Authorities believe that the owner of the Bolle's sunglasses and blue backpack found with her remains is her killer, and that he has ties to the area where she was found. On April 9, 1997, Judy and her corporate lawyer husband of eight months, Jeffrey, arrived at Boston’s Logan International Airport. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Judy Smith Judith E. Smith “Judy” of Jones, OK passed away Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at her home. Police have determined that the sunglasses and the navy and unfamiliar blue bag probably belonged to her killer. However, a pair of Bolle's sunglasses and a blue backpack found with them was not hers. Based on at least 12 unconfirmed sightings of Judy in the days after her disappearance, in locations several hundred kilometres apart, detectives believe she may have voluntarily travelled to the area before being murdered. A shirt was buried nearby, with US$87 in the pockets.

However, no other evidence has been found to link him to the crime. “But I thought maybe we had mixed signals, and that she thought she was supposed to proceed to the cocktail party (which was due to begin at 6pm).

An expensive pair of sunglasses and a blue backpack were found hidden nearby in small holes dug in the ground.

Before Judy’s remains were found police assumed it involved her newly wedded husband and prominent Boston attorney.

Hey y'all I'm the main story teller on our podcast episodes. Judy Smith Judy E. Smith died on August 22, 2020 at the age of 63.

No identification at all.”. Together they enjoyed nearly 65 years of true love. PO Box 257 Isle of Palms, SC 29451 When he returned shortly before 9am, Judy was in the shower. “So I went down to the room where the cocktail party was, and I kind of floated back and forth between the room where the cocktail party was and our room for the next, oh, half or three-quarters of an hour.”.

They were supposed to meet at that time, so he was concerned. Her work in crisis management is the inspiration for the ABC television series Scandal. Missing Tourist: Detectives ponder if Judy Smith did visit Philadelphia, Detectives following dead tourist's last trail, Found (October 1997 Philadelphia City Paper Article), Authorities to retrace steps of Boston area woman, Reward offered for information about Mass. Medical Interventions:-Met with a genetic counselor to talk about the possibility of her developing baby having a genetic disorder. Judy’s two children from a previous marriage, Craig and Amy, insist Jeffrey and their mother (pictured) loved each other and he would never harm herSource:Supplied.

Judy was last seen alive attending a pharmaceutical conference in Philadelphia by her husband, Jeffrey Smith. At 6:15pm, he told the concierge he was concerned something had happened to his wife and the staffer began ringing around the local hospitals. Born July 12, 1957 in Phoenix, Arizona, Judy spent her life as an Arizonan, growing up in Phoenix before attending the University of Arizona where she met her husband …

They have ruled out robbery as a motive; found at the scene was her wedding ring and $167 in cash. Missing (July 1997 Philadelphia City Paper Article). Real Name: Judith Lois Bradford Smith Nicknames: Judy Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date: April 10, 1997 Case [edit | edit source]. Witnesses saw a woman matching her description in Philadelphia several days after she vanished, apparently acting strange and disoriented.

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Months later, her body was found on a remote mountainside 1000km away.

Judy dedicated her life to her God, Jehovah in 1968, by water baptism. Her bra had puncture holes and cuts, leading investigators to suspect she had been stabbed to death. — Australia’s leading news site. Sheriff Medford believes Judy may have wanted time out from her marriage, or even tried to start a new life by heading for the hills — literally — but that somewhere along the way she met someone who killed her.

Others have theorised Judy may have crossed paths with a serial killer who was operating in the area at the time called Gary Michael Hilton. Two years earlier, the body of a woman was found tied to a tree in the woods just a few kilometres from Judy’s crime scene. They planned to visit old friends in New Jersey at the end of the week but until then they’d agreed to let the other “do their own thing” by day, reuniting in the evenings. When a person goes missing in an area, police are often quick to explore bodies of water in search of bodies. His alibis checked out and he was too morbidly obese to have hiked the rugged trail through the woods to where her body was found.

On September 7, 1997, a father and son hunting deer at Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina came across Judy Smith’s shallow grave. Date: April 10, 1997.

No wallet. “I was a little concerned,” he told the Philadelphia City Paper.

Jeffrey told police Judy planned to visit two historic landmarks, Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

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He suggested she try the complimentary breakfast, and she playfully joked about heading down just as she was, naked and dripping wet. He called police but they told him he had to wait 24 hours before he could report her missing. Suspects: Jeff has been ruled out as a suspect in Judy's disappearance. Unfortunately, […], Veteran Owned & Operated (please, no loud noises) Copyright 2020 Talkocast, LLC. As they checked in for their 1.30pm flight to Philadelphia, Judy realised she’d forgotten to bring photo ID; she would have to return home to retrieve her driver’s licence.. Jeffrey had an appointment scheduled for that afternoon, so the couple agreed he would go ahead.

The 50-year-old nurse and mother-of-two had been wrapped in a blue blanket and placed in a shallow grave but scavengers had scattered her bones in several directions.

The obvious first question anyone asks about the Judy Smith homicide case is how she ended up in the Asheville mountains when she was supposed to be in PA with her husband. However, police were unable to locate her. Results: Unsolved.

Authorities found that the clothes Judy was wearing suggested that she was hiking in the area at the time, not that she had been dumped there. They were identified as Judy's through dental records.

No wallet.

Another one of his victims was found tied to a tree not far from where she was found.

The medical examiner did not record a cause of death.

US election 2020: Donald Trump wins Ohio, Joe Biden falls be... Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Jeff mailed missing flyers and hired three private investigators, but they could find no trace of Judy. When they did, they went to their hotel room and made plans for the next day. All times AEDT (GMT +11). Real Name: Judith Lois Bradford Smith In the meantime, the question of how Judy Smith ended up dead so many hundreds of kilometres from where she was last seen, remains unanswered.

FIVE months after inexplicably vanishing during a business trip with her new husband, the skeletal remains of Judy Smith were found on a remote mountainside — almost 1000km away. “There was nothing in the pockets. Her diamond wedding ring was still on her finger and more than $200 in cash had not been taken but there was no sign of her wallet and no ID. Judith Smith with her husband, Jeff.

Here’s what investigators believe happened in the 36 or so hours leading up to the disappearance of Judy Smith. Investigators believe that the killer is not native to North Carolina, but may have ties to the area.

That night Jeffrey searched the streets in a cab, looking for Judy. Judy Smith, the real-life Olivia Pope ("Scandal"), joins the Petraeus affair scandal landscape, hired by "other woman" Jill Kelley.

Nearby, investigators found a blue vinyl backpack filled with winter clothing and US$80 cash. But it was the revelation that the victim had suffered chronic arthritis in the left knee that would lead investigators to her true identity. Detectives were mindful of the fact that, just 16 from where Judy’s body was found, a woman had been raped, murdered and tied to a tree. Did Judy Smith try to take some time out, only to be murdered?Source:Supplied.