Neither LG Company or Sears were any help, it cost me $1600 to replace the Compressor, not sure how long is going to work. I feel SCAMMED. It is alleged that the compressors fail on the refrigerators within the first ten years of use. We purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator (LG) from Sears on 10-16-16 and was delivered on 10-24-16. to install. Bought Kenmore fridge March 2016 quit cooling August 2020. lg compressor flb075lana. HESITANT BUT DID IT BECAUSE SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE SAID FOOD WILL BE REIMBURSED ONCE TECH EVALUATES THAT IT WAS INDEED COMPRESSOR FAILURE. We have been without a fridge now since then as the Sears Repair people won't be here until the 15th of October. There was a recently settled LG compressor class action suit (Sept 17, 2020), however when I inquired if the Kenmore Elite would be included in the settlement, I was told "no". NO SHOW STILL. Call Sears service who came within 6 days and replaced the part. It has a serious design flaw with the ice maker built into the door. After 3.75 years of working, the unit stopped cooling. This time, the different tech chased down a problem with air not going through condensor/coiling coils, replaced that, and now we have the unit working again. I will never buy Kenmore appliances again or anything through Sears. This was the biggest mistake of our lives! According to the LG class action lawsuit, this defect causes LG refrigerators to fail within a few years. If LG has a class action lawsuit against them, how come we can't be included since it is the same damm part braking on theirs too???? I am reading about the class action law suit over defective linear compressors. I have always bought Kenmore.. NO MORE! Sears repair just left. No one will do this job worried won't be paid by Sears. January 2018. two weeks (6/8/2020) it stopped cooling, both refrid (55degree) and freezer (45 degrees). Wires come out from the bottom of the refrigerator into the door to provide power and control to the ice maker. Do I throw this $3000 in garbage and go spend another $3000 to get another just like it? He could not work on closed refrigerant system (didn't want to get a $10K fine for this) and we contacted Sears A/E. I reported this situation to the better Business Bureau in Chicago who were not able to rectify. Bad design and bad company for not standing behind it. Called sears again they said we will send sears tech wasn't given that option first call directly to Service Live for 340.00 pre authorization on credit card. Or spend the $1000, wait who knows how long to get this board and just hope it works. The wires stress every time the door is opened and closed. NOT ACCEPTABLE. PURCHASED KENMORE SIDE BY SIDE MODEL 795.51819.410 MARCH 2016 QUIT COOLING AUGUST 2020. Unbelievably, there was no charge to us for this last visit since it was a return call. Purchased Kenmore Elite Side by Side in NOV 2017, model # 795.5186 (white); manufactured by LG. Purchased fridge in 2014, $3000. Kenmore Elite compressor failure. I bought a Kenmore Elite in 2017 not even 1 year later the compressor failed so I called to get it fixed and was told the compressor was covered but the labor would be $500 so got got it fixed because couldn't afford to spend $3000 on a new one. Service tech showed up a week later, initially quoted me parts and labor, had to remind him of warranty on parts; 5 yr on sealed cooling system, 10 yr on compressor. Sept 2016, I purchased a dishwasher. Not to mention hours and hours on the phone, being transferred, disconnected and speaking to non- English speaking representatives who kept reading a script- stating they value me as a customer. Investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Kenmore for defective refrigerators. Fridge died in July 2020. Seems like the right thing to do. He came back, free of charge, ran through diagnostics and said compressor (LG) was bad. He diagnosed a bad circuit board and recommended replacement of board and HVC (high-voltage capacitor). His bill was $390 parts and labor. A MONTH? Initially tried to charge me for Parts and labor, had to politely remind him of the 5yr closed cooling / 10 yr compressor warranty. He had a compressor to put in but let me know it was $1014. NO CALL ABOUT MORE SPECIFIC TIME AS PROMISED BY SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE. THEY WERE 3 PARTY PLACE TRYING TO GET REPAIRS DONE BY LOCAL REPAIRMAN. We purchased the Master Protection Agreement for 3 years for an additional fee of $379.99. I purchased this Elite Refrid. It continued to get worse and I called SEARS to service it with the protection plan I purchased. That seemed to work a day or tow until it was noted that the compressor wasn't cooling adequately (ice cream not frozen, main compartment not cold). Still ended up paying $430 for labor. We bought model # 795-74092-411 April 2017 and it died September 30, 2020. Talk about a class action case against both of these large companies who have disappointed so many of their customers and hopping they just go away! Purchased new in December of 2016 for $2700. He said it could have been a defect. It seemed beautiful, quiet, and really cleaned the dished until about a year later, it cleaned less and wasn't really sure if it was working properly. So just spent another $2000 for a new replacement including the 3 year warranty. This is my first time buying Kenmore and would never, never again. When Sears repair (actually A&E Factory Service) came out they did nothing but tell us they could and would not do anything to help because we had someone else work on the frig and it voided our warranty .NO WHERE in the written warranty does it say you can only use their repair company to work on their appliances. Only positive is that because these compressors have been failing at such a high rate (tech mentioned that he had already replaced 7 in July) they are keeping them on the service truck.