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In particular, Murs is too likable to make bad music. Only thing he wasn’t tougher than was the fucking law. I didn’t own an album by a white person. “I grew up on gangsta rap, but that’s not who I am,” he explained. Despite his exposure to gang violence growing up, his music has never focused on it like many of his contemporaries’ music did.

Official video Murs is on that, “positive-get-a-lot-of-money-quick-Rasta-ass-gang-bangin-backpacker-Crip-shit” on his entirely Ski Beatz-produced album, Love & Rockets, Vol. Every single trend you can probably thank L.A. for it

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It’s visceral.

Joints like “Animal Style” and “Life And Times” and “S-K-I-B-E-A-T-Z” are welcome reminders of how fresh rap can still sound, even in an over saturated industry; even by an emcee and a producer both approaching twenty years of activity.

L&R’s shots of riskiness and emphasis on contextual relevance propel this project past it’s humdrum offerings like “International” and “West Side Love,” keeping replay value intact. L&R is loaded with narratives – some lively (“Eazy E” and “Remember To Forget” ), some lackluster (“Hip Hop & Love” featuring Tabi Bonney and “67 Cutlass”) – but none more compelling than “Animal Style.” Embassy the Hitmaker and Royal P craft some extraterrestrial concoction sounding like a minimalistic melding of Jimi Hendrix meets Rick Rubin and Murs improbably tells the tale of a closeted high school homosexual who murders his boyfriend then commits suicide, just so the two could be together. I discovered all that via Slug of Atmosphere and making white friends, which I didn’t have. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "crip" - from the website. That’s all I’ll say about that. He’s always honest; always outside the box; always willing to address the seldom addressed (think: “Dark Skinned White Girl” off Murray’s Revenge). Offers 'A Bag' For Scarface's Eventual Kidney Donor, Nick Cannon Says Eminem Has Best Flow Of All Time: 'Salute To You King'. For a more complete view of everything supported, as well as which features are supported for which model, take a look at overview of supported features for the latest build.. [Hook] (x2) @allsoulsprocessiontucson thank you.

“So, red and blue symbolized Bloods and Crips, and unifying with my wife.

But I’ve made a living for 22 years and I’m a former drug dealer. My job is to revolutionize in another way. Days got shade let me take you 'round the way I have all the rights and all the same stories — I have a single mom and friends who have been shot — but if I make the same music as you then I’m not honoring your legacy. #ripbillpaxton #godblessthedead, A post shared by Murs (@murs316) on Nov 5, 2017 at 9:05pm PST. Note that not all functionality is supported on all radio models. Couldn't S/o one without the other. “No one could relate to that. Murs calls the album a collection of stories, and this is (more or less) the story of his rap career. You can miss us with the blizzards and the winters

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Murs, Ab Soul and O.C. It’s brave. Always and forever the every man emcee, Murs continues to rap about stuff that real people experience. Satisfaction Guarantee Your satisfaction is important to us.

Produced by 9th …

You had to be all the way Mos Def and Talib Kweli, and I don’t listen to any of that shit, because that wasn’t my reality.”.

Which is the spirit of what I've tried to pay forward with Paid Dues.

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First time I met him, he was like, “W’sup homie?”, “I heard you said you could fuck up my homie C!”, “Oh, so you calling me a motherfucking liar then cuz?”, “Oh so you saying you could beat my homie C ass?”, He’s like “Then what is it cuz?! More children die in L.A. County alone every year than in Desert Storm when it was an active war.

Love each other. Murray’s Revenge is basically more of the same dopeness, which isn’t too surprising as it was recorded at the same time as its predecessor.

With MURS dropping the single “Okey Dog” from his upcoming Strange Music debut, Have A Nice Life, it has a lot of people wondering: “who is Okey Dog?”.

Or Earlez Hot Dogs man you gotta do it y'all, c'mon

He was the dude.

“This Okey Dog, what’s up?” I’m like “Man, I did the song!” He had already heard the song…in jail!