Irony could be defined as the distance Maybe because her road to the top began behind the scenes, or perhaps due to her close family bonds, Jem’s consistency is also a direct result of the fact that she orbits her own sphere, never knowingly influenced by the noise of the world around her or whatever fad is currently taking up space on the radio. View the profiles of people named Jemma Singer. And musicians belong to the groups of people who choose No more visual or verbal trickery this time – So on the 13th October 2019, I’ll perform under a new stage name for the first time, at the Kindl Stuben Open Mic. However, after spending two years acting as agent and promoter for other aspiring musicians, she soon felt that she had neglected her own musical career for too long. She is the one who motivated her to follow a career in the fitness industry. This post is dedicated to all

Jem’s velvety vocals captivate as her insightful lyrics tell of an “The sea is the same temperature as Wales so that’s a comfort..!”

Once again, my guitar stepped up as a lifeline in those long, lonely days indoors. Adam, so the story goes, gave names to [1] This decision was due in part, because her father was a lawyer, and also because her older sister had attended university before her. At that time there was no other label interest in her, because her status as a studio-only artist meant that she flew under the radar of most A&R. very beginning: a live video session with Vulture Sessions (a story for another

You can buy this track and many others on his Bandcamp page: Bandcamp page:, Written: February 2017 (words), Berlin; October 2017 (prelude + arrangement), Oxford.EP: Nearly Live, Jem Kid & Company.Best line: ‘My love and I / Break the very same bread / We weave our lies / With the very same thread’Influences: J.R.R Tolkien, Thomas Hardy, English traditional song.
We were ambitious and ridiculous: ambitious in our choice of debut show at the Oxford Union Ball, and in our range of songs including a cover version of Dear Reader’s choral number, Victory. In November, she recorded tracks at the Grand Master Studios, in Hollywood,[13] and originally anticipated a release in early 2013. From Wales to Brighton, London to LA, Welsh singer-songwriter Jem sits overlooking a beautiful Hollywood Hills sunset from a rooftop above Melrose Avenue. Jem) Jem was born in Wales, a misty and oddly shaped UK peninsula also responsible for bringing the world Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey among other things. I was there to learn French, work the soil and play my brand new pink guitar which I’d just found in the charity shop for £15. He was You can The only song that reached across that gap was one I sniffed at for its naivety, scribbled in a moment of darkness the winter before and long ignored in favour of cleverer, less honest numbers. I don’t go to church any more, but I don’t regret stepping in that blow-up swimming pool on that hot July day. The Oompa Loompa Song from the original Charlie & the Chocolate factory. She is famous for being one of the most followed female Instagram personality. In January 2016, Jem published on her Facebook page the first photoshoots of the Beachwood Canyon era and announced the official release of the album for spring 2016.[17]. Who knows?

Ridiculous, because not a single appearance went by without featuring a disordered stack of hand-scribbled scores, good-natured bullying, bawdy heckling.

[2], After the success of Moby's album Play (1999), Jem licensed every song on her album to be broadcast on American television programs, films and advertisements as a method of promotion. In 1993, Jem moved to Brighton to study Law at the University of Sussex. [citation needed], Jem and her brother Yestyn, of Glass Pear, collaborated in late 2009 to write and produce a Christmas inspired single "Until The Morning Comes" which was released on iTunes on 4 December 2009. if what you choose will stick forever. A sinister song for a sinister time. From the age of thirteen she was singing and writing songs, basic recording equipment was ever-present and she decided that one day she would be a singer. Suffice it to say that it was a prime example of what my grandmother calls a C.F.E – a ‘character-forming experience’. Having taken some time away from the music industry to channel her empathetic talents into other storytelling arenas; screenwriting, directing, developing a startup for the arts and her new ‘It’s Amazing’ brand launching in 2017, Jem is ready for her next chapter. In the autumn of 2018, at twenty-one years old, I decided to go into psychotherapy. But notice that he did not name himself.

[1] By 2002 she was focused heavily on writing and singing her own songs, collaborating with various producers in the United States such as Guy Sigsworth, Yoad Nevo, and Ge-Ology to help create what would become her debut studio album: Finally Woken, released on 24 March 2004 through ATO Records.

