Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts IIKingdom Hearts coded Back here, head left and, after Beast takes out the Darkballs, examine the lit star to go back up. Most of the time, Riku will hardly let you move, let alone attack or heal.

Without the Keyblade, Data-Sora is unable to break the Bug Blox barring his path, but he manages to enter the main gates after evading a few traps in the waterway. There is a spot marked next to it on the floor.

Examine the lit star right in front of you to be taken downward. First we have to unlock a series of gates. Change out your party to no longer include Beast.

Her only other attacks consists of stomping the ground and swinging her tail, both of which can be dodged by jumping. It unlocks the darkest parts of her heart and allows her to transform into a large, powerful dragon; however, Sora's party defeat her again, and she is consumed and burned away by the darkness. Use that platform to reach the other cliff wall.

To do so, go back outside the castle and keep falling and falling until you reach the Base Level. Open the chest for a Dispel G. go down the stairs and through the door. This may be where Xehanort and his cohorts tore their hearts from their bodies and became Heartless. These can be deflected or easily dodged. The trick is to find the missing books and place them in the proper shelf to make it move. However, when Sora, Donald, and Goofy tried to access information on it, the only data that was not corrupted (possibly by Xemnas) was a file regarding Ansem the Wise. Remember that route you took outside, and that weird switch rail you passed. Cid manages to find a way to allow them to return and seal the Keyhole. Ansem the Wise is the former ruler of this world. Enter the secret passage into the Lift Shop. Or click here to search for specific content. Once passed, the area holding Hollow Bastion's Keyhole and the Princesses of Heart, the Grand Hall is open to confront Riku in. This is the room you opened with Beast earlier.

A cutscene ensues, where Sora uses the dark Keyblade to release his heart and save Kairi. Sora puts two and two together and realizes what he has to do; despite Donald and Goofy's desperate pleas, Sora stabs himself with the Keyblade of People's Hearts left in Riku's wake, releasing all of the princesses' hearts (including Kairi's) and completing the Keyhole, but Sora falls into darkness himself. This article may need to be rewritten to conform to a higher standard of. At this point, jump high up and use Glide to circle the arena until Riku returns to normal.

The Heartless Manufactory is where Xehanort had first created Emblem Heartless. Once he finally goes down, you get the Ragnarok ability.

- It's where the Keyhole was.

You end up back in the Lift Shop, however, just the highest level of it. Or can you help others? © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. However, Belle keeps her heart safe by using cold words to deny her love for Beast. Rikku fights off Ansem and buys everyone time to escape. Heartless will appear, but you need to be in top condition for the next room, so simply ignore them and head into the Grand Hall. She’ll swat you away with her staff, but just jump right back up and keep wailing on her. Use a Gravira spell on the nearby Treasure Chest to bring it down, then head in through the available door to access another part of the Lift Stop.

To the left of the entrance is a chamber with a strange apparatus and multiple holes of darkness. Above the doorway to the Corridors.

Riku's room is also seen for the first and only time.

You cannot do anything but jump. The Dragon’s fire is hazardous if you stay in it for too long, and can sometimes sap HP from you even after you’ve gotten out of it. Examine the ice switch on it to extend the other platform. After an intense battle over who would possess Kairi's heart, Sora emerges victorious. It is the first world he enters, and is taunted by the mysterious voice about his past affinity for the power of Darkness and how he gave up his home for it. Head upstairs.

The computer has a message that must be read before Sora can leave; Access to the castle is very limited in Kingdom Hearts II. Once they’ve been cleared activate the final gem to unlock the large double doors back up at the Castle Gates. He'll start using dark based attacks, including one where he hurls the Keyblade at you (easily deflected), one that resembles Sonic Blade that uses the Corridors of Darkness (just keep dodge rolling), and a final one where he pounds the ground a huge geysers of darkness spring up across the field (not sure you can dodge it).

Belle and Beast rekindle their feelings after Belle explains why she was so cold. Back near the broken wall, we're still not going in yet. After a fierce battle, Riku is defeated and flees. It's really that simple. The three return to the entrance, and hesitate due to Kairi's reluctance to leave Sora and Riku behind; Goofy himself is still concerned about the Keyhole (apparently failing to realize that, without Sora and the Keyblade, the Keyhole cannot be stopped). You must navigate your way back to Entrance Hall.

