It will keep on coming til it gets in peoples heads. They voted for change but I’m sure that they’re not getting what they actually want or need. One household. Rather than his smoking habit, this time the question was about Jacinda Ardern and it came from a man at a Grey Power meeting in Hamilton. Did atomic bomb tests damage our upper atmosphere? Ardern is a centrist leftie, that aims for caring capitalism. The Herald isn’t does not suggest or think Ardern a Marxist – the article highlights an article in The Lancet that identifies her as such. Corbyn can get away with this but Harold certainly couldn’t. Oh, damn it. Ian Powell: The Dialectics of incrementalism and transformation. c) We have a majority coalition, Mahuta and Henare – key appointments which show NZ no longer should be regarded as a European outp... An open letter from 1,200 Australian academics on the Djab Wurrung trees, Australia may miss out on several COVID vaccines if it can’t make mRNA ones locally. The “Man bites dog” story would be if a Government didn’t do such a thing. Could be the beginning of the end of speculation on rural land. I wish she were Marxist – but you don’t even know what that means, do you? Until then it’s off the table for discussion, and is just a flat “no.” She’s not radical enough to be a marxist. The busy business involving millions of dollars below was no doubt what that cow cocky? She was catapulted into her current role 20 years too early ,which is a shame because she has a nice smile and maybe could have got a few points on the political success scoreboard ,given time .Winston Peters saw her naievity as a crooked pathway to gaining the power he has craved for 30 years. If desiring a health system that rotates around an axis of compassion and care rather than money makes us red and under the bed, label away. I’m serious,” the man said to a smattering of laughter. Can you be more specific? I know who you are and bitter paranoid old fool is a phrase you must be familiar with,every time you look in the mirror.Answer the question if you can. The medi needs urgent nod rdical reform. It is the combination of wonder and the attendant desire, not to understand the entire cosmos, but to understand something of one’s own place in it. Quick go and move your irrigator again lol. In the event overseas holders are unhappy to hold $NZ then our exchange rate may depreciate, but NZ’s exchange rate and ability to import more goods typically implies overseas exporters are more than happy with their end of the deal. In ruling out a PPP, Coleman asked if that was why “the world’s oldest medical journal says in its November editorial that, with Jacinda Ardern, Marxist ideas have re-entered the political debate in health?”. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Chile was in rebellion against its government, protests against the government and the dictator-imposed constitution, ‘Labour Connect’ the data analysis tool that boosted Jacinda Ardern’s campaign, Time for Govt to take some risks (paywalled), Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on her big win and big plans (paywalled), Thirty Years Ago Today: Musings on the Fourth Labour Government, The Debunking Handbook 2020: Debunk often and properly, Everyone I don’t like is Hitler, or, how i got banned by Facebook, Gal Gadot, The Orient and Identity Politics, 2020 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming Digest #43, Media Link: Some Bolivian and NZ post-election analysis on “A View from Afar.”. It’s a jump from editing a medical journal to casting economic opinions about other countries’ politicians. During the election campaign, Morrinsville farmer Craig Sinclair protested against Labour's proposed water tax with a sign that called Ardern a "pretty communist". The WordPress Community Experiment: The Answers! Own it bunny.”. › Business A start of the shit river of dirty politics. Enforcing existing border controlls is very effective. I for one welcome our communist revolutionaries, and as a centre-left politics nerd I can be useful in rounding up bourgoisie capitalists and neoliberal flunkies for the gulags of the Soviet Republic of Aotearoa. Fake News – All Ardern has said is the markets are not perfect and sometimes fail society. It isn’t a field that I have anything much to do with. Any increase in accommodation supplement is a green light to put up rents as much as you can. Thanks Santa! Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is being used as a poster-child for Marxist ideas in a prestigious British medical journal. The entire village working under hard conditions put in place by that wealthiest 1. They hardly look like lads from the Hauraki Plains. But whose agenda cleangreen? Ārohirohi? ... A clear victory for challenger Joe Biden would give markets certainty, but days of doubt remain a possibility - plus more remarkable results for Briscoes ... With nearly 20 percent of the vote yet to come in. Check it out here. If they don’t export enough they get into the situation you are talking about. They were listed for sale on Trade Me on Sunday on a “price by negotiation” basis and by Tuesday had been viewed 657 times. Corporate media is trying to change our Government at their will, and I think this is equal to foriegn intervention in our democracy and they should be a taken down legally for this. – Generally big expansion of welfare, particularly on child welfare A grinning Peters then had some final words for his questioner. "More and more people, especially younger generations, believe that economies based only on free markets are not necessarily the best means to deliver fairer or healthier societies," Horton