Ultimately, love thrives best with an Aquarius when he's confident that both of you can be just as happy apart as you are together; he will never sacrifice independence for love. They are ambitious, untiring bold, stubborn, firm and lofty minded. Reserved by nature, he won’t be the guy gushing over you or sending you love letters. On contrary, they are diplomatic and know how to ask people to do what they want in a nice way. Capricorn Sun Leo Moon combination in a nutshell: They have an air of superiority and they believe they are better than others. I dote on that type of personality. Capricorn Best Match: Who You’re Most Compatible With. RELATED: The Ultimate Guide To The Virgo Zodiac Sign — The Most Down-To-Earth Sign In Astrology. At least they are among the most determined people in the zodiac. If your man is moving too fast, too slow, or just not moving at all, understanding his zodiac sign might be the key you need to unlock love or shut the door once and for all. Venus just adds an extra dose of kindness to one's chart. When it comes to her attitude, this woman will never admit she has ever been wrong. Based on his zodiac sign, you can easily figure out if things are moving in the right direction. In reality, this perfectionist is just taking his time to mold the ideal bond and find a love that runs deep. I do have Sun conjunct Venus, it's just that I've recently started associating that with "Libra" ever since someone here (can't remember who) told me it's a Libra-ish aspect. look on her,so i didnt. Leo’s have magnetic personality. Those who have their Sun in Capricorn and their Moon in Leo know themselves very well. RELATED: Astrology Of Love & Relationships For The Gemini + All Zodiac Signs. The personality of those born with their Sun in Capricorn and their Moon in Leo changes dramatically as they age. These natives are famous for always believing they are right and for thinking they know what’s better for others. It could have a libra feel, but it could also have a taurus feel. I'm not an escort. I often find Scorpio Risings very magnetic. Just that recognize that it was a joke and that I had no ill intent. :P. My dad is the most magnetic person I know with pluto conjunct mars and venus in leo first house. haha very true! Ruled by the Sun, Leo loves to be the center of attention and falls in love with anyone who can shower him with compliments and tend to his needs. -Sun square Neptune-Venus square Neptune-Moon opposition Pluto -Saturn & Neptune sextile Pluto (7th, and 5th house respectively)-Saturn conjunct Uranus (7th house) -Uranus conjunct Neptune (both in the 7th house)-Uranus sextile MC-Moon trine Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. He loves generously which, though he’s committed in relationships, can sometimes mean spreading his love around to many when he’s not tied down. If they won’t accept the fact that those around them can also have good ideas, the problems they can have with their ego will be very real. I'll go that far. LOL. You're most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. I was walking down the sidewalk in Manhattan one day when a psychic sitting at a table on the sidewalk on the beautiful day invited me to sit down. More affectionate and open than Capricorns with other Moons, they will still have the Goat’s need to succeed at everything. When it comes to love, Virgo men are often misunderstood. Sometimes this gets him hurt, causing him to retreat. In love, he's wooed by intelligence and needs someone who can match his deep-thinking and creativity. Allusive Aquarius can be hard to read in relationships. Once you open up to him, Scorpio will feel safe to fall in love. Nobody's buying anybody. He's careful and analytic, which can easily be mistaken as cold or standoffish. First of all, she’s too proud to ever let herself go. Sun is the lord of the sign Leo.