Take the bubble on the right, back to the save point. This will land you in the Great Crest area, where you can jump off the edge again to land at the Castle Gates. There is still one more chest (61-63), but you cant get them till later. Climb the stairs and take a left. You're on the upper level, above where the Blue Trinity was. You'll ride the platform to the top. Data-Sora tried to save Maleficent and Pete from the Heartless, but was unsuccessful. Jump and glide to each of them to claim a Megalixir, Blizzaga Ring, and Dispel-G, in that order. Romaji Fight your way to the end of the hall. Riku then resolves to slay each representation of the Darkness from his memories as seeing how they embrace it only makes his destain for it grow. The Base Level is full of Heartless, but Beast can handle them easily. At the beginning of the battle, you should start by casting Aerora. It allows access to the Heartless Manufacturer, and activates the laser that transports users to Space Paranoids. Examine it to activate the lift for the rest of the ride. Riku then appears and reveals that Maleficent is merely a pawn of the Heartless, unable to see the darkness swallowing her heart.

Easy. Once you’re back at the Castle Gates, make your way up to the giant double doors and head inside. It should be right in front of you. She can summon Defenders and shoot various large magic balls at you, but they're nothing to worry about. It seals Switch 1 and opens Switch 3 over to the right in the alcove. 91, 92, & 93 - Near the Save Point in Rising Falls. After a long and slow journey across the front of the bastion, the party is dropped on the other side, where they can take the Lift Stop to the next area, the High Tower, where the crest can be moved to create a way up to the upper levels of the castle. The ceiling of the Lift Stop is decorated like the stained glass that characterizes the Station of Awakening. Jump on top of the rows of bookcases to locate a square, closed-in gap. Sora attempts to lock the Keyhole, but without Kairi's heart, it is not complete and cannot be sealed. Hop down to the lower Entrance Hall and grab the Emblem Piece on the floor that came out of the smashed stone.

If you ever hear her say “Meteors of Heaven, unleash thy fury”, run for dear life to the large circular part of the room and tuck yourself off to the side. This door to the Lift Stop inevitably leads to a dead end, but there are a few Treasure Chests down that way that make it worth exploring. Game Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

There are two round platforms here. Press the switch that appears behind the bookcase after it slides to the side. During her reign in the castle as one of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness's minions, it is probable that Maleficent either created or remodeled the castle's keep, which has decorations and models of roses and her thorned plants. Push the statue onto that spot to reveal a Treasure Chest in the lower Entrance Hall. Now that we have met up with Donald, let's now go around the area of Hollow Bastion now looking for the Emblem Pieces in order to open the locked door.

Still though, the basic strategy doesn't change, keep on him the whole time. Since both of them are no longer in power, the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee seems to be in charge of the world. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. Data-Sora explores Hollow Bastion in Episode 6 of Kingdom Hearts coded. Data-Sora was evenly matched with his Heartless now, but manages to defeat it again.

Sora's strength of heart with his friends back by his side pulls the Keyblade away from Riku and back to him. There is a secret passage in the wall that leads to Ansem's Computer. 94, 95, & 96 - Far left-hand platform at the Castle Gates. Riku will recover pretty quickly, so it’s almost better if you don’t commit to a full combo. Sora and friends manage to travel through the labyrinth of a castle to reach the chapel; there they meet with and confront Maleficent. Grab the nearby Treasure Chest and then examine the machine to be brought up to the High Tower. This is also a good time to start gathering Synthesis materials (see Item Synthesis section). But when Maleficent tries to take Beast's heart instead because of the beauty of love shining from it, Belle takes the blast of magic meant for him and loses her heart, vanishing in the process. Take the next bubble to the outside. Hit the switch right around the corner from the broken wall first (Switch 1). Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Making use of the Tinker Bell summon is also extremely helpful during this battle, as she’ll provide you with a steady stream of healing to compensate for the Dragon’s rather relentless assault. He then departs and Sora and company travel to the Grand Hall, where the Keyhole and Princesses are located, to find and confront him. Beyond the Grand Hall, in a Heartless symbol-shaped portal, lie the Dark Depths where Sora and company fight Behemoth, and the Keyhole here is sealed. It's right near the entrance door. You’ll have to undo the gem puzzle to get back, but if you follow the above steps in reverse, it should be easy. - Climb all the way back up one more time, and use the White Trinity where you met Beast. There, Sora finds Kairi unconscious on the floor in front of the partially opened Keyhole. After some cryptic messages (such as stating that Sora is incomplete and looks just like "him"), Xemnas departs. Work your way back to on top of the crest (you'll have to use the second star to lower the one side). Continuing up the castle by taking the lift on the other side of the Castle Gates area is the Great Crest, where the largest of the magic lifts is located.

On the other side of the computer room is the small, but often missed Heartless Manufactory. - Constantly warp to Monstro to make him appear. Sucks to be Rikku right now. Enter the Grand Hall beside. When you’ve collected all four, examine the door at the top of the stairs a few times to insert all of the pieces and open up the path to the Lift Stop. Strategy:Her only weak point is her head, which is also the most dangerous part. Jump into the higher bubble this time.