→ Wayne Irvin McDermott As DNA testing only shows back maybe 500 years or so, your Jewish blood is fairly recent (especially the Ashkenazi), meaning it’s possible you had a Jewish Warner, Weiner, or similar, enter England in the 17th or 18th century, and anglicize the family name. I am also a Plantagenet through my mom’s family. After his death in the year 2006, Frances inherited most of his properties. And it’s probably fair to say that Karen knows the difference between comedy and tragedy, too – not least through her father’s famous role in The Andy Griffith Show. We’re still here. Yes there are millions of us, everywhere; a fact that may explain why these other trolls have been mocking you, cousin. Pardon my spelling. Moving backwards in time, from England to Normandy, to *disagreements on %-ages here* Norwegians &/or Danes &/or Swedes. I could feel it,” she said of those heartrending moments. From 1956 he also showed off his comedic talents in Steve Allen’s variety series. Well I beg your pardon, yes, there was one penal colony in America, in Savanah, Georgia. Both were big advocates of freedom, and being free. Didn’t the direct male line of the illegitimate Hamelin de Warrene die out with John de Warenne (30 June 1286 – June 1347), 7th Earl of Surrey or Warenne, the last Warenne earl of Surrey? and they are the offspring of Princess Joan of England daughter of John I King of England, Princess Joan married Llywelyn the Great Prince of all Wales and they had a son Welsh Prince David Griffith gr. Dollars to donuts one of the Norse, who would later become a Norman, brought back an Orthodox (Christian) wife (or slaves) from that area, and so entered Richard’s haplogroup. I bet you do! One more thing. They were trying to prevent King Philip II of France and Pope Innocent III from taking control of Toulouse and losing religious freedom in southern France. Someone changed all the information on one website, on my mother. Bastard children have no claims unless formally adopted. His son Charles, took the surname Somerset and was created first Lord Herbert and then 1st Earl of Worcester and was Lord Chamberlain of the Household of Henry VIII of England. The Americans are forever trying to prove they are all royal rather than show that they are greatly descended from convicts. The Plantagenet Kings Edward I, II and III are my 19th, 20th and 21st GGfathers on my maternal, while Elizabeth who married Henry VII is on my paternal side. If money is no problem, you can arrange to purchase it from the current owner. It gets a bit more removed here Anne takes it after William 3rd and she was his Sister in Law? No one knows where any of us originated, though everyone and his brother has their own thoughts on it. I believe that my wife, Mrs. Miller, would find you and your statement about crapping artists a bit demented. How are the Plantagenets related to Joseph of Arimathea? I can only speculate. It’s a fun read, and an eye opener. Cretin huh. myself and my three sons are of plantagenet decent through lucy neville second wife of anthony browne. John, 3rd Earl of Kent d 1352 her father → Sir Richard Champernon, Knight and Sheriff of Devonshire “Ourane” is also another spelling of the same word, yet seems to abide by a french language influence. Yes, Don was wed to Kathryn Metz, Loralee Czuchna and Frances Yarborough, with his first wife being Karen and Thomas’ mom. Just set me up close to a window, so I can peep out.). There’s actually two Plantagenet lines. Though here’s what’s kicking me. Great post, i did know most of it apart from the second illegitimate line which makes it really interesting to me to know there are still direct descendants of Margret Beaufort (one of my favourites) out there. In 1999, she again teamed up with RSC to give the performance of a lifetime in ‘Cleopatra,’ in which she played the lead role opposite Alan Bates. His favourite successful tool seemed to be Marriage, Widow and then Marriage again then repeat? In the last two decades, there have been plenty of “maybes” and “what ifs,” but the complete portrait of the crime has remained blurred. You see, it’s vulgar to brag about one’s ancestors, when one’s ancestors have been clearly documented, painted, and written about for centuries. Another problem is that many men married up to 3 or 4 times due to their wives dying in hat an early age so you have to know which wife of your 17th granfather was your ancestor . John Father of Hannibal father of John Bassett father of Amie Amelia Bassett 1647 As for the picture of Ralph Wolfe Cowan, RW is the only artist in the picture. His daughter revealed to Closer, “[Dad] just blossomed, and he said those high school years were the best years of his life.