For tropes related to Ithnan, see his entry in Al-Thamen. He's related in some way to Aladdin. Excuse me while i go throw myself into a bottomless well. non-combatants instead of facing Solomon and co. At the end, its clear his lack of connection with people is what made him so obsessed with his "role" in following destiny". Arba (in possession of Gyokuen Ren) was able to overwhelm Hakuryuu, Judar, and two guards with her superhuman strength, superhuman endurance, and reflexes. Hakuei's Djinn, the Djinn of Maniacal Love and Chaos, and a Djinn of fertility.

He considers her existence to be particularly important because of this. He is Solomon's father.

When he appeared to feel guilty about the things his father had done, Sheba attempted to comfort him and told him that she and the rest of the rebellion would always stand by his side and support him, which made Solomon smile and thank her. Arba The leader of the Magicians from Alma Torran, and the first Senator in the Orthodox's "Council of Elders".

Yunan realises then that a thousand years of tenacity turned her into an immortal monster and that she is not really human anymore.

While Arba has a serious reflection on the state of matters, Nerva changes the topic and calls her out for deceiving him with her young appearance. This also explains why she hates Solomon and calls out his 'arrogance' since Solomon basically unseated Il …

He treated her in an almost fatherly manner. if that’s Sin’s ending it seems rubbish, especially to his 8 Generals, there’s no good bye to them personally after all that ?!

A little girl who was saved by Solomon when she was about to die from giving energy to a Mind-altering tower and the viewpoint character of the Alma Torran arc. Matal Mogamett. He would also serve as her sparring partner of choice. At the age of 12, Solomon left his father's side and formed a resistance against Alma Torran's Orthodox government and started searching for the 72 Divine Staves along with other magicians. Arba realized that David was taking magoi from Ill Ilahand decides to live with Solomon and plot to kill David. A Djinn of Sound, he's one of Sinbad's 7 Djinn, previously owned by Princess Serendine.

Over the course of the five years in which she had known him, Sheba developed strong feelings towards him. This image was Alibaba’s depiction of the future which we do not see in the final chapter but we can expect this is what will happen in the next few years if the story was to continue. But it is later revealed that this facade only hid her true inner emptiness, due now having lost her "guide" and no longer hearing "that person's" "voice" and everything now becoming "quite", resulting in her now becoming nihilistic and non caring to what happens to the world due to now not knowing what to do without her "guide".

MagiMagician It is a power that allows communication with anyone's rukh including those contained in the living and those of the dead. Arba (アルバ Aruba) is one of Solomon's Three Wise Magi from Alma Torran and the maternal ancestor of Gyokuen Ren and her children. During the fight with Sheba, her right braid was sliced off. Why does Arba get to live, with a body, and Sinbad doesn’t. Solomon was a strong magician born in Alma Torran. She had her first two sons and husband killed in a fire fighting against Al-Thamen, Arba's subordinates. Having possessed Gyokuen Ren, Arba openly shows that she cares nothing for her own family by murdering her husbands and sons and then mocking Hakuryuu for being weak.

The Djinn of Rametoto, king of the Imuchakk. Arba is later seen at a table, lifting weights and asking Wahid to spar later while he ate and Ithnan, Ugo and Falan played cards. Arba is a key antagonist in the anime and manga "Magi: the kingdom of magic". [17][18] Despite being a tour guide in Sinbad's trials, she is not in alliance with Sinbad as she finds his choice of leading the world into the Rukh painful just like Solomon's choice.[19]. David took Sinbad and caught Arba within him and became god. Physical Description Ithnan | Arba also have an inhuman resistance to pain such as how (in possession of Hakuei) she was able to fight Yunan after having all her skin blown off from a powerful lightning attack and can completely reform herself after being blown to pieces afterwards.

At some point, she captured Judar and forced him to become the dark magi of Al-Thamen. The Djinn of Darius Leoxes, King of Sasan. Hakuryuu and Morgiana fought her while Aladdin treated Yunan. Hakuryuu Ren | She would have children and groom them to be strong. Aladdin, Morgiana, and Hakuryuu appeared to fight her. She is able to take head-on Yunan's Bararaq Saiqa and to be still standing afterwards, even though it destroys her Borg and skins her alive. His wand is also used as a sword. They followed him until the end. Despite her being a magician, she does not rely solely on magic to fight. I seriously need it….

KingMagician The fact we still got snb creates that little ray of hope that we will find a resolution or get some answers as to what happened. Wahid, Kou Empire Before becoming a Magi, she was an essential part of Solomon's resistance to overthrow the Orthodox Church whom she was formerly a member of.

His father was the one who, together with his comrades, created the "Gunud" 300 years after the humans received the Divine Staves from Ill Ilah. In addition to her sadism, Arba has no care for anyone and does not about the amount of corruption, death and destruction she causes through leading Al-Thamen. When Solomon took away the will of Ill Ilah and became god as a result, she turns against him and her allies by creating Al-Thamen, causing many conflicts, and possessing the body of her many successors just to further her goals to restore Ill Ilah. Once the Manticores regained their composure, Arba is seen holding her Divine Staff and shouting, "We are the resistance," from a magic carpet, smiling and waving with the rest of the resistance. Kassim |

Her Divine Staff has two wings on the head. She was interested in Alibaba's journey to the dimension to where Ill Ilah was at but was disinterested in Alibaba's and Sinbad's fight as she thinks it makes no difference.

[4], Over at the Kou Empire's Paimon Dungeon site, Nerva and Arba observe Morgiana's group protecting the people from the angels.

Arba recognized that Sheba had thrown in her lot with Solomon and the other species and led a revolt against her former leader and friend.

An ancient dragon who resides in the rift between continents on Alma Torran. Gyokuen serves/served as the main antagonist in the series of Magi. A third eye lay situated in the centre of his forehead, as was the case with all wielders of the Divine Staves. Though she had the upper hand through most of the battle, Gyokuen was slain by Hakuryuu. Arba gets offended when Nerva calls her an old hag. Arba's obsession with this "voice" is so strong to the point that she declares that she doesn't need anything or anyone else as long as she has that "voice" to guide her and frequently uses this belief to cement her psyche when she begins doubting herself during her millennia old existence. She would go on to found Al-Thamen, the organization that exists to restore Ill Ilah to power and create chaos in the world once again.

Dark Djinn are made from Black Rukh, containing people's negative emotion about their destinies.

Male Her name is derived from the Arabic word أربعة, meaning "four". Arba was also open-minded to the conversation with Alibaba, Aladdin, Ugo, and Sinbad about changing Sinbad's will on the world. It says a lot that it chose to give magic to humans by itself, as later seen in David´s flashback. Arba was created by David as Solomon's servant and knew him since his birth. He wanted her to call him only by his first name, as he feared that if even the people closest to him couldn't see him as their equal, then his cause of uniting the world was forfeit, and he would one day become just as conceited and morally blind as his father and believe himself to be superior to everyone else. I understand what Arba was going through during the Alma Torran arc, and even though I do not agree, I see where she was coming from. I don’t care what others think or people who wished for him to die. After becoming Solomon's Magi, she wears a turban like head-ornament with a wing-shaped jewel in the centre and a long, layered robe draped around her body.

She shown interest in Alibaba's story about how he ended up in a dimension where Ill Ilah was stored. Ends up supporting Sinbad after he takes control of the Sacred Palace, believing that his goal to return things to the Rukh was the best means to oppose the destiny of the gods on the higher layers.

someone can whip up an illusion of Solomon and tell him to step down as God. Relationships Media As Sinbad states that he does not want her love, he also says that she is a woman with incomparable power and knowledge and that he does not need her in Al-Thamen. One of Kouen's 3 Djinn, uses Life Magic.

Arba translated from Arabic to English means "four".

Disintegrated into charcoal by a David-possessed Sinbad.

However, before falling into depravity, Arba have expressed malicious intents such as wanting to murder David when she found out he was taking magoi from Ill Ilah. Arba's doll form after losing most of her powers. She was one of the supporters of King Solomon and also the ancestress of Gyokuen Ren whom she later took possession. Just “Aladdin say I’m sorry”. Arba acted as a tour guide for Aladdin, Alibaba, Hakuryuu, and Judar in their quest to take down Sinbad. She also wears several necklaces and bracelets on her wrists and ankles. I’m sorry…every few months I may just keep doing this until the end of time…blurting out Magi unanswered questions. He's the Djinn of Spirit and Manipulation.

Sinbad was able to exploit this same system and use it against him to take control of the Sacred Palace. In the aftermath of Solomon's ascension, Arba's personality drastically changed, becoming much more cold and quick-tempered. She succeds, but allows David, the very same mane who took her son away, to briefly possess Sinbad's body, which leads to her painful death by disintegration. Ugo kills himself, he states to his son Solomon how he never once thought of him in that way.

She was the only one from Al-thamen to make it to earth after being sealed up by Solomon… Gyokuen displayed extremely powerful magic and swordsmanship, even though the Divine Staff she used (stolen from Sheba) did no longer hold the immense power it once did, and even though she was only an image created by Arba's thoughts. She took possession of Gyokuen Ren and made her murder her husband and two sons through Al-Thamen.

They are shown to enjoy cracking jokes together, and even both wear the same crescent-moon accessory on their foreheads. I never in my 28 friggin years on earth and a lifetime of Anime and Manga have loved and appreciated a character so god damn hard and much as Sinbad. Her powers allow her to do this by sealing the nerves of anyone with negative emotions or murderous intent, causing them severe pain in the process.
Solomon thought well of Uraltugo and treated him as a good friend. He was an avid reader, culturologist, strategist, scientist and magician, and was therefore often seen carrying around a book or animatedly discussing various subjects with his companions (especially Ugo).

Kanji For tropes related to Ugo, see his entry in Djinn. Arba's skills in swordsmanship was great enough that she taught Solomon how to use the sword in combat. Killing Jedidiah's parents – it was the first act that initiated Arba's fall into depravity. Goals

Even for a Magi, Arba is an immensely powerful magician, who not only has access near limitless Rukh/Magoi, an ability that was previously granted to her by Solomon, she can also harness Black Rukh and also able to steal Black Rukh from Judar a fellow Magi. final battle for Alma Torran, Solomon and his crew storm the Magician Orthodox cathedral, only to watch Arba then brutally take out Elder David.