounds (4.8 kilograms) McMillan TAC-50C. Grip. McMillan tactical rifles have adjustable cheek pieces so shooters can get the right eye relief every time regardless of the optic (or lack thereof) on top. The stock is a composite. I almost don’t believe you…I guess I’ll go look for people on youtube shooting things with iron sights at 400yds plus.Just seems incredibly hard. We tested a McMillan MCRT .308 rifle nearly two years ago and the TAC-50 continues the McMillan tradition of high quality and rock solid reliability. The carboxylate head of each acetate forms 1–2 hydrogen bonds with the polar side-chains of pathway residues at S1–S4, whereas the nonpolar methyl tail of acetate face to nonpolar groups (Fig. You’d expect a McMillan gun designed to be used with a scope to have a stock designed for a scope, too. The TAC-50 is an offshoot of the TAC line and is chambered for the uber-powerful .50 BMG cartridge as a long range anti-personnel/anti-material rifle platform. The range I was at required new shooters to pass a small test before they were allowed free reign on the long range targets. 2012 McMillan Bros. Model MCRT Bolt Action Rifle in 300 Win. Year(s) designed I’m not saying they CAN’T make the shot. McMillan TAC-338. Is this a rifle I’d use for hunting out past the 500 yard mark?

Enter the McMillan Tactical Hunter, McMillan’s holy grail for the hunting world. Ergonomics Firing: * * * * The Tactical Hunter’s bolt and barrel are fluted (to save weight AND for better barrel harmonics). The rifle may be converted to the STAR and Target configurations due to interchangeable parts. The bipod is a Harris HEBR Swivel Bipod adjustable between 6" and 9". But that’s me . The TAC-50 is a conventional bolt-action rifle in the sense that it has a reciprocating manually operated bolt with two forward locking lugs and a safety lug that is integrated into the operating handle. 5k is a lot for a rifle, especially after the cost of a hunt. $11,999.99 EA GET IN TOUCH. Gun Details I’d rather have their TAC-308 with me, but who’s complaining? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Action All written content, illustrations, and photography are unique to this website (unless where indicated) and not for reuse/reproduction in any form. Like any rifle having such a device, however, it is not advisable to be alongside when the cartridge is touched off and the muzzle brake does its job by diverting gases to the side and rear. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! The McMilan TAC-50 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games,, "Recon by Fire" (S1E05), Harris bipod and Leupold Mark 4 scope, "Sniper Rifles", with McCann night vision rail mount. Truth be told, the more affordable guns just can’t stand up to the big boys. . Jeff Cooper was a pistol man… 500 yards with a pistol is probably target practice not hunting. The controls work with seemingly infinite precision. Current US Marine Corps standard night vision optic is Optical Systems Technology Inc’s AN/PVS-27 Magnum Universal Night Sight (MUNS). To get that trigger, just take apart the Timney trigger and polish the trigger and sear a bit. The bolt has spiral grooves so that any grit is held there rather than getting into the rifle’s action.

The TAC-50 is a combat-proven rifle that delivers pinpoint accuracy with the right ammo. Create an account, or sign in to continue.

Then I did it again. GI#: 101328936. I’ve always been a big fan of the two-stage triggers, but I take what I can get. The aggressive muzzle brake combined with the rifle’s weight reduces the .50BMG’s felt recoil to approximately 12 gauge level. Final Notes Estimate Price: $2,500 - $3,750. The Tactical Hunter’s simple thumb safety is the right answer. Ejection was positive, the spent casings literally fell off the rifle and dropped to the ground. Weight The McMillan ALIAS CS5 (Concealable Subsonic/Supersonic Suppressed Sniper System) is an American suppressed sniper rifle system. This round is not commercially available as of this writing. $4999 . Seems overpriced. Barrel. The 34mm Heritage scope tube is constructed from a single 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum tube. The CS5 was introduced in February 2012 as a suppressed rifle for stealth and concealment in urban settings and is dedicated for that purpose. The cheekrest is fully adjustable for height as is the buttstock. McMillan Bros ~ MCRT ~ .308 Win. Fluting provides greater surface areas for improved cooling and weight reduction without affecting barrel stiffness. For something like that, you need to step up your game. We advise against using it, not even for practice because it has different ballistics from whatever match-grade duty ammo the agency authorizes. Finish. Rifle. While the muzzle brake is very efficient, there is quite a bit of blast to the side and slightly to the rear. The weapon is part of the McMillan family of TAC-300 series rifles that includes the base TAC-300, the TAC-308, the TAC-338 and the newer TAC-416 (.416 Barrett). How about comparison between this and Blaser R93 (i have a blaser as my first and very probably last rifle, cannot think of anything better). $5,633.28 EA. | Content © We didn’t chronograph our test ammo because .50BMG muzzle blast would almost certainly have damaged or destroyed our chronograph. McMillan ALIAS CS5 One of these is McMillan’s TAC-50, the subject of this evaluation. At first blush, a .50BMG rifle may seem to be overkill in an urban or even rural environment, but there are certain situations when nothing else will do. Bison, black bear, boar, deer, and more game taken with air guns pictured.

Arron Perry (2,310 m / 2,526 yd) to set world record for the 3rd and 4th longest recorded kill shot in Afghanistan in March 2002, which were surpassed by Joint Task Force 2 sniper (with info being released month later) who made the longest sniper shot (3,540 m / 3,871 yd / ~2.2 miles) in Iraq in May 2017. Optics Options Situations where terrorists have taken over the cockpit of an airliner can be resolved only by using a .50 caliber rifle, since the windscreens of large aircraft are designed to resist impacts similar to those of smaller caliber bullets. Even more important, the Tactical Hunter’s handguard palm swell is perfectly proportioned for an offhand shot. The MUNS mounts and dismounts without tools via LaRue Tactical QD lever mounts. The bolt handle is extended for ease of extracting and is designed to clear large diameter optics commonly used on .50BMG rifles. It’s a fine line to walk, and while Ruger’s American Rifle and Mossberg’s MMR Tactical are on either side of that line, McMillan has navigated it with ease. For 750 it only took 3 rounds to realize my gun was tilted and then 3 more to clear that phase. Since the TAC-50 is in widespread use by the Special Operations community with the designation Mark 15 along with numerous military forces worldwide, it clearly meets the highest military requirements for accuracy and reliability. It has a 20 inch medium heavy match grade stainless steel barrel. . oh dear God, that trigger . A simple fix (at least potentially): a detachable magazine to replace the internal mag. This trigger has ZERO creep, no stacking, none of the attributes of a standard AR-15 trigger. Rating. We fired about 50 rounds from our test TAC-50 during zeroing and testing, and felt recoil was surprisingly light, similar to a 12 gauge shotgun. Overall: * * * * They textured it to be grippy enough to hold onto when wet yet not so aggressive as to tear up your hands.