They have faulty parts they should have someone to fix them, otherwise don’t sell your product in my area. After tax. If by some miracle the part shows up this week, we’re still a week out from having the technician come out. I always thought LG was a quality company that backed their products. It should last longer than it did.

On fridge that should last at least ten years. Parts are covered under warranty but labor is $510. LG says it isn’t covered in the warranty. This is a counter depth Frig. ICE BUILDUP IN FREEZER HAD TO BE REMOVED EVERY 2 WEEKS WHEN WATER WOULD LEAK OUT. I’m so frustrated at this point I’m considering just buying a new fridge from Home Depot and being done. Re-open law suit. Just a thought, but LG needs to dump their manufacturer of these compressors or talk to Samsung engineers for better results. Any good luck with LG ? But I also I discovered that the compressor’s running capacitor was bad as well. My sister’s 4 year old Kenmore with a LG compressor also just died! LG, Life’s Good? I Bought My Kenmore Elite 3,000.00 Lg made the Fridge Aug 2016 the Linear Compressor went out July 2018 $ 500.00 of meat bad it took 3 weeks before it got Fixed .plus the repair bill. Things are defrosted in my freezer, ice cream is soup, ice is a block, no ice being dispensed or made in door fridge. Coincidence.. ft. Ultra Capacity 3-Door French Door Refrigerator w/Door-in-Door®, Model # LFXS29766S to one. This explains why compressors that are being changed are also failing after just a few weeks or months, and the real repair actually involves multiple parts, and time to check all other components, which doesn’t happen, because service companies want to be in and out quickly, and charge you each time they come back. After reading these reviews/class action information I now see that LG is well aware of this issue.

I will never buy another Kenmore/LG/Samsung again!! Called LG for service will come in three days lost alot of food and have wood flooring after reading all the other complaints may just have to replace. My LG refrigerator stopped cooling in October and they replaced the compressor because it was still under warranty almost 5 years old.

It’s terrible. Now I know there is no infestation. It’s been a month and still no information on when it’s going to be fixed.

Waiting for response. Now I am calling again today because the freezer is not keeping things as cold as it should and the ice maker is no longer making ice again. SO AFTER 3 MONTHS WITH NO FRIDGE, WE WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A NEW FRIDGE AND WILL BE OUT REPAIR FEE’S. Food is spoiling, we’re spending money on ice and repairs. I should have known when the display of the refrigerator started to peel off after only having the fridge for a week, that it was a piece of trash! I am a in home appliance tech. LOL. lg makes my sears elite refrigerator went out april 20 2 compressors in 3 an a half years now it needs another one sears wants six hundred dollars for one year for a service contract they told me after 3 years it is an old appliance my old refrigerator lasted ten years i never had a problem with it this one i had only three an a half years its broken down twice. 4- Age, when a unit is 15+ years old, a failure may occur.

Remember the frig quit Aug 1st. I am also in this same boat with purchase around the same time from home depot. They offer nothing for temporary relief. Less than 5 years of me first buying the LG fridge with a inverter linear compressor it stopped producing cold. How can I participate in this LG compressor class action law suite?

Bought LG refrigerator 12/03/2014 and compressor failed few days ago. Appreciate any help Thanks The repairman charged $550, installed a fan that didn’t solve the problem, and then diagnosed it as a bad compressor which was still under warranty. He said it was all fixed and laughed and said I’ll probably see you back before the year is out! Only cools to about 40 deg. No more LG Spent over 3k on this piece of junk. Day before Christmas!!

$250 in lost groceries (family of 5)

My unit failed just a few month outside of the MFG warranty. Supposedly this will be fixed in 2021 manufactured refridgerators, but that does us NO GOOD, NOT Life IS Good (LG)!

Our 18 month old LG refrigerator died over the holidays. I will never buy a Lg again.

After reading articles online I’m sure it’s due to the part not being available and most likely back ordered. Do LG products break down this much that your technicians are booked solid? 3 weeks still waiting for parts to be shipped on a two year old appliance. Even worse is our LG gas stove bougot at the same time isn’t working either.