writes. You may be correct. McCarthy-like the RW will use threats of communism to confuse the punters. indeed…I look forward to a Labour Leader who can call out the media like Corbyn.. “Jeremy Corbyn calls out Daily Mail editor: ‘Next time write twice as much about me’ The only thing we will end up with is foreign currency in overseas accounts. You may be on to something there thanks Greywarshark. For the second time in as many days on the campaign trail, Winston Peters has been left momentarily lost for words after a question from the public. Welcome rain but still need to shift the irrigators to keep the business in profit ,and keep up all the tax payments that keep this great country moving forward. The left is about Marxist ideals through and through. There only needs to be just over two 'yes' votes for every 'no' in the special votes, for 'yes' to win on Friday. There is no way with people knowing eachother those conditions would be allowed to remain. A Leap Of Faith – In Labour's Direction Of Travel. This implies the theoretical result is scientifically speaking, wrong. I thought the article in The Lancet by Dr Horton was actually very good; he’s an interesting character. The government doesn’t need to own our trees. If capitalism’s befuddled, guilt-ridden apologists do not know it, two fully consistent representatives of altruism do know it: Catholicism and communism.”, via, Have you even read the bits where Jesus talks about “love thy neighbour” and “it’s harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom on heaven than a camel to enter the eye of a needle” and “woe to those who do not help the poor, the sick, and the prisoner” etc etc etc. Despite Nay-sayers, 'Yes' Is Easily Possible. And Jacinda Ardern, former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth (right before she first became an MP, and not long after she'd spent a couple of years as a senior advisor in Tony Blair's spin department), has been a key player in it for a decade-and-a-half. Best way to ensure they keep to their present course is to keep them running and defending themselves from accusations that they’ve already turned. Take another look in the mirror and ask yourself. Shiva the destroyer? Winston called it correctly, most NZers voted for change. Dec 22, 2015 – The Crafar farm saga has finally concluded, with receivers officially signing off from the troubled dairy empire leaving banks licking their wounds after being left $143.3 million short. I was suggesting that one specific person, Obtrectator, could send it back if he/she didn’t need it. But I am holding my breath , cos they are stupid. This blog post is part 4 of a series of excerpts from. Drought will blow his aspirations into shit and small stones. The more complete the information at hand, the more knowledge that it imparts, which can be wielded for bad or good. Ask exporters what they’d like for Xmas. Fair enough but I am affronted – blackly affronted – that you pick me up on that slip while ignoring MS’s arse-over-tit tumble. Silver lining is how well they are doing, looking like a govt in waiting should. You might get charged a token amount for your irrigation water. As far as your comment about “plenty” of others, I doubt it. Your already on pretty shaky ground arguing that exporting more makes imports cheaper. [4], Note that, for Marcel, ontological exigence is not merely a “wish” for being or coherence, but is an “interior urge” or “appeal.” “Otherwise stated, the [ontological] exigence is not reducible to some psychological state, mood, or attitude a person has; it is rather a movement of the human spirit that is inseparable from being human” (Keen 1984, p. 105). It sounds like you did the hard yards to downgrade your inate abilities to become typical (stupid) national support.. Wow! I was once acquainted with a Herald reporter, he was the sports writer, there had been a poor fishing period in the Waitamata Harbour during the winter, almost no fish being caught in the reports, one Saturday morning Herald had a picture of a fisherman holding up several snapper around the 5kg mark with the caption just caught off Rangitoto yesterday. Don’t get too cocky mate.Just remember Jacinda has to run everything past Winston for his approval.The drunken dwarf seal of approval on everything. You’re right, BM. She certainly made a bad choice in letting Winstons puppet hand take control. It is actually a Marxist term. McCarthy was almost an alcoholic and wanted to build a higher profile so he could get back into his political sinecure. Social Democracy makes more sense to her? now but only by way of NZ First. You will deserve it, and I will laugh at you, just like I’m doing now, you bitter paranoid old fool. I can’t give you a good source for those numbers I’m afraid. – Big increase in accommodation supplement Labour leader jokes ‘never have so many trees died in vain’ as he claims negative media coverage helped his campaign”, . I don’t think it says what the Herald writer thinks it says. First up was a reference to Dr Richard Horton who wrote recently for the medical journal the Lancet. What will these meetings be like? Their heating is a component of a package deal. I was talking about what a country should do. Then just send the money back. I think these factors explain why the laissez faire approach to housing has been such a miserable failure (except for landlords, letting agents and other sundry parasites) and why we need central government to resume its role as the primary supplier of social accommodation. The white knight that is Kiwi build is still years away if it actually ever fronts. Wer should all embrace her care for us all.