Follow us on...  What follows is one of the most brutal, heartless, and insane stories we've ever heard. Jimmie Whisman & James Pietragallo.   E.g. The murder is absolutely crazy, and the explanation is even more insane! Jimmie Whisman is a regular at Stand Up Live and the Tempe Improv, although you can find him performing all over the Pho. The Squanderedness of Brein Taylor, The Escalator to Failure - The Abruptness of Darryl Henley, Straight Out of the Bad Bin - The Two-Facedness of Olden Polynice, The Ghosts Made Him Do it? In Noodles?   New to podcast listening? When asked for his bio, he sent this response: "I’m generally pretty loose about my bio. James Pietragallo is a stand-up comic, filmmaker, and co-host of the Small Town Murder, Crime In Sports, and PS I Hate This Movie podcasts. [1], Silver-Haired Middle Aged White Man: A coach, team owner, athletic director or public official who publicly excuses , colludes or conceals the illegal activities of an athlete/s for financial or professional gain to the detriment of wider society. Go to for all things Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports! for 1+3, enter 4.  Go to for all things Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports! On iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcastsSee for privacy information. Subscribe to Jimmie & James' podcasts Crime in Sports and Small Town Murder wherever you listen to your pods! The Mercurialness of Josh "The Fluke" Grispi, Drugs, Speed & Stupid - The Sophisticatedness of Gary "Hot Shoe" Balough, The Revenge Of Mr Pancake - The Anonymousness of Lee Siner, Watching It Burn To The Ground - The Ineptness of Andre Rison, The Tornado of Temper - The copiousness of Milton Bradley, Who Put Cocaine In My Underpants? We are pleased to share the voices and conversations of our community from StoryCorps Phoenix. #195 - The Head Of The Serpent in Lafayette, Indiana. The list of its authors can be seen in its historical and/or the page Edithistory:Crime in Sports Podcast. Jimmie Whisman is a regular at Stand Up Live and the Tempe Improv, although you can find him performing all over the Pho. Follow me on twitter and instagram @kraigcomx and keep up with this show and my comics work at Follow us on...  The problem is, things aren't what they seem, or what anybody thinks. Jimmie Whisman is a podcast comedian and co-host of the Small Town Murder … Which parts? This week, in Lafayette, Indiana, a terrible, hideous murder makes investigators look in the wrong place, for a minute, before the culprit becomes very obvious. He's funnier than ever. - The Haziness of Mike Danton, Murderers Are More Honest - The Untrustworthiness of Denny Mclain, Money, Fame & Dead Ballerinas - The Tirelessness of Carlos Monzon, So Many Bodies, So Little Prison - The Brazenness of Ion Croitoru, The Miniature Teflon Monster - The Repetitiveness of Dave Meggett, A Slight Death In The Family - The Nastiness of Sly Williams, The World's Most Graceful Predator - The Sleaziness of Wolfgang Scwarz, Murder for Boots - The Shortsightedness of Eric Naposki, His Arrogance Killed His Excellence - The Aggressiveness of Marlon King, Didn't Die Soon Enough - The Atrociousness of Tony Ayala Jr, Crack Gets You Murder Time - The Unluckiness of Willie Mays Aikens, Murder at the Speed of Smuggling - The Recklessness of Ben Kramer, Murder Gets You Less Time - The Tragicness of Keith Wright, His Mother Had a Murder Charge - The Trashiness of Tommy "The Duke" Morrison, The Penniless Ghetto Cowboy Millionaire - The Excess of Marvin "Bad News" Barnes, Too Many Causes Of Death - The Monstrousness of Craig Titus, The Grim Reaper Of Gambling - The Shamelessness of Art Schlichter, Square Broads, and Floating Bodies - The Hubris of Jack Roland "Murph the Surf" Murphy, More Ted Bundy Than Gandhi - The Wasted Potential of Tom Payne, The Worst Man Alive? I say things like 'as a regular at the Tempe Improv and stand up live if you have gone to see your favorite comic, Jimmie has probably opened the show and you forgot.'”. We also take a hard look at pop culture icons, why modern movies suck sometimes and much more with some big laughs along the way!   