Outfielder for Montreal Expos (1989-1994), Atlanta Braves (1995-1996), Cleveland Indians (1997), Milwaukee Brewers (1998-2000), Los Angeles Dodgers (2001-2002) and San Francisco Giants (2003). Grissom played baseball at Florida A&M University, and in 1988, the Montreal Expos selected him with the 76th overall pick in the June draft, as part of that draft's third round. Also had .276 Batting Average, 99 Runs, 180 Hits, 273 Total Bases, 39 Doubles and 59 Extra-Base Hits in 159 Games. Publicity Listings Although Curtis accurately states the general rule that an appellant cannot accept the benefits of a judgment and then seek to have it set aside, “[p]ublic policy ․ requires that divorce be treated differently because of the unique and important issues involved, including the severing of the marital relationship, custody and support of minor children, support of spouses, and division of property.”  Southworth v. Southworth, 265 Ga. 671, 675, 461 S.E.2d 215 (1995) (Fletcher, P.J., concurring specially).

Under Rule 58 of this Court, a concurrence in judgment only signifies that a Justice does “not agree with all that is said in the opinion.”   Accordingly, although today's opinion purports to overrule the long-standing line of cases, it does not achieve that goal because only a plurality, not a majority, of this Court has determined that those cases must “give way.”   Thus, the bench and bar should be apprised that Curtis and all of the other cases which apply estoppel under the circumstances of this case remain controlling authority for the present and that the holdings in those cases should be followed as accurate statements of the applicable law of Georgia. Associated With. [2006], View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. See Coley v. Coley, 128 Ga. 654, 656(1), 58 S.E.

Marquis Grissom. [9] In November 2009, he was replaced on the coaching staff by Dan Radison.

On September 16, 2002, the Dodgers had a crucial game against the San Francisco Giants.

[10], As of 2015, Grissom lived with his wife, Sharron, in Fayetteville and Sandy Springs, Georgia. frame from Atlanta, GA who attends Counterpane. Relying on Curtis v. Curtis, 255 Ga. 288, 336 S.E.2d 770 (1985), Husband argues that Wife has waived the right to appeal by accepting the benefits of the final judgment and decree, i.e., a payment of $150,000 in lieu of alimony or equitable division of property pursuant to paragraph 14 of the parties' prenuptial agreement;  a fifty percent interest in four parcels of real property;  fifty percent of an income tax refund;  and monthly child support payments. He is a blocky little guy at 5'11", 190 pounds, a compact bullet, a lead character in a low-budget production that is bringing in big returns.

See White v. White, supra;  Curtis v. Curtis, supra at 289, 336 S.E.2d 770;  Guess v. Guess, 242 Ga. 786, 251 S.E.2d 528 (1979);  Wilkinson v. Wilkinson, 241 Ga. 303, 304, 245 S.E.2d 278 (1978);  Vickery v. Vickery, 237 Ga. 702, 229 S.E.2d 453 (1976);   Sikes v. Sikes, 231 Ga. 105, 108, 200 S.E.2d 259 (1973);  Booker v. Booker, 217 Ga. 342, 122 S.E.2d 86 (1961);  Burnham v. Burnham, 215 Ga. 57, 58, 108 S.E.2d 706 (1959);  Thompson v. Thompson, 203 Ga. 128(2) (a), (b), 45 S.E.2d 632 (1947);  Davis v. Davis, 191 Ga. 333(a), 11 S.E.2d 884 (1940). [6] During his playing career, Grissom bought houses for his parents and every one of his fourteen siblings. Marquis Deon Grissom (born April 17, 1967) is an American former professional baseball center fielder.

The trial court found that, pursuant to the terms of the prenuptial agreement, Wife waived any interest in the Fiddlers Ridge property or in an American Express brokerage account into which the funds from the Merrill Lynch account had been transferred during the marriage. At issue here are two items listed as Husband's separate property on Exhibit B:  a home located at 110 Fiddlers Ridge in Fairburn, Georgia, valued at two million dollars (the “ Fiddlers Ridge property”);  and a Merrill Lynch brokerage account valued at four million dollars.

Draft: Drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 3rd round of the 1988 MLB June Amateur Draft from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Tallahassee, FL). Appellant Daphne Darice Grissom (“Wife”) and appellee Marquis Dean Grissom (“Husband”) executed a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage in July 2000. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Copyright © 2020, Thomson Reuters. [6], In 2011, Grissom received four votes in the Baseball Hall of Fame balloting. He has been married to Sharron Hastie since 2012. 205 (1907). Thus, it is undisputed that adherence to the principle of stare decisis in this case would mandate a summary affirmance of the judgment on the ground that Wife, having accepted and retained benefits from the underlying divorce decree, cannot now attack it.

|  Carlos v. Lane, 275 Ga. 674, 675, 571 S.E.2d 736 (2002). (March 28) Announced his retirement. Under today's plurality opinion, however, there would be no reason not to seek appellate review, because an ex-spouse could retain benefits and also file an application for discretionary appeal which, even if meritless, would be granted under our pilot project unless frivolous. Grissom continued to struggle that year, but he enjoyed a strong bounce-back season as a part-time player in 2002. We recommend using 11, 636 S.E.2d 519 (2006), Justice Hines, writing for a unanimous Court, held “that a person who has accepted benefits under a divorce decree is estopped from seeking to set aside that decree without first returning the benefits. At least as early as Coley v. Coley, 128 Ga. 654, 655-656(1), 58 S.E.

The email address cannot be subscribed. The only reason the plurality offers as authority for overruling a century-old line of cases is that divorce should be treated differently because the dissolution of a marriage involves unique and important issues. In April 1995, the Expos traded Grissom to the Atlanta Braves, in exchange for pitcher Esteban Yan and outfielders Roberto Kelly and Tony Tarasco. 1. The agreement should be construed in a manner that will allow it to be upheld as a whole and not make any provision meaningless. He was offered college scholarships in baseball, football and track and field. During the parties' marriage, the Fiddlers Ridge property was refinanced and conveyed to the parties as joint tenants with right of survivorship. Member of 1995 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves team. During his playing career, Grissom bought houses for his parents and every one of his fourteen siblings. As of 2015, Grissom lived with his wife, Sharron, in Fayetteville and Sandy Springs, Georgia.