People also love these ideas 20. Jopling (Willem Dafoe in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”)If Anderson’s characterization is sometimes accused of being cartoonish, you won’t find too much evidence to the contrary in Dafoe’s terrifically fun live-action Muttley (to Adrien Brody‘s Dastardly). He has little to do otherwise, but remains one of the most memorable aspects of the film. Petey (Jarvis Cocker in “Fantastic Mr Fox”) It’s a tiny part, but for those in the know, the fact that the role is voiced by Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker gives Petey’s few exchanges, especially when he’s accused of “weak songwriting” by Franklin Bean an extra layer of self-deprecating wit. And he’s leading a very normal human being life. 55. Gamble is currently a doctoral candidate in Environmental Science and Engineering at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. He can marine our biology any time. As selfish and self-centered as the best of Anderson’s character, but with an unusually heroic streak as well, it’s a role tailor made for Clooney, and makes us hope that he and Wes might team up in the live-action world at some point soon. Dennis was also a smart-aleck who defeated a robber singlehandedly. 10. Dougie Howser turned out Ok too didnt He. However, he has never spoken to the media about his any love affairs. Agatha (Saoirse Ronan in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”)Played with quiet conviction, it’s a shame that Ronan’s Agatha wasn’t a bit more central to the real action of ‘Grand Budapest’, but the sweet baker girl with the facial birthmark is still a lovely addition to Anderson’s underpopulated gallery of female characters. Internet Service Terms He’s a marine biologist now! He was chosen from twenty thousand other hopefuls in a nationwide casting call launched by John Hughes and Warner Bros. Support. He also appeared in Anya's Bell with Della Reese, starring as a dyslexic boy. Francis (Owen Wilson in “The Darjeeling Limited”) It doesn’t particularly hang together as a film, but ‘Darjeeling”s portrait of brotherhood is cherishable, and Wilson, cast a little against type as the bossy, take-charge older brother, is a particular treat, playing most of the film bruised and bandaged to boot. His M. Gustave is a wonderful creation, zany when he needs to be, arch and almost effete at times. character) may seem underwritten, but idealist though she is, she’s self-assured enough to slam on the brakes when romantic intoxication turns to chaos. Patricia Whitman (Anjelica Huston  in “The Darjeeling Limited”) The second, and in our mind superior, of Angelica Huston’s Anderson matriarchs, Patricia Whitman, haunts “The Darjeeling Limited” long before she turns up at the very end of the film: she’s the end point of the journey of her three children, bringing them to the “Black Narcissus”-style spiritual retreat. According to, We're just calling it like we see it. Then again, when that actor is Gene Hackman, making one of his increasingly rare late-career appearance (he’s only done 3 films since) in a role specifically written for him, who can argue? In 1992, Mason Gamble was an adorable 6-year-old with yellow hair and the ability to be innocently menacing in a pair of overalls. 61. Henckels (Edward Norton in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”)An actor Anderson loves to put in a uniform, Norton brings a dimension of humanity and reluctance to the role of the inspector whose duty it is to run M. Gustave down, though his personal sympathies might run counter to that. 33. See more ideas about Dennis the menace costume, Dennis the menace, Dennis. Great Shakespearean, a.k.a. Oct 3, 2015 - Explore Lacey Dixon's board "Dennis the Menace Costume", followed by 228 people on Pinterest. 13. In 1999, Gamble portrayed Brady Lang in the thriller Arlington Road. Vladimir Wolodarsky (Noah Taylor in “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”)Proof positive that the right casting can turn the tiniest role into something more interesting, the only things assistant/sidekick/factotum Wolodarsky really has going for him in Anderson’s patchiest film are Taylor’s endearingly wonky expressions. 120. Environmental Education in the Anthropocene, Minor in Environmental Systems and Society, D. Env in Environmental Science and Engineering, Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award. READ MORE: Eddie Redmayne and Prince William were friends in high school. Mr Fox (George Clooney in “Fantastic Mr Fox”) Suave, smooth, and a little bit hapless: if George Clooney was every going to play a Wes Anderson character, it had to be Mr. Fox. The actor, not the character. Sam (Jared Gilman in “Moonrise Kingdom”)One of the two troubled leads of “Moonrise Kingdom,” Sam is an orphan boy raging at a world that wants no part of him. 52. 16. Dennis The Menace Is A Studly Marine Biologist Now Lauren Le Vine In 1992, Mason Gamble was an adorable 6-year-old with yellow hair and the ability to be innocently menacing in a pair of overalls. Mason Gamble was the perfect boy to cast Dennis in 1993, given his suspicious grin that seemed to have a mischievous meaning behind it. Eddie Redmayne and Prince William were friends in high school. Abandoned by his fed-up foster parents, and understood only by a fellow misfit like his Scout Master, his grandest running-away-gesture to date ends up with a happy ending, as he escapes the clutches of Social Services, and gets a new father figure in the shape of Bruce Willis, no less.