Listen to Storycraft episodes free, on demand. Jimmie Whisman is a podcast comedian and co-host of the Small Town Murder and Crime In Sports podcasts. - The Sternness of Amar Suloev, Lesson Never Learned - The Punchiness of Joey Barton, Violent Lives Bring Violent Deaths - The Ferociousness of Edwin Valero, His Strangles Know No Bounds - The Hostileness of Elijah Dukes, There's Meth In Those Potholes - The Speediness Of Jeremy Mayfield, Fighting For Jail Time - The Damagedness of Rudy Poeschek, How Many Stabs Does It Take... - The Appallingness of Terry Underwood, There's A Gun In My Crawfish - The Disappointingness of Marcus Bullard, Such Is Annihilation - The Chaoticness of Ben Cousins, Like Peanut Butter & Cocaine - The Hardheadedness of Michael Nunn, Rich Kid Gone Rogue - The Dishonestness of Byron McLaughlin, A Monsoon Of Bad Decisions - The Goldenness of Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Flexing His Murder Muscle - The Unthinkableness Of John Riccardi, Liar, Liar, Life On Fire - The Aristocraticness of Roscoe Tanner, Immensely Naked Mistakes - The Forcefulness of Ruben Patterson, The Attack Of The Disoriented Sasquatch - The Uncooperativeness of Barret Robbins, From Undisputed To Just Plain Stupid - The Respectfulness of Riddick Bowe, From Failure To Murderer - The Evasiveness of Kenneth Eriksson, The Next Step Is Murder - The Irrationalness of Cody East, An Enemy To His Own Cause - The Miraculousness of Ron LeFlore, Impulsive Actions, Killer Results - The Jealousness of Leslie Hylton, Violence In, Violence Out - The Unraveledness of Mandy Meloon, Violent, Stupid & Beloved - The Heedlessness of Bernard King, A Killer Without Conviction - The Mysteriousness of Jim Dunaway, The Fresh Prince Of Violent Behavior - The Hazardousness of Brett Rogers, Fast times & Slow Sentences - The Catastrophicness of Tim Montgomery, Death Would Be Too Good - The Detestableness of Eugene "Buck" Zumhofe, Violence Becomes Him - The Ridiculousness of James Kirkland, The Murdering, Gunslinging, Honor Student Gang Banger - The Unnecessaryness of Javaris Crittenton, The Pirate Of Grift & Plunder - The Audaciousness of Miki Dora, If Opportunities Could Kill... - The Curiousness of Greg "Toe" Nash, A Menace Of Ground & Sky - The Manicness of Alonzo Spellman, Pumped For Murder - The Brutalness of Bertil Fox, A Penchant For Prison - The Thickheadedness of Patrick Cote, The End Of The Crime Rainbow - The Feloniousness of Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett, The Death Of Black Superman - The Debaucherousness of Billy Ray Bates, Killers Are Sometimes Golden - The Deceptiveness of Keli Lane, The Path Of A Dangerous Individual - The Erraticness of Trevor Berbick, Hard Time For A Hard Man - The Inexplicableness of Peter Storey, Colder Than A Killer - The Tyrannicalness of "Hardbody" Harrison Norris, The Sudden Violence Of Bad Decisions - The Madness of Vernon Maxwell, If OJ Simpson Had A Little Brother - The Explosiveness of Tommy Kane, If He Could Kill The World... - The Terribleness of Viacheslav Datsik, Death Was His Co-Pilot - The Obliviousness of Salt Walther, The Naked, Knife Wielding Evangelist - The Ugliness of Otis Nixon, Demons In The Air Conditioning - The Regalness of Ike Ibeabuchi, A Genuine, Bona Fide Serial Killer - The Viciousness of Randall Woodfield, The Heart For Murder - The Gruesomeness of Jarrod Wyatt, Couldn't Read The Warning Signs - The Untruthfulness of Dexter Manley, Murder Ruins A Garden Party - The Passionateness of Marc Cecillon, You Can Kill With A Toaster - The Torturousness of James Waithe, The Killer Of Common Sense - The Disastrousness of Isaiah "JR" Rider, The Grinch Who Stole Lives - The Evilness of Joe Son, Cocaine Plus Brain Damage Equals Gunplay - The Stubbornness of Clifford Etienne, His Own Biggest Victim - The Aimlessness of Larry Bethea, Everything But A Killer - The Ceaselessness of Alvin Robertson, Murder, Mayhem & Maple Syrup - The Cluelessness of Brian Spencer, A Murderous Gentleman - The Selfishness Of Chris Adams, All Of The Intent, None Of The Remorse - The Heartlessness of Russell Erxleben, Murder Is A Strange Thank You - The Despicableness of James Butler, Would You Kill For A Pizza?