The finale ‘Hold On’, concludes the album with a rousing love-filled ballad played on virtuoso Billy Preston’s custom made ivory piano, ringing out the sound of an epic Christmas Number 1. Trusting Jem’s sense of ambition is a safe wager, having supported Dave Matthews Band in stadiums across the US and shared concert billing with the likes of Kanye, The Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, the Pixies, Arcade Fire, P!nk and Ray LaMontagne. (To be fair, it sounded like £20.). all the animals and plants. [3] ATO Records quickly made the unanimous decision to offer her a recording contract. are people who need to draw lines: between private and public, between dead and intoxicated Cupid teaming up with one of Shakespeare’s most mischievous characters. Facebook business page. named by his creator, made in the image of God, but not actually made a god. their own names, along with writers, drag queens, priests, trans people… These As with any of my songs, I’d encourage you to listen closely and let the lyrics suggest their own version of events.

Name: “OthelloWritten: Mid-2016.EP: Nearly Live, Jem Kid & Company.Best line: ‘She was hardly sugar cotton candy / But I swept her off her feet / Like a proper old-fashioned / Chimneysweep’Influences: Classic jazz; Jake Thackray; cream tea afternoons at the May Fair; the Accordion Man of St Albans.

[2] Jem followed up her successful debut with her second album, Down to Earth, released on 18 September 2008. I didn’t carry the band. day), a few appearances at College Balls and local pubs, and an EP at the end. My friends were enthusiastic about the name At the age of ten, I decided I wanted to be baptised into the Church. The album’s roots were established when Jem lived in LA’s renowned Beachwood Canyon – famed for being the winding road that leads to the Hollywood Sign – in 2006 with her now husband. Why on earth and how between a name and what it represents. choosing earnestness over irony was precisely the nature of that growth; Released 3 June 2008, the song failed to chart in the United States or the United Kingdom. I just had the privilege of writing the soundtrack. perceive my appearance as that of a man, not a boy). Memories of that afternoon are very clear in my mind’s eye. Maybe that’s why it still gets a lot of love. For I know that’s how I write the songs that reward me the 1.7m Followers, 0 Following, 59 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @simoncowell Whatever it is, I’m very grateful”. I would talk about it as a break-up song, which is what the lyrics are on the surface.
With songs covered in Mandarin and Cantonese and her classic debut sounds still ringing out daily in shopping malls and coffee shops around the globe, whatever her approach it seems to be working. Jem’s self-assurance has been the key to her journey thus far. General Enquiries: On 5 August 2016, the album was released digitally worldwide while vinyl, CD and limited edition bundles were released on August 30. Othello is the perfect souvenir It wasn’t a rebirth, but it was an initiation into a community that would offer me a great deal of support and guidance in the formative years to come. JEM Music Group [15], Jem has also mentioned that she has since been exploring other creative avenues outside of her music, with a strong desire to move into the film industry, she has spent several years writing a screenplay which she describes as being like her "Finally Woken in movie form". JEM Music Group also manages Britain’s Got Talent winners Attraction, a Hungarian theatre troupe with whom they are developing a number of entertainment concepts around the world. (backronym of Get Everybody Moving) is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter originally from Shanghai, China.She is known for her wide vocal range and songwriting. The perfect souvenir of perfect company: Song of the Day #5 ‘Othello’,, On baptism, the Church and rebirth: Song of the Day #4 ‘Odds With My Body’, A bottle without a label: Song of the Day #3 ‘Prelude’+ ‘My Love & I’, A sinister song for a sinister time: Song of the Day #2 ‘Audrey, Audrey’.

The finale ‘Hold On’, concludes the album with a rousing love-filled ballad played on virtuoso Billy Preston’s custom made ivory piano, ringing out the sound of an epic Christmas Number 1. made her debut in the Hong Kong music scene with the release in 2008. .

[1] The lead single of the album "It's Amazing" originally appeared on the soundtrack for the 2008 movie Sex and the City. Her farm was a sort of impromptu refuge for the overlooked, populated by a dozen stray dogs, a dozen cats, a dozen sheep, a few horses, two goats, an elderly mother, an alcoholic partner a schizophrenic friend.