Before we get into these Spanish guitar scales, there’s something you should know when it comes to soloing in any scale. Here is an example of incredible guitar skill and mastery. Spanish guitar scales have their own flavour and character that can be used in a variety of genres – Let’s explore them! If your chord progression starts on a C minor chord and moves to an Eb major chord, you’ll want to highlight that change in your solo by playing from C to Eb. In […], This is the first part of a Rumba that I wrote recently and perform often. Rumba Strumming – Full Score, Here are 4 Bossa Nova exercises, each exercise uses the same 2 chords : Am6 and Am7 with voicing on strings 2 to 4. The pressure towards the bridge with the hand motion coming towards […], Here are a couple of nice guitar arrangements of the popular Brasilian Bossa Novas: Girl From Ipanema and Mas Que Nada performed by Milos. The great Paco De Lucia performing on Parkinson in the UK. He composed some of the best known pieces for the Spanish guitar. It’s just not possible – The landscape of music is too vast for us to master every inch and corner of it. It originated in the Rio de la Plata areas of Argentina, Uruaguay, and Brasil. let me know if you don’t receive it. We should always push ourselves to learn outside of our comfort zone and push our boundaries as musicians.

This minor 7 chord is part of the Minor Chord Family (there are 5 chord families). This podcast will feature short episodes on Latin Guitar styles, techniques, players and more. Here is a great version by Brassilian born guitarist Carlos Barbarosa Lima. Spanish Guitar Scales – An Essential Guide. For example: You can play the notes of the C minor pentatonic scale over a chord progression in C minor, and you won’t hit any wrong notes. ✓  Learn 12 beginner-friendly versions of every chord. They contain all the major and melodic minor scales in either two or three octaves. We highly recommend you grab some paper and take notes as we go through this lesson. Scott studied guitar with the Spanish master Pepe Romero so many of these drills and techniques come from the Spanish guitar playing tradition. The pattern requires you to keep the 1st string open for the first section, while the bass (played on beats 1 and 3) is moving down chromatically. You will become efficient at learning new guitar music if you follow a simple and effective process. Each scale is in the key of A and comes with scale formulas and charts. The Phrygian scale is named after the ancient kingdom of Phrygia (see Wikipedia), which is why it is capitalized..

You can check out his masterpiece album “Who Bit The Moon” here. The piece is Almoraima which is a Buleria. Two sections – Binary form Melody and Bossa Nova accompaniment. As told by his sister on the documentary Light and Shade Paco improvised this piece as a filler for the album. The chord tones in C7 are C […], Latin Jazz includes jazz music that is written in a Jazz style. In our […]. It was composed by Juan Buscaglia who was an Argentinian guitarist/singer/composer. It is usually payed as a fast flourish of notes in quick sequence. It was originally called Classical Gasoline but due to a publishing error, it was shortened to Classical Gas. This chord can also be called G7b13. Batucada has been around for some years now having been written by the great Brasilian teacher/guitarist Isaias Savio. Ironically it was a runaway hit and helped Paco break in to the […], Rumba Strumming is a very useful tool for performing flamenco music. These can include overplaying, poor technique, practising too fast, and avoiding some […].

This 69chord is part of the Major Chord Family). There are many ways to practice these scales, I would recommend a variety of Right Hand fingerings. Follow me  @sergioguitarist to get my latest […], The Soleares is one of the fundamental flamenco forms. Bonfa worked alongside the likes of Jobim, Stan […],  One Note Samba is a famous Bossa Nova by Antonio Carlos Jobim. He has an infectious appetite for music having performed around the world and written a solid body of work and is developing a strong a devoted following. Milonga has a syncopated beat, consisting of 8 beats with accents on the 1st (sometimes also 2nd), 4th, 5th, […],  This flamenco piece was written by Paco Pena and appears on his 1987 album  Azahara. by . Three giants of the acoustic and nylon guitar come together to collaborate in a guitar trio. Many Spanish guitar scales hold small differences to the guitar scales we may already know, and we will explore those differences in this lesson. We also recommend playing through every example to help your fingers learn the differences between these Spanish guitar scales. The chord progression we are using is Am – G -F – E . Some examples of this pattern in pieces include: Besame Mucho Girl From […], This piece, written by Paco De Lucia, was written in 1973 and is featured on is album Fuente y caudal.

I was asked last year to perform at a […],  This is a great way to start your practice or lesson. Pop music has adapted the use of various minor scales based in Spanish music, and Heavy Metal guitarists have always held a taste for the harmonic minor scale’s sonic attitude. His friend and champion Alirio Diaz brought […], This is an iconic guitar piece of the Latin guitar world. These pieces usually take the form of Bossa Novas, Sambas, Cha-Chas, Mambos, and more. Learning new concepts will never steer you in the wrong direction. Here is the next instalment of the Segovia Guitar Scales, G major and E Harmonic Minor (3 Octaves).

Listening teaches us to follow what is happening around us for the best outcome of sound. Let’s try G major 7, this includes the following notes: G – B – D – F# then next octave G – B – D – F# – […], Here’s my first video blog; Rumba Strumming is a flamenco technique. Yamaha has added a digital imaging option which uses sampled guitar sounds to try and capture and recreate an authentic […], Here are 4 waltzes by Venezuelan guitarist/composer Antonio Lauro. Mauro Giuliani(1781-1829) was a leading guitar figure of the Classical period. In some ways it makes sense that in order to stay in position you need to have a reference point which is usually the thumb. It is similar to a major scale but has a flattened 7th degree. They popularised the Rumba Catalana which is a fast popular version similar to the flamenco rumba. Its a good idea to practice with a metronome at a comfortable tempo. It is 80% quieter than a traditional guitar and very portable. when you slide to a particular fret, look at the fret you want to land on.