If I go in there and fix it, it’s almost like something I wrote.” – Lil Baby, 10. Lil Baby‘s single “Yes Indeed”” (with Drake) reached No.6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No.7 in Canada and was certified Platinum. “I want to be a superhero dad to where my kid feel like everything I do is nothing wrong.” – Lil Baby, 16. “I don’t really know the logistics of a Soundcloud rapper.” – Lil Baby, 6. [Lil Baby:] Me and young Gunna back at it again We just in New York, double datin' with twins I just bought a Wraith, I retired the Benz I fired my bitch and I hired her friend I see all the hate through these Cartier lens Every two months I done put up an M My dog caught a body, they got it on film He still rockin' Gucci watches in the pen We have reached over 155 million views in the past 6 years, and amassed over 200,000 followers on social media. Required fields are marked *. “I like music, I listened to all rappers; people like Jeezy, Yo Gotti, T.I.” – Lil Baby, 20. You will find the best lyrics captions for selfie, group pictures, couples, birthday. ” I feel like this is already written.” – Lil Baby, 2. “Like you might love watching basketball, but that don’t mean that you’ll get on the court.” – Lil Baby, 4. The song length is edited for copyright reasons! All rights reserved.Billboard is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. You can click on any of the buttons below to follow us on our social media channels; or to get in touch with the founder, Dan Western, head over to the 'contact' page. 3 in the Billboard Charts. Do you need captions for your perfect Instagram pictures?Just use song lyrics! “To me, I’m on a whole different level of rapping.” – Lil Baby, 13. Released July 17, the track was produced by Wheezy and marks Lil Baby and DaBaby's third collaboration. “I can’t really describe my sound.” – Lil Baby, 14. When you arrive in the studio and you hear the beat going harder than your grades at school, type of music make me go in my room and make me some music!, All these Percs won’t stay down, I keep on throwing up Welcome to our community, and we are so grateful to have you here with us. We’ve put together this collection of the most motivational Lil Baby quotes: 1. We are continuing on our mission to inspire and motivate people around the world. Out the Mud Lyrics: Cook that shit up, Quay / Lil Baby / I've been riding around, yeah, hundred times around / I been riding 'round in rental cars, tryna lay low / I'm a real soldier, boy, I really “Everyone has said I got my own sound.” – Lil Baby, 19. “Young Thug, he gave me all the jewels. [Lil Baby:] I went from rags to riches I still go back to the trenches We had to smash some niggas No silver spoons, we had plastic utensils He just came home, he still packin' his pistol Die in these streets or get saved by the system Or get you some millions, my lifestyle is vicious These hoes ain't gon' miss you Two of the hottest babies in the rap game, Lil Baby and DaBaby, join forces on the aptly-named "Baby" off of Quality Control's forthcoming second compilation album. I just give them a different outlook on something. I don’t write at all but, honestly, I feel like it’s a modern day writing because everything is technology and if I go in there and freestyle and I keep it, I feel like I wrote that. Here is Your ultimate list of the best Instagram captions lyrics you can easily copy and paste and be an Instagram hero!. Lil Baby released his debut album ‘Harder Than Ever’ on 18th May 2018, with the project peaking at No. Zii loves photography and travelling. This spot closed, going to another, we ain't going home (yeah)Duck all shots, keep my fire, never be alone (yeah)She know that I'm rich, tryna start a business, say she need a loan (yeah)Big dawg status, money like a bridge, shawtie got in on (yeah)Feds might be listening, so I switch the phoneEx bitch tripping, say I did her wrongV12 Benz, hit it then I'm goneKnock a n---a off, put it in a songSorry father God, know I'm living wrongAin't coming back, they know that I'm goneSuper charged smashin', I be in my zoneShorty super thick, then I took it offThinking with my dick, damn near risked it allQuarter mil' at least, if my wrist involvedCheck out my garage, I got every carI get dope money, never did a fraudM's in my account, never had a cardMade it out the trap, n---a living largeI was working hard, never had a jobKeep 'em in the house, shorty like the rod, I'm rockin' big stones like I'm NellyI don't go back and forth 'cause that's pettyYou can get pissed on like R. KellyMy bitch thick like Keisha off BellyIf I give you this dick, don't squeal, no tellingN---as stealing my drip like where's my creditI don't need no script, I don't need no editI don't need no script, I don't need no editI'm rockin' big stones like I'm NellyI don't go back and forth 'cause that's pettyYou can get pissed on like R. KellyMy bitch thick like Keisha off BellyIf I give you this dick, don't squeal, no tellingN---as stealing my drip like where's my creditI don't need no script, I don't need no editI don't need no script, I don't need no edit, I don't need no edit or nothin'I ain't finna fight for credentialsSomebody give Dababy credit or somethin' (let's go)I just got off a flight with two pistols (yeah)I just beat down a ho with her face on the floorI bet that nigga like when she kiss him (mwah)He ain't nothing to play with, he gifted (nope)I just had court today, they dismissed it (yeah)N---as asking about Baby, that nigga don't goNo, I ain't gotta say that, he itchin' (uh, uh)Don't give that boy a reason to draw down (uh, uh)N---a know how we play, we lay law downAnd I caught this lil' bae in the DM, came over to see meI'm all in her jaw now, and ILike to say I'm the prettiest short lil' n---aHoes ask me if I do my eyebrows (no)I don't look at the tag when I shop, I just grab what I wantAnd I just buy what I buy now (cap)When they put on my motherfucking song, everyone get alongMake 'em all get in line nowI just went and did XXL, I pull up late as hellNo I'm never on time now (who dat? He has collaborated with several artists including Gunna, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black, Offset, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, and more. “I have an impact and people look up to me now. “The first project, I made 16 songs and put 12 of them on the mixtape.” – Lil Baby, 17. Thanks for viewing this collection of Lil Baby quotes! )That lil' n---a hot, he on fire nowPlay with me, call the cops, he gon' die nowAnd these n---as just looked out the windowThese n---as weren't really outside, put the blinds down (ha)Remember we used to pray for a lickNow I cash out on all of my whips and they mines nowAnd I ain't tryna save me a bitch, she on fire bitchI won't even piss, put the fire out (fire)If you finna pull ice out my jewelry, real shade, bitchYou might fuck around shine your eyes out (bling), Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Written by: Dominique Jones, Jonathan Kirk, A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry, Red Velvet's Irene Apologizes After Verbally Attacking Fashion Editor | Billboard News, Aaliyah Book 'Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah' Dropping Next Year | Billboard News, 2020 U.S. Election: Artists and Celebrities Weigh In as The Wait Goes On, Kanye West Admits Election Defeat, Looks to 2024, Lil Baby & DaBaby Connect for 'Baby': Listen.