Anya loved Marcus deeply and was annoyed by his lack of willingness to be open about their relationship, which was partially fear that she would be brought up on charges for being in a relationship with an enlisted man (there were regulations against fraternizing between officers and enlisted) and according to Dom, partially Marcus' upbringing.

When they reached the entrance to the building, they reported that the door was locked, and Anya was unable to find another route in. Anya ended her recording by commenting to herself that she guessed they were all Stranded now. However, months later, JD and Del returned, along with daughter of Reyna Diaz, Kait Diaz. Afterwards, Adam's weapon went off and destroyed the Lambent, the Locust and all Imulsion. When Hoffman decided to send Delta, Prescott briefly doubted their ability until Anya set him straight. Regarding his personal life, there is no information about Stroud’s most intimate details, such as marital status and number of children. Anya noted that that was the first time she had ever shot someone, but Cole told her that had not been a someone, only a grub. Anya responded that the civilians from Jacinto were not responsible for that, and he decided that maybe if Vectes had been overrun by the Locust, they would see things differently, which Anya agreed with. As the rest of the Gears left, Anya stayed behind with Delta and the three commanders, and they discussed where Prescott might have gone and why he took the Lambent samples with him. Hoffman became angered by Trescu ignoring his authority, and they continued onto the city. However, the convoy came under immediate attack as it arrived outside the House of Sovereigns, though Kim and his squad were able to assist in defeating the Locust. [27] After Delta reached the Stranded camp that had a Junker, their leader was willing to let them borrow, Marcus and Dom headed out to get it.

Anya watched in horror as Adam died and was shocked when Myrrah emerged from the Tempest's remains, alive but hurt. Bernie and Sam arrived at the town one night, and Anya informed them that a Lambent Leviathan had been spotted swimming around the island, so she had started to recall the fishing boats. She then guided Delta through the sunken city and, and informed them that Ilima was evacuated, but to watch for survivors and rescue them if they can.

Lieutenant (Formerly)Major (Formerly)First Minister As they paused for a moment, Mitchell contacted them, and informed her that the Leviathan was dead. They fell off towards the mid-season mark, however, and finished the year with a 7-9 record.[4]. Part of the reason why Anya is so dedicated to the military is, according to Damon Baird, she "can't have kids"[142] During the Battle of Pelruan, Anya showed great enthusiasm in fighting and enjoyed herself immensely.

Marcus contacted Anya, and told her that the entire city had been sunk into the ground, leaving behind a lake, much to their shock and confusion. Anya told Marcus not to blame himself for causing the Stranded to attack. [140] When her mother was killed, Anya became stronger, firmer and more independent. He and John Henderson helped give the Jaguars one of the more dominant defensive tackles duos in the NFL.

Fenix in Delta Squad. JD continued to attend the boarding school in New Ephyra, where JD further resented his father and put deeper loyalty into his friend, Delmont. One got close to Anya when it exploded, burning her hair, but she kept fighting until all of the Lambent dogs were dead. According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Stroud’s net worth is as high as $11 million, an amount earned through his successful career as an American Football player, active from 2001 until 2011. She tells Dom that despite the regulations, all she wants is Marcus and shows worry that he had never openly returned her feelings or even stayed a whole night to which Dom tells her that Marcus loved her and never stayed to protect her from terrible nightmares he has.

In the remaining Stranded camps in the city, First Minister Stroud met Mina Jinn, a young woman whose family was killed during the Hammer of Dawn Strikes. She diverted the choppers there, and wished Marcus good luck. She then spotted a group of thirty Drones moving on the ground, and informed the convoy of their position.

