Dan Forest. “We believe that the governor, the county, the city, and the health department are going against the Constitution,” MacArthur said in the Tuesday night appearance on Fox News. (Selected Scriptures), The Hallmarks of God's True Church (Matthew 16:13-28). Grace to You radio, video, audio, print, and website resources reach millions worldwide each day. "Each has a sphere of authority with jurisdictional limits that must be respected. Sign up for a weekly dose of personal thoughts along with interesting content updates. Pastor MacArthur explained that God created the biblical framework for humankind which has three foundations: the family, the state, and the church, and each has its own limitations. On Thursday, Los Angeles County sought a $20,000 fine on MacArthur for his weekly services at Grace Community Church. Gov. God is everywhere—even in the news. Grace Community Church has refused to comply with the ban, its congregation exercising their First Amendment rights of religious freedom and free association. While the appeals court allowed the health department to enforce those restrictions, it did not issue a restraining order against the church. Pastor John MacArthur says his Grace Community Church in suburban Los Angeles has held recent services for more than 6,000 people. John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church, as well as an author, conference speaker, chancellor emeritus of The Master's University and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry.

He is one of the most popular Bible expositors and Bible conference speakers in the country, and serves as president of The Master's College and Seminary. He was president of Master's College in Los Angeles and founded a related seminary. Grace Community Church received a cease and desist letter in August for holding in-person services banned under Democratic California Gov. Public health officials in Los Angeles said Thursday that they have confirmed at least three cases of COVID-19 connected to Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. Widely known for his thorough, candid approach to teaching God’s Word, John MacArthur is a fifth-generation pastor, a popular author and conference speaker, and has served as pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California since 1969. So, with the Constitution on our side and the president’s backing, we’re open,” MacArthur added. John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, president of The Master’s College and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry. John and his wife, Patricia, have four grown children and fifteen grandchildren. That's several thousand more people than California allows at indoor worship services. Five states featured ballot measures asking voters whether to legalize marijuana in some capacity. The church has retained legal counsel from the Thomas More Society. Indeed, even after Newsom banned anti-lockdown protests, the governor encouraged the anti-racism protesters to “express” their “rage” so the public could “hear” it. A California judge on Friday fined a Los Angeles pastor for defying orders not to hold large, indoor services. However, the appeals court did not issue a TRO against the church, so there was no live order when the county petitioned to have MacArthur held in contempt of court for ostensibly violating an order.

McCoy is the second California pastor this week to stir controversy for holding services. Democratic former astronaut Mark Kelly is Arizona's next senator after defeating appointed Republican Sen. Martha McSally to serve the last two years of the late GOP Sen. John McCain's term.
This is not MacArthur's first brush with civil authorities. Gavin Newsom’s (D-Calif.) ban on in-person church meetings. “Of course, my biblical hero apart from the Lord Jesus Christ is the apostle Paul, and when he went into a town, he didn’t ask what the hotel was like, he asked what the jail was like because he knew that’s where he was gonna spend his time.

The lawsuit paints a damning picture of the despicable double standard in California’s coronavirus restrictions. MacArthur appeared on Fox News on Tuesday night with host Laura Ingraham to discuss his ongoing battle with Los Angeles County officials. Several other pastors have made similar arguments in lawsuits raised against Newsom. A father's authority is limited to his own family. "They don't know what a church is," the pastor said in a message to his congregation, "and they don't shepherd their people.". Submitted by escamp on August 31, 2015 - 3:04pm. "I fear that he is rather a confused shepherd, leading countless sheep straight into the line of fire. John and his wife, Patricia, have four grown children and fifteen grandchildren. Los Angeles’s contempt-of-court shenanigans only underscore California’s disgusting tactics to shut down churches. The Daily Wire is one of America’s fastest-growing conservative media companies and counter-cultural outlets for news, opinion, and entertainment. STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE FREE CBN NEWS APP  "It's true that MacArthur's church cannot meet, but Christ's church can meet,". Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. McCoy is the second California pastor this week to stir controversy for holding services. PASTOR JOHN MACARTHUR’S 2020 SERMONS, TEACHINGS AND BIBLE STUDIES. Pastor John MacArthur with Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California says state mandates restricting worship services are an overreach of government authority. McCoy said his resolve to keep his church open was strengthened in early June when Newsom appeared to favor protesters, who were also gathering in large groups, over churches, which he continued to restrict. Church attorneys argued in response to the letter that Newsom’s lockdown order violated half a dozen parts of the California State Constitution. Click Here Get the App with Special Alerts on Breaking News and Top Stories.

