However, I’ve always commented that if I gave money for renovations to discover that thousands were spent on knick knacks such as ceramic roosters, I would be irate. Mike Holmes has the best shows! I'm airing in 15 different countries right now. }); The contractor, who appears on HGTV’s Love It Or List It, announced on Thursday (April 23) that he was finally been discharged after spending 30 days in the hospital battling the virus.Love It Or List It, announced on Thursday (April 23) that he was finally been discharged after spending 30 days in the hospital battling the virus. Fans stormed Twitter during the episode questioning his absence and wanting answers. I’ve read the comments about LOIOLI, and have to agree with 90% of them … staged is staged and if you believe it’s “real”, then you need a good dose of reality. I just like to see design/interior decorating ideas! What a crazy lawsuit! hitType: 'event', It looks real … it looks legitimate. While the show is not scripted, there were some moments where we were led down a certain road for dialogue. Maybe it was seeing construction all my life but I love seeing the before and afters more than anything. }); PS I still enjoy watching the American home shows, no matter what, there are some beauties to inspire and they are well presented shows. I never spoke to the homeowners, who ended up “listing it,” but I can say that I noticed one small part of the episode was faked when it aired. Oh, boy. Yet they showed them driving around to the “next house” as if it was in a whole different area. I did watch the shows for a while in the beginning, but it’s just always the same thing over and over. HGTV has not responded to ABC News’ request for comment about Murphy and Sullivan’s lawsuit. Actually, all of them have the same format week after week. They all seem like they like each other and enjoy their work. Like any projects, there is always SOMETHING left to do after the deadline is hit. Tommy will patch an old hardwood floor, while the Property Brothers will rip a classic hardwood floor out, calling it dated. The show doesn’t have a mean undercurrent – it’s a riptide. Now the problem is they have shoddy reno work to fix before they can put it on the market. In 2013, an episode was filmed a few blocks away from where I live, partly on a street I walk through several times a week- it’s how I got interested in the show, actually. Thus, that is what they air- the shows people tune in to see. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), document.querySelector("#ads").addEventListener('click',function(){ Just good old fashion design!! But I don’t believe at a lot of it is real. I had a friend who was on LIOLI Vancouver. You live in what ? Grand design is a beautiful show available on youtube…..i’m glad someone mentioned it. Your readers have fun comments to read and your responses provide excellent commentary. Don’t let the smiles on these faces fool you. Big Coat’s CEO Maria Armstrong said their attorneys advised them not to talk about the ongoing litigation, but that they “intend to vigorously defend what we consider to be false allegations.”. media-tech companies with hubs around the world. OH please. LOL Also, there is a thing called getting permits for the work. #LoveItOrListIt," shared a fan. Wanting to renovate her three-bedroom house into a four-bedroom one with a renovated laundry room, new mudroom, pantry, kitchen,Maggie's budget was $160,000, whereas Aaron who is also a real estate broker wanted a new house with four bedrooms, two bonus rooms, outdoor area and open space within the budget of $600,000. Why Do They Play the Same Shows Over & Over on HGTV? Its a shame HGTV cant produce more realistic and original home renovation shows. I, like others, do wish HGTV and DIY would get back to teaching shows or showing us more how to do jobs. Sad to say but I sometimes feel that way about Fixer Upper (always a call for more money). }); Perhaps this show has had its season, and it’s time for other design shows to reign. window.googletag.cmd.push(function() { }); The HGTV show Trading Spaces where straw was put on the walls scared me! Reality TV shows such as HGTV’s “Love It or List It” often leave viewers wondering what really happens off camera. Apart from that they also had issues with the lack of an extra bedroom for the guests in the house. });