How are they similar and different? Encourage students to visit your local library to research state legal codes. Students will learn about the importance and significance of the Code of Justinian, as well as the major points that comprise the set of laws. Asian Legal Encyclopedia Because they weren't written down, the laws in one part of the empire might be different then the laws in another part of the empire. The Code contained nearly 5,000 Roman laws, which the experts still considered useful for the Byzantine Empire. Students will identify the three main parts of Justinian's Code and then connect one law to the USA. The emperor chose ten men to review 1,600 books full of Roman Law and create a simpler legal code. Each committee will brainstorm and record new laws around its section of the classroom legal code. G<9,,������P�Hݴ��ĩ#���tY�ƀ��p�,�P�5䬗��"� m��3���mOsme�����:~�qVg�4m�:V>l����sKܥ�!���^�4L3 � z�~�NM�H������[� ���05�ԭE� Review how civil war, corruption, and foreign invasions that began in A.D. 161 left the empire weak. 1. Encourage students to share their research with the class. Compare a state legal code to the Justinian Code. 3 0 obj Station 1: Justinian Code Activity Whoever is born of yourself and your wife is under your authority just as he who is born of your son and his wife, that is to say, your grandson and your granddaughter are also under your authority, just as your great-grandson and great-granddaughter, and all others in … Tell students that they will be learning about this code and creating their own legal code to govern their class. 6. United States, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Observe how the class enforces the new laws for one week and then discuss the results with the class. Several emperors such as Diocletian and Constantine tried to prevent the collapse by dividing the empire into smaller regions. "S+ŌO`#ߚuD��A�>͔����]���y��;��즰��bq��1���a?�1U�),^P�zͬۋavb��>�"���d��tf��86��p � l�m��{1"��":�3rO�K!�B�Ve���[+˦_�V��ηy�a�+T���9�w%-��ĘQ����U�l�;Ϋ~O���9� 062O���ft�k�i�����&�mq�P��}�S(��l�?ΔE(�y'�ӝ�:l�X�I���p���X.�C�^q;�"J�����^���T��G��r�9����!�ZU��d�����If��T��䄩�Į[��l��۞ �Dձ&���&hs*�>���*%h~1�t�k�H*�͏E=D�0ʸ�����&�Klg6òq%�'�쎑���§e��L��4���m���*�m_�*�����M��M�び�eV�T��. Students will explore the background, rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire and Justinian's life, and then proceed to explore information about major points of the Code of Justinian. 1 0 obj You should write down the name of each of the three parts of Corpus Juris Civilis and then write one word that summarizes each part. 2. Have students take note of any areas of the law that they might find interesting. Subject Area: Social Studies These laws were written down a long time ago, when our country was first formed, so that everyone would know their rights. Wrap up the activity by posting each committee's revised laws. 11 2020 , "Annotated Justinian Code in PDF" Empress Theodora Reading. There are 9 questions that have students analyzing the ancient c, NOW WITH LINKS TO A GOOGLE CLASSROOM PRODUCT FOR CLASSROOM SUBMISSIONS!This one page reading plus one page of questions gives an overview of one of the Byzantine Empire's most important contributions -- The Justinian Code. Goals. Review how civil war, corruption, and foreign invasions that began in A.D. 161 left the empire weak. Justinian's Code Activity Under the direction of Tribonian, the Corpus Iurus Civilis [Body of Civil Law] was issued in three parts, in Latin, at the order of the Emperor Justinian. Students will summarize the main points of Justinian's Code. JUstinian PowerPoint The CODE. Almanac What did the Justinian Code preserve? This 22 slide PowerPoint slide show details from the fall of the Roman Empire to the formation of the Byzantine Empire. have extensive legal codes? Distribute The Classroom Law Code worksheet. Objective: Students analyze a section of the Justinian Code and collaborate to create a new set of laws for the class. It is designed for middle school or high school students. Encourage students to ask questions about the laws and offer suggestions or revisions. This site is educational information based. (2012, 07). Encourage students to click on each of the four books of the code to note all the different areas of law it addresses. This engaging primary source activity asks students to compare elements of the Justinian Code to your state’s law code with scenarios. The Justinian code consists of four books: (1) Codex Constitutionum, (2) Digesta, or Pandectae, (3) Institutiones, and (4) Novellae Constitutiones Post Codicem. All Rights Reserved. Using 12 original cases, this activity leads students to become judges in the Byzantine Empire and use the Code of Justinian to render judgement in their court of law. Explain why Constantinople was universally regarded as the greatest city of its time. Explain to each committee that it is responsible for creating the laws that will appear in that part of the legal code. Use to look up the meanings of terms if necessary. There are … The Emperor of the Eastern Roman empire, Justinian, looked at his empire and saw that the laws were a mess. Dictionaries Entries Sitemap 7 This is exactly what Justinian and his officials did when they created Justinian's Code! 3. 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