Missouri Gov. John MacArthur not worried about threats of jail for holding church services: "I'm open for a jail ministry … bring it on" https://t.co/DYr6pzGkue pic.twitter.com/vnZm9qyoSW. sued for malpractice by the parents of a congregation member. But Pastor MacArthur points out that it's the church's duty to stay open despite recent restrictions by Gov. Exit polls in key battleground states show that President Trump made major inroads with Hispanic voters in the 2020 election. Again, these are distinct kingdoms, and Christ is sovereign over both.".
“Church is essential, and the government has no power to arbitrate whether religious organizations are essential. The Washington Examiner compiled some of the most interesting ballot measures in the 2020 election and will update results as they come in. Mike Parson holds on to Missouri governorship over promising Democrat, Nasdaq surges and Chinese yuan drops as election results show close race between Trump and Biden, Trump wins Florida in major boost to incumbent's reelection, Here are the results of the election's biggest ballot measures, Democrats blew through nearly $200M on failed challenges to McConnell and Graham, North Carolina Democratic Gov. The Thomas More Society, a conservative legal firm that specializes in religious rights, said. The letter threatened the church with $1,000 daily fines and MacArthur with imprisonment if the church did not comply. “Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff correctly found there is no court order prohibiting Grace Community Church from holding indoor services,” Jenna Ellis, one of MacArthur’s lawyers who also served as President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer during the impeachment trial, said in a statement Thursday. Rather than carrying out this previous threat, Los Angeles tried to get MacArthur held in contempt of court for supposedly violating a court order that does not exist. Newsom has reportedly threatened to cut off power to any church that continues to meet in-person. MacArthur's status has led to some prominent voices supporting his cause. ", The county said in a statement that it "took this action reluctantly after working with the church for several weeks in hopes of gaining voluntary compliance with the Health Officer Orders, which allow for religious services to be held outdoors in order to slow the spread of a deadly and highly contagious virus.

"And government is specifically tasked with the oversight and protection of civic peace and well-being within the boundaries of a nation or community. On August 15, an appeals court stayed that order, allowing the county to enforce the coronavirus lockdown restrictions until September 4. Help us continue to be a voice for truth in the media by supporting CBN News for as little as $1. The Transforming Effect of Loving Christ (John 21). Officials investigating the COVID-19 infections told the Los Angeles Times that they will be working closely with the church to limit the transmission of the virus but did not provide any other details. Surely trying to contain a pandemic falls within that category and is not a new government overreach or attempt to shut down churches, other evangelicals have argued. In the 1980s he and four other pastors at Grace Community Church were.

How Should Christians Respond to the Riots? The church reopened in late July. CNN has blurred a portion of this image to protect a child's identity. But it takes a lot of hard work, time, and money to do what we do. Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler will proceed to the state's Jan. 5 special election runoff after finishing second in the race with Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock. In 1969, after graduating from Talbot Theological Seminary, John came to Grace Community Church. Gavin Newsom. Get inside access to The Daily Wire by becoming a member. Churches obey all kinds of government guidelines, from fire codes to maximum occupancy limits. McCoy said in an interview that he has no plans to halt services and would "go to jail" if the situation escalated to that point. On August 14, the county applied for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop the church from meeting in person, but Judge James Chalfant issued an order allowing the church to worship in person. Perhaps Los Angeles’s lawyers are afraid they will lose the lawsuit. God bless you and keep you in His truth. Grace Community Church and Pastor John MacArthur have brought a powerful court challenge against Gov.

At the same time, however, he said that he will continue to fight court orders keeping his church closed.