As the interim DA, McCoy came into conflict with Commissioner Reagan when he announced that the DA's office did not plan on prosecuting petty marijuana possession charges. Erin also learned of Jack's relationship with a woman who is a few years older than Nicky, which did not last long. Upon Jamie’s promotion to Sergeant, he is transferred to the 29th Precinct. He is portrayed by Steve Schirripa. He had his boss reassign Colleen to a different partner to avoid putting his marriage at further risk, but remained good friends with her. He is portrayed by Bobby Cannavale. [43] In season five, she is a high school senior preparing for college; in season six, she is attending Columbia University, her mother's alma mater, and graduates at the end of season 9. Jamie recommends the transfer of six officers from the 12th, including Eddie, to the 29th to replace them. [30] As a young man, Danny worked construction. He is portrayed by James Lesure. Despite this, they agreed not to further act on their feelings since they don't wish to jeopardize their partnership.

In Season 6, Danny's Cherokee was replaced by a fourth-generation Ford Explorer. She is portrayed by Bridget Moynahan. In "Good Cop Bad Cop" it is revealed that his mother is Lucille Abetemarco (Suzanne Shepherd). Detective 1st Grade Jackie Curatola was Danny's previous partner; she is divorced and is regularly the recipient of passes or ogling from her uniformed colleagues and perps alike, much to her annoyance. He is portrayed by Nicholas Turturro. Meanwhile, Frank privately assigns Jamie a cold case, and Erin tries out speed dating. Erin is divorced from John "Jack" Boyle (Peter Hermann), a criminal defense attorney, whom she met when they were 19. John McKenna – An NYPD officer who was with Frank during 9/11 who later got sick and died from illness he was exposed to during the attacks. [49] He mentioned gradually repairing and restoring it over the next several years, and was next seen driving it in Season 9 Episode 7. It is implied throughout the series that she had something of a wild streak growing up (unlike her daughter). Introduced as the Mayor-elect in "Friends in High Places". Jack did return in 2017 to represent a man that Erin is trying to convict. In "Most Wanted", it is mentioned that he leads the Manhattan South Detective Borough in both collars and complaints. Danny and Baez investigate the death of a woman whose body was dumped after she was killed by a lethal dose of Fentanyl, following secret plastic surgery. In 2014, Erin met Robert McCoy, a defense attorney, on a speed-date, and the two became romantically involved until he was appointed interim District Attorney, at which point she said she can't sleep with her boss. Nurse Linda Rose Reagan (née O'Shea) was Danny Reagan's wife. Melissa Baker", however was referred to as Abigail throughout the season and the name was changed in Season 2. Directed by David Barrett. [18] The shooting leaves the mayor paralyzed from the waist down, confining him to a wheelchair, but does not prevent him from discharging his duties as mayor. In 1995, McBride's mother was murdered in an unsolved robbery. Occupation A Senior Detective for the DA's Investigations Unit who assists Erin with her cases. Nicole Reagan is Erin Reagan's daughter. [64] In 2015, he is reelected for another term as mayor. September 3, 1963 (age 55) Paula said the two had a brief affair and she never told Joe about his son. He is played by Aasif Mandvi. Reddit. In "The Brave" the role of his ex-wife Vivian Abetemarco is originally portrayed by Diana Bologna. He spent days at Ground Zero, and took refuge at St. Paul's Chapel, where he and other officers slept in the pews.[12]. He and Danny don't personally get along, but are willing to work together when necessary. While he is credited as the character "Frank Russo" in Season 1, his name is never actually mentioned. The Season 9 finale, "Something Blue", ends at the start of the wedding Mass with Archbishop Kearns (Stacy Keach) officiating; as Armin remains incarcerated, Frank walks Eddie down the aisle at her request. This led to a brief conflict between them, with Jamie threatening to get a new partner if she ever goes against an emergency call again.[24]. Jamie later announces to Frank that he had scored at the top of the Sergeants' Exam (Frank had not yet looked at the scores and was under the impression that he had declined to take it) and has decided to accept the promotion.

New York City, New York, US Gormley was transferred to 1PP. Early in season 5, Gormley is reassigned by Frank to One Police Plaza and appointed as Dino's replacement as Chief of Department. Officer Vincent "Vinny" Cruz, shield number 59910, is Jamie's partner in season 3.