Our LG died July 21, 2018. I hope they’ll take care of this! Customer service it’s jerking me around.

Unfortunately I have had to deal with this class of people on a constant basis in life. Even if you have the extended warranty the compressors are back ordered and taking months to come in and the “authorized” technicians can’t get to you due to call volume. Consumer Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement News, Coronavirus Legal News & Class Action Lawsuits. They need to be held repsponsible by reimbursements and taking their junk refrigerator back so the consumers can get a new refrigerator from a company with integrity and competency along with appliances that are reliable. I called LG and they sent me to a company for repair under warranty. WOW I Have a similar story just like this. I called LG and a repairman came out today and changed out the compressor it’s supposed to be a different kind than what it had originally. Food was gone and floor damaged due to water leak. We have priced the repair and labor will cost 500$ to 750$, not mention the 200$-300$ in spoiled food we lost. Repair cost are more than $700 with compressor covered under 10 year warranty.

How can I join this class action suit? Twenty four hours later the compressor is not working, it’s not making ice and the current temperature is 50 degrees! Please keep checking TCA for updates. Reply. SOMETHING has to be done about this!!

Needless to say I lived out if a cooler and a small refrigerator for two months and all they can say is sorry about that. Lost all my food from fridge and freezer….LG replaced the compressor which lasted 4 days and went out again so of course I lost more food. Should last at least 12 to 14 years.

Several times each week I see brand new Kenmore/LG & LG refrigerators with junk compressors. He stated he did not repair LG compressors and wished us good luck. Those bastards making these crap fridges shouldn’t be allowed to sell them in the U.S. Our appointment time was between 1pm and 5pm. Required fields are marked *, Last week, LG Electronics USA Inc. was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging some of its refrigerators have a defect that causes widespread compressor failure. Hi Carolyn. This company doesn’t respond anybody. First the LG approved tech thought it was two mother board control panels, but that didn’t fix the issue after two weeks. If anyone starts a class action law suit count me in! We lost $300 to $400 dollars in food. The Sears repair man did not show up until around 6pm. We recently had to have the compressor replaced on a 2.5 year $2700 LG refrigerator and incurred labor charges of $375. And it did indeed. No warning whatsoever. Would love to start a lawsuit! I, too, would like to know how to get in on the class action lawsuit; sounds like there a plenty of us who can be added to the original plantiff list!!! }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );,

Needless to say, I have joined the class action lawsuit. I bought a LG linear compressor fridge last may 2017 and it stopped cooling last week.

LG should not be able to continue this shady practice. Still waiting on repair tech. I have been out since August 19 because of the compressor.that went inSept 10 and still not working.This frig is only 3 years old and under warrenty.Now sept 13 th it’s the condenser.More day’s to wait.Just left a message with news 4 Better Get Baquaro. This is criminal. Having the same problem with my LG. Our refrigerator is just shy of 3 years old. I get cancellations via text. All I am asking is they either fix it or replace it. AES stays in close contact with LG information and training. I am going through the same thing! Good point DAVID, but it’s all about margins. It will be well over two weeks without a refrigerator and LG will only pay for the parts. Trying to reach someone at LG who will acually help is impossible.

Last week, LG Electronics USA Inc. was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging some of its refrigerators have a defect that causes widespread compressor failure. Since 2 weeks my food went bad called LG directly , CSR gave me 2 authorized repair shops phone numbers , no one responds or replies to my several phone calls . Compressor failed June 24th. Still looks new. Unfortunately, the Service Manual does NOT tell you the part numbers to order once you have ID'ed them via the exploded view. Paid about $1300 and it is a Kenmore! Repairman declared my fridge dead 2 days ago. Had Instant Appliance Repair from Pawtucket, RI to assess the problem and identified as a failed compressor on Aug 30, and called LG the same day to order the compressor, they told my wife that only an LG certified tech can repair the compressor, she complained that LG did not have anyone to repair for 3 weeks out, so LG emailed an authorization letter to Instant Appliance Repair to order the part. I have all my notes from conversations and everyone at Sears 1-800-4MY-HOME. Sears has been a complete waste of my time regarding my refrigerator.