Sweden has a reputation for being expensive. Actually living in Sweden is another story – if you manage to find some good long-term accommodation then your costs will be much, much lower. // Tennis court hire > 1 hour, weekend: Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend). Start here. Americans may find Sweden considerably more expensive than it is at home, however. And partly it’s because of Sweden’s notoriously high taxes, which help to keep the welfare state well oiled. Swedish brands like ICA, Hemköp and Coop can be reasonably priced too, but try to avoid smaller branches in the centre of cities like Gothenburg and Stockholm, which tend to be more expensive than larger, out-of-town stores. Well, partly it’s down to the country’s strict labour laws, which make it relatively expensive for companies to employ people. So how much do things really cost? Cheap foreign supermarkets like Lidl and Netto have appeared in Sweden in recent years, making it easier to stock up on budget groceries. is. Planning a trip? Sightseeing in Sweden can quickly get expensive, though you’ll find there are plenty of free things to do in most of the big cities (see our guide to free attractions in Stockholm if you need a bit of inspiration). // ]]> It isn’t all bad news for foreign visitors, though. University tuition fees can range from Public transport in Sweden is surprisingly good value. ... which is a comparison shopping site based in the UK, and this sort of thing is their specialty. Here are 28 global destinations ranked from cheapest to most expensive for buying electronic gadgets. What is the cost of living like in Sweden compared to the UK? Despite its reputation as a pricey country, the cost of living in Sweden is around 10% cheaper than in the US. A lot will depend on the exchange rate when you’re in the country. mega guide to the cost of living in Sweden. more expensive than in the UK. Smoking remains comparatively cheap in Sweden, considering the country’s reputation for high taxes. Hotels and hostels can also be reasonably priced, and many museums and galleries are free to visit, so with a bit of careful planning it’s possible to eat, drink, sleep and sightsee around Sweden relatively cheaply. Restaurant prices > Restaurant index: Restaurants Index is a comparison of prices of meals and drinks in restaurants and bars compared to NYC. Updated on Oct 2020. Because of the high wages in Sweden anything that involves service, such as eating out in a restaurant or drinking in a bar, will almost certainly be more more expensive than in the UK. For more on what you can expect to spend if you’re coming to Sweden on holiday, see our guide to what’s a good daily budget for Sweden. In many ways it’s deserved, but even with the relatively high cost of living, it’s possible to get by without spending a fortune. On a global scale, Sweden isn’t even in the top 10 most expensive countries. What's the best way to send money to/from Sweden? Do I need travel insurance for a trip to Sweden? Mention that you’re going to Sweden and it won’t take long for someone to ask you: “Isn’t it expensive there?” And it’s sort of true: compared with other parts of Europe, Sweden can be a pretty expensive place to travel around. Although restaurant prices are slightly higher in Sweden than in the US, since the Swedes don’t tend to tip, you needn’t factor in the extra 20–25% service charge that Americans would normally pay.