They have at least two children (whose pregnancies were shown in the series). star Tom Selleck. For a class project of Nicky's, Danny mentioned that when he was three years old, he wanted to be a firefighter for Halloween, but his grandfather Henry swore that as long as he was alive, no Reagan would ever be a member of the FDNY, got him into a police uniform, and he "never took it off" until he made Detective.[31]. HolyMcCallany Formerly the Organized Crime Control Bureau Chief,[66] Dino Arbogast was promoted to Chief of Department (the highest-ranking uniformed police officer) by Frank after the retirement of the previous Chief, Ed Hines. As of "Old Wounds", she is 16 years old.

If so, it's a funny reference to Law and Order, a different NY DA show from a different network. Baker is portrayed by Abigail Hawk. While off-duty, Jamie drove his brother Joe's 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS until it was sabotaged and totaled by the Blue Templar. Eddie initially declines her transfer, telling Jamie she needs the space for her own career to grow. There has been significant romantic tension between Eddie and Jamie since the middle of season four, the two even sharing a kiss.

Jamie gets Danny involved when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Danny's partner since 2013 (and someone Danny has known for 15 years), Detective 1st Grade Maria Baez previously spent three years with the NYPD's Joint Bank Robbery Task Force until it was disbanded in 2011. Eddie is now partnered with Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten), whom Frank had dismissed for racial profiling and then reinstated after a few months. With Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou. Wiki [11], On September 11, 2001, Frank was working in the North Tower when the South Tower collapsed. Jamie's partner and eventual wife, Officer Edit Marie[57] "Eddie" Janko Reagan (first name pronounced "eh-DEET[58]") is of mixed Hungarian and Serbian descent. In "Flags of Our Fathers", Gormley mentions that he is a veteran, and that he lost a grandfather and two uncles in the service.[35]. Growing up, Frank became friends with Angelo Gallo (Chazz Palminteri), who grew up to be one of the top mafia lawyers. The following officers are among Frank's senior staff who assist him in his duties as the New York City Police Commissioner. When they announced their engagement to the Reagan family, Frank offered Eddie her choice of a new precinct assignment. In "Front Page News", Jamie gets his first kill in what he learns is a suicide by cop; the shooting leaves him with brief post-shooting trauma (more so since Bryant's death was found to be a suicide-by-cop), but between his family and the NYPD psychologist (Annabella Sciorra), he quickly recovers. His shield number as a Patrol Officer was 60528, and as a Sergeant is 71181. This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 08:42. A young police officer and recent Harvard Law School graduate, Jamie is the youngest child of the current New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan and his wife Mary. Retrieved May 18, 2017. [34] She is portrayed by LaTanya Richardson Jackson. In 2016, Officer Sculley, who had kept his head down for the last 14 years and made great strides to atone for his horrible rookie mistake, passed the Sergeant's exam with flying colors. He gets a lighter sentence after busting a prison guard drug ring. Simultaneously, Garrett receives an unsolicited job offer for a professorship at Duke University; he and Frank do some checking and discover that Chase's wife is on the Board of Directors at Duke.

Potter, seeking to further his own agenda, relocated a young witness and his entire illegal family, and demanded to Commissioner Reagan to have his son take an early retirement. However, Sydney broke up with him a few months after he became a police officer when realizing the true danger of his career. He is married, and has a side job painting to make extra money; he is also a gambler, but quit after Frank bailed him out of a $3,000 debt (with it made clear that this is a one-time offer).

[41] In season 6, Erin celebrated her 40th birthday.[42]. During high school, Danny dated Marianne Romano (Charisma Carpenter), who was described by his partner Baez as "the queen bee, super good looking, a little crazy, and dynamite in the sack" to which he agreed. [28] He lost the 2011 election to Carter Poole (David Ramsey), who succeeded him as mayor.

Frank was reluctant to promote him, lest tensions between the citizens and the police grow even worse and ultimately offered Officer Sculley a choice: transfer to another city (Long Island, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Boulder, Colorado, or San Diego were among the departments Frank talked to) or take his promotion to Sergeant and ride a desk at the NYPD Erie Basin Auto Pound in Brooklyn for the rest of his career. The retired Police Commissioner and father of Frank (grandfather of Danny, Erin, Jamie, and the late Joe; great-grandfather of Nicky, Jack, Sean, and Joe Hill).