Institute Of Imaginal Studies is a California Domestic Corporation filed on January 3, 1994. We will go to the famous oracular center at Delphi and then to Epidaurus, one of the most celebrated Temple Sanctuary and Dream Incubation sites in the ancient world. If you’d like to know more, perhaps develop your own ‘Book for the Apprentice’, do be in touch. Day Nine: Integration of our experiences by outlining practical steps to manifest our vision when we return home. One of these patterns is the ‘Flower of Life’ whose origins go back to Egypt and is thought to contain the secrets of the cosmos. In addition, divination techniques including archetypal astrology, Tarot and I Ching, together with explorations into non-ordinary psychic states, exceptional human experiences, and dream work are part of a new emerging esoteric spirituality that aims to reunite the human soul with nature and the cosmos once more. We discover how our own lives are interwoven with collective themes that seek transformation and healing. We will visit the Thermae Bath Spa, the famous springs which, since Roman times and before have made this town so famous. The animate sun opens ‘the way of the imaginal’ with reveries into the heart of the matter. The ‘Splendor of the Sun’ is a Renaissance book distilling centuries of transformative wisdom in 22 dazzling illuminations. First we will travel to Athens and explore the Healing Sanctuary beneath the Acropolis. In this lecture Robert Romanyshyn explores Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, published in 1818 as a work of prophecy. Walking the Songlines of the Soul, Chapter 1, “Our Environmental Crisis and the Call to Pilgrimage.”. The following journeys are offered – venues change depending on the year. The human soul as a spark of the divine could reach out and embrace all things in the cosmos through reflective thought, meditation, and especially love, forming the link between world soul and human soul, above and below. This venue, which also houses the famous Liquid Sound Temple, is situated in charming and historic areas that include Goethe’s summerhouse set in a beautiful park that also houses an unusual structure where you can experience a ‘salt cure.’, Other Thermal Bath Venues include: About INSTITUTE OF IMAGINAL STUDIES Founded In 1993, Meridian University Offers Degree Programs That Educate Students To Engage The Professions Of Psychology, Business, Education, And The Arts In Creative And Transformative Ways. The struggle with and continuing control of the feminine! His academy was a circle