Turn to the first inlet on the right to see the red door. Place the four fuses in the right of the panel (if a fuse won't go into one space, keep trying it in the others until it will stay). Jigsaw killer detains you in his place to play a killer game with you and a stranger, who is already trapped over there. Look through the window and wait until the scene stops moving to collect some points. Click on it for a close up. It will give you the code to open the Silo room. Click the arrow icon in the top center of the screen to open your inventory where you can examine notes you've gathered, and click on an item you're carrying to try to use it somewhere on the screen. Disable the camera above it (5/10). Extra points are scored for how quickly you finish, and how many notes you find. "The second is the total of me versus you" means that the second number is 2 (total of me[1] and you [1]). Examine the sphere in the center of the room. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner(s). This diagram looks a lot like the one we saw in the boiler room. For the Walkthrough for levels 1 to 5... 100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough - Doors 11 to 20 Walkthrough, Guide, Solution, Answers, Tips,  Tricks and Cheats to solve levels 11 ... 100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Levels 36 to 40 Walkthrough for 100 Doors of Revenge with detailed answers, tips, tricks, hints, and c... 100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough  Doors 21 to 24 100 Doors of Revenge Solution for  Levels 21 to 24 Your guide and inspiration wi... 100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Levels 25 to 30 Some new levels arrived for 100 Doors of Revenge. The balls aren't always in the same place. i can't find the pipe, no matter where i look, and clicked on anything else I could think of but I can't find it anywhere. To open the case, move your cursor over one of the circles until the bar is a quarter full, then move to another so it will be half full, then a different one until it is 3/4s full and the last one to complete the bar and open the case. What do i do?!?!?!?! Enter the room. (Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. Click the buttons accordingly. PLEASE UNDERSTAND SITE POLICIES BEFORE POSTING COMMENTS, To post spoilers, please use spoiler tags: . Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Support | Game Ratings (for parents) | Contact. Back away from the microscope. Good luck! Go out the door and go forward until a UFO starts shooting at you. To open the lock, look at the columns of x's and o's chalked on the left and right of the screen. In front of you are four lockers. ), I almost got all the awards. About Killer Escape 2: Killer Escape 2: The Surgery is the second episode in Psionic's horror adventure series. The batteries go into the right end and the key goes into the slot below the gun. Here you are missing four fuses and a key. Read the four info-panels to get some lore, hints, and some tantalizing connections to the Being One series. Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Walkthrough Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Solution The full step-by-step walkthrough solution to solve Leis... Can You Escape Walkthrough Can You Escape Solution Can you escape Walkthrough for levels 6 to 10. Back up. Looks like we need to redline all of these valves. Hi. Note the scratches in the door on the left and right. hi its becasue you havent got the metal pipe! Astuces et solutions de jeux flash, de jeux à télécharger et de jeux mobile. Drat. Click on it to open the secret panel and collect the Black Sphere (4/10). We add new games every day and only the best games! Too frustrating. To make the safe work: Watch the numbers as they go by. Use the locker key on all four lockers. In the ceiling above the dead rat, close to where you started.