She informed them that the pumping stations lift was offline, and that they would need to enter through the mines inside the factory. After Marcus got sent to prison for forty years, Anya refused to give up on him, willing to wait for the whole forty years if necessary despite Marcus repeatedly telling her to forget about him and move on with her life. As they looked through file after file, Hoffman was eventually called away by Mathieson to CIC, but Anya heard him comment that he had needed some good news. In 2007 it was discovered that Marcus used anabolic steroids and related substances which led to his suspension for four games, and he was later traded to the Buffalo Bills. During the two months after the mission to Jilane, Anya continued to help Dom look for his lost wife, Maria. He played college football for the University of Georgia, and was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars 13th overall in the 2001 NFL Draft. Anya also began decorating her Lancer, spray painting a crimson omen symbol onto it. She spent the next few minutes agonizing over what would happen to Marcus, but when Hoffman boarded the Raven, he casually remarked that Dom was a disobedient asshole. Anya told him that there were too many, and Marcus felt that the rapid response force had failed. Anya then cut the conversation short and told them to concentrate on what they could do, and ordered Rossi to plot the contaminated zones on the map and work out which farms they might need to evacuate first if the dead zones spread. Anya was surprised by this, since Marcus had not mentioned anything about Tai being tortured when he had reported his death, and began trying to figure out what had been done to him. After First Minister Anya Stroud's death, the COG began to favor authoritarian control over civic-minded rebuilding, which caused many citizens to permanently distrust and sever ties with the Coalition - joining the Outsiders. KR-239 followed them, carrying an APC. When Wretches began sabotaging the train, Anya informed Delta of their location. She contacted Hoffman and told him, and confirmed that the Pelruan citizens had been informed, since they were always in contact with the trawler fleet. As Rossi took Hayman to the town hall so she could treat anyone who had potential health issues, Anya told Hoffman that the delegates would go tell the rest of the town about the decision now. Anya told him she was not doing well, and that she had worked with the Chairman for years, and he had left without saying goodbye, which upset her. Anya noted that they could not all live at sea, but Marcus noted that it was not safer there anyway.

Mathieson told her that she should roster off and get some sleep before she came back on watch, but she told him that she would just feel like hell when she woke up. The Gears and Raven crews then began playing cards, until Cole worked up the courage to ask Bernie what had set her off at the Stranded settlement. When Gears and DeeBees were sent to the scene, First Minister Jinn ordered them to open fire on the civilians, resulting in the Settlement 2 Protest Massacre. After they finished moving the bodies to the side of the road, they returned to Pelruan in the APC. Anya also detected Locust closing in on Baird and Cole's position, and informed them as well as Marcus and Dom. She thought about what to say next, but was interrupted when Muller said that they should have a visual on the pirates soon, and Commander Garcia reported in from the Clement that they were picking up strange noises. Anya standing with Marcus and Dom outside of Jacinto Med. [9], During the battle, Anya operated as the main point of contact between C Company and the CIC aboard the Kalona. Hoffman then began issuing orders in preparation for their counterattack against the Locust, telling Anya to contact Lt.Minh Young Kim and set up an RV point for Hoffman and her to brief him on the Lightmass Bomb.

JD and Del disregarded his warnings and left, joining Fort Umson under Chief Reyna Diaz. Species Marcus told her he would come to her, and as she waited, she watched KR Eight-Zero and KR Three-Three killing a Corpser and several Boomers.

When they got close to the sinkhole, Anya informed them that a large number of Locust were located there, and that the Hammer of Dawn was online. Marcus LaVar Stroud (born June 25, 1978) is a former American football defensive tackle who played in the National Football League (NFL) for ten seasons.

As they continued to approach the pirate ships, they noticed that they were damaged, some with machine gun fire. During his NFL days, Stroud founded the Marcus Stroud Charitable Foundation to assist underprivileged youth who lived in low-income, single-parent homes, according to its website, by establishing various academic and athletic programs otherwise unavailable to them. After Delta saw KR Five-Four get shot down, they informed Anya. Bernie felt it would be best to wipe them all out, in order to prevent future divisions, but was unsure if she would be able to carry that out herself.

They landed nearby, and Anya led Baird, Cole, and Bernie to the zone and began scouting around it. She was saddened by Kim's death, but quickly advised Marcus to get outside and kill the Berserker with the Hammer of Dawn.

[77], After Delta retrieved the info from the facility, the COG discovered that the Locust stronghold was under Mount Kadar.

[123] Anya and Rossi informed the neighborhood delegates outside of the town hall, who were scared and angry about the decision. After this, Anya made several recommendations to Hoffman on how to keep the citizens of Pelruan happy, and let him borrow her Lancer so he could join Baird and Cole in working in the quay. She later reported to them that Baird and Cole were in the buildings sewer, and all three of them were extremely sympathetic. However, Anya was forced to stop again when a Gorasni roadblock prevented them from continuing on, and Hoffman got out, and ordered them to move the roadblock. Marcus joked this could be their karma for looking down on the Stranded, and Anya guessed her mom would just tell her to buck up and get on with it. Instead, she became a communications officer and served in her mother's unit during the Pendulum Wars. Dom comforted her, and Anya told him that she had not been trained for this and that it was the first time she had ever killed a human, but Baird told her that she still had not. [1] They ran as fast as they could and jumped onto a building's railings, and pulled themselves to safety. Blue eyes were a dominating feature in the Fenix men; Marcus, along with Adam and his father, all had blue eyes. [5] When word came about the Stranded raid on Merris Farm, Anya directed the COG response from the CIC.