All in all, we’d expect the LS2 Valiant to give decent impact protection. Bosch Professional GWS 7-125 - Amoladora angular sin disco (720W, 11000 rpm), Bosch Professional GWS 880 - Amoladora angular (800 W, 11000 rpm, Ø disco 115 mm). Click above to drop onto their LS2 helmets pages or *quick view store T&Cs here. However, this attractive combination does come at a cost, which I’ll explain later. Zero Motorcycles Teams Up With Deus Ex Machina For A New Electric Motorcycle! The LS2 Valiant 2 has a shell made of KPA, a polymer alloy. The internal sun shade mechanism works well, but the shield itself distorts vision, rendering it useless.The whole thing’s flawed, I hope it’s not still in production in the original form. All right reserved. We're totally independent, financed only by you clicking on our retailer links and buying something, Review of the LS2 Valiant FF399 motorcycle crash helmet, Click below to find helmets with a particular feature, Find your next helmet with our smart filters, Top 10 Safest Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2020, Nexx X.WED 2 and X.WST 2 composite dual sports and street helmets review, Review of the Arai Defiant X crash helmet for cruisers and nakeds. Su modelo anterior es el Spartan y si bien por fuera parecen verse iguales, el Carbon incorpora materiales más resistentes en su calota que lo convierten en uno de los más reforzados de la marca. The helmet construction is an improvement over my Shark Evoline 3 (similar design), with the exception of their failure to provide adequate space for glasses and speakers.

La barbilla ha sido mejorada respecto a su modelo anterior. Its full name: the LS2 FF900 Valiant II.. We’ll tell you all in our post.. LS2 Valiant 2 helmet, a great motorcycle helmet. I had to cut channels in the styrofoam. Like other helmets where the chin guard rotates round to the back of the helmet, the movement of unlocking and pushing up the chin guard on the Valiant opens the faceshield  and moves it out of the way of the guard.

When the Sena unit stopped charging, I was told by the dealer and Sena that LS2 was responsible for any warranty claims. Pueden ser muchas las causas que nos lleven a comprar un casco para moto ya sea porque nuestro casco se deterioró, porque adquirimos nuestra primera moto o simplemente porque nuestra marca favorita acaba de lanzar un nuevo modelo. Which is not so much of a problem for those of us riding in cooler states, but might be a problem if you’re somewhere hotter. That was safety rated by SHARP as 5 star, has a drop down sun visor and is good for glasses wearers. But on the plus side, it’s good value, has that really practical chin guard that flips back out of the way, has a useful wide shield with Fog Fighter coating and a drop down sun visor. Cierre micrométrico con correa de apertura rápida. We’ve definitely seen this configuration before. Si lo es, LS2. Con este casco de Givi siempre disfrutarás de una excelente circulación de aire por sus aperturas frontales y traseras. With the LS2 Valiant hitting the shelves, there’s now a further option if you’re looking for a modular helmet where the chin guard rotates right to the back of the helmet.

