[10] He was back on the ice in ten days. [19], Malarchuk released an autobiography called The Crazy Game in November 2014. "Ex-goalie injured in gun accident." He had a career record of 141 wins, 130 losses, 45 ties, 12 shutouts, and an .885 save percentage. On May 7, 2015, Malarchuk was a guest speaker at a Canadian Mental Health Association meeting in Oakville, Ontario. Although Malarchuk initially refused to view the footage, upon viewing it, he was taken aback,[12][13] saying that he didn't think his memory of his own incident would come back after nearly 20 years. [3] Having failed his audition, he was returned to the American Hockey League after that game and did not come back until the following season. He has been a coach for four NHL teams and two minor league teams, most recently the Calgary Flames. Gilbertson, Wes. [26], Malarchuk playing for the Quebec Nordiques in 1986, Learn how and when to remove this template message, SN Magazine: Clint Malarchuk, The Survivor, "Islanders Down Nordiques, 10-7 The New York Times, Dec. 16, 1981", http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_player/Malarchuk,Clint, Video of Malarchuk injury at YouTube.com (Warning: Graphic), "Zednik's injury brings Malarchuk's own nightmare back to surface, ESPN.com, Feb. 12, 2008", Cutthroat reminds Sportscenter veterans of gruesome injury, Mike Foligno goal, 6:27, 2nd Period, St. Louis Blues at Buffalo Sabres, March 22, 1989, "Clint Malarchuk suffered a horrific sporting injury. Malarchuk lost 1.5 litres of blood. Probe Into Former NHL Goalie Malarchuk Concludes. Malarchuk is known for surviving a life-threatening injury during a 1989 NHL game when Steve Tuttle's skate blade sliced his carotid artery and partially sliced his jugular vein,[2] causing immediate massive blood loss. [32][33] Malarchuk later said he believed he was overmedicated dating back to when he was prescribed an anti-psychotic sedative while playing pro hockey in San Diego. He had earlier taken leave during the 2013-14 season to enter the National Hockey League's substance abuse treatment program. He gripped Malarchuk's neck and pinched off the blood vessel, not letting go until doctors arrived to begin stabilizing the wound. Hän kärsi osittain loukkaantumisestaan johtuen mielenterveys- ja alkoholiongelmista, jotka johtivat vuonna 2008 itsemurhayritykseen hänen ampuessaan itseään kiväärillä leukaan vaimonsa edessä. huhtikuuta 1960) on yhdysvaltain italialainen jazzlaulaja ja kitaristi.. Pizzarelli on levyttänyt kymmeniä albumeja. Hänet muistetaan erityisesti lähes kuolemaan johtaneesta onnettomuudesta vuonna 1989, jolloin toisen pelaajan luistin viilsi hänen kaulavaltimonsa auki kesken pelin. During a game between the visiting St. Louis Blues and Malarchuk's Buffalo Sabres on March 22, 1989, Steve Tuttle of the Blues and Uwe Krupp of the Sabres crashed hard into the goal crease during play. [27] Malarchuk and his wife now travel and engage in a number of league-related and independent events having to do with mental health, OCD, and depression in retired athletes. [31] On October 10, 2008, The Douglas County, Nevada sheriff's investigation concluded the shooting was accidental under suspicious circumstances, but afterward Joan Malarchuk said she unequivocally told the sheriff it was a suicide attempt "so that he would get the help he needed. Joukkueen kuntovalmentaja Jim Pizzutelli, joka oli armeija-aikanaan toiminut lääkintämiehenä, pelasti ensiavullaan Malarchukin hengen. [21] Malarchuk was later flown to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno for treatment and released less than a week after the shooting. Malarchuk played junior hockey for the Portland Winterhawks of the Western Hockey League (WHL). [19][21] The book appeared on the Toronto Star bestsellers list through January 2015. He had a career record of 141 wins, 130 losses, 45 ties, 12 shutouts, and an .885 save percentage. [3], Norrenan valmentajan ase laukesi kasvoihin, Itseään päähän ampuneen NHL-maalivahdin raju elämä: kurkku auki kaukalossa, sydän pysähtyi pillerien ja viinan takia, https://fi.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Clint_Malarchuk&oldid=18843305, Kotoistettuja päivämääriä sisältävät artikkelit, Small-elementtiä käyttämättömät tarkenteelliset tietolaatikot. The Nordiques favored a wide-open style of play at the time, and Malarchuk was left largely to his own devices and faced 37 shots, letting 10 goals past him, in a wild 10-7 loss, in what was the highest scoring game in the history of the Nassau Coliseum. ", Officers and paramedics at the scene reported that Malarchuk, who was bleeding from both his mouth and chin, was uncooperative and refused treatment. Clint Malarchuk (born May 1, 1961) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey goaltender who played in the National Hockey League (NHL) between 1981 and 1992. Then he asked for a priest. [25] On August 1, 2015, Clint and Joan Malarchuk were keynote speakers at the International OCD Foundation conference in Boston, Massachusetts. On February 10, 2008, coincidentally again in Buffalo, Florida Panthers forward Richard Zedník suffered an injury similar to Malarchuk's after Olli Jokinen's skate blade cut the front of Zedník's neck, lacerating his common carotid artery,[11] causing immediate massive blood loss. [9], The Canadian Press reported that Joan Malarchuk informed authorities that her husband was not supposed to consume alcohol as he was on prescription medications for obsessive-compulsive disorder, but was doing so anyway at the time of the shooting. [6] Local television cameras covering the game cut away from the sight of Malarchuk bleeding after noticing what had happened, and Sabres announcers Ted Darling and Mike Robitaille were audibly shaken.