(it's how we finance the site). It’s quieter in open-face mode and sometimes I lifted the chinbar just to get some respite from the noise. El Spartan Carbon te mantendrá totalmente protegido durante tus recorridos y competiciones, además es muy cómodo y posee un diseño muy atractivo. Inside, you’ll find a removable and washable liner padded with lazer cut foam for a more tailored fit to the face. Click on Accept and continue to accept the cookies and go directly to the site or click onSet Preferences to see detailed descriptions of the types of cookies and choose whether you accept particular cookies whilst remaining at the web site. My Land's End to John O'Groats mission appears to have failed. But the difficulty of visor change, and the fact it eventually broke, means I can’t score it highly. LS2 Valiant helmet also features plenty of cutaways if you want to install a third-party Bluetooth unit. This product idea (helmet and integrated custom Sena ridepal 3 bluetooth unit) sounded good on paper. Or for helmets that’ve scored well in either the SHARP safety testing labs or Snell, you might want to check out our safest helmets pages. Newcomers arrive to challenge the established brands, and it is interesting to see what they have to offer. Casco Hombre Dual Sport Canyon Moto Givi Helmet... -GIVI- Casco Modular Abatible X21 CHALLENGER NEGRO... Casco Modular GIVI Mod X20 EXPEDICIÓN Mate Negro... Givi - Casco X21 Challenger modular desmontable... Givi HX23FPTBT56 Casco, Negro/Antracita, S. Casco Modular GIVI X21 Challenger Amarillo Negro... Casco Modular GIVI X.33 Dual Sport Canyon Blanco... Casco Modular GIVI X21 DESAFÍO Amarillo Negro... LS2 Cascos Visor Clip Shield Lock Para LS2 Strobe... LS2 - Casco Integral para Moto Rapid Circle Mate... LS2 Casco de moto 108001007L FF800 STORM SOLID... LS2 Casco de moto STREAM EVO KUB Rojo Negro,... LS2 Casco de moto RAPID POPPIES Rosa, Blanco/Rosa,... SHARK NC Casco per Moto, Hombre, Negro, M, SHARK NC Casco per Moto, Hombre, Negro, L, Shark Skwal/D-Skwal/Spartan - Pantalla ahumada, SHARK NC Casco per Moto, Hombre, Negro/Rojo, S. Shark Casco de moto RIDILL BLANK Mat KMA, Negro, L... Shark NC Casco per Moto, Hombre, Negro, M. Shark Casco de moto RIDILL 1.2 NELUM KXK,... Shark Casco de moto STREET DRAK CROWER KAR,... Shark Casco de moto SKWAL 2.2 VENGER Mat KAR,... Alerón superior que puede ser extraído con facilidad. © All text, photographs, and content on are Copyright © since 2000. If you’ve ever checked out the Shark Evoline or Shark Evo-one 2 modular helmets, you might find there’s more than a passing resemblance with the LS2 Valiant. La marca Givi nació en Italia hace más de 40 años y ha logrado expandirse por el mundo entero debido a la calidad y variedad de productos. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There’s no chance that you’re going to get any pressure points.

For some, that may be a weird design choice. Fundada por ex corredores, cada uno de sus cascos asegura los más altos estándares y niveles de seguridad. GIVI HX01DNYLL54 Hps X01D Integral Casco Tourer, Color Amarillo Neón, Talla 54/XS. You can also visit our smart filters page where you can click the flip-up/modular check box then choose a few other features to find the best flip-up helmet for you. You can do that for around the £155 ( $300 ) mark. Finally, I can’t let this review go without saying the visor change mechanism can be tricky.

It slides out from back to front and snaps in the plastic on the front. Again, LS2 added some angles to Valiant to try to close it off.

At the time of writing, it's available in all these stores - and if you buy from any, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! Adaptable para kit de comunicación Bluetooth. And I have only wore this a couple times. This helmet won’t do that which is a nice touch.

The Valiant is also noisy, perhaps inevitably for a helmet relying on various pokey-out bits to provide its flip function. Now to those inevitable compromises when wearing a helmet designed to do two jobs…. You can find our latest top 10 modular helmets list here or check out all our modular helmet reviews here. Pantalla preparada para Pinlock para evitar que se empañe. We’ll help you. Check out the prices for the LS2 Valiant! If we look at the inside though, it’s a nice microfiber material that is very smooth against the skin. It hasn’t been Snell tested, but looking at the UK SHARP test data, their average score for a tested LS2 polycarbonate helmet is 3 stars out of 5. I bought the Sena Linkin III designed for this helmet. You will find 5 stickers in this kit: Front sticker: 3.03 in x 2.36 in (9.20 in2) / 7,7 cm x 6 cm (23,38 cm2) That’s all fine, but looking inside the helmet, there’s not a whole lot of chance for air in the air channels to make its way through the comfort lining and get air to your head. One of the interesting things is an interesting choice on the LS2 Valiant, and it’s about the Chrome. Si el presupuesto no es problema, Shark.

Now, relatively heavy is relative. The LS2 Valiant is a thermoplastic flip-over modular helmet. Ver Precio. There’s the well-known Evoline series of helmets (version one through to the current version 3) and there’s also the Openline.. And now, they’ve added the Evo-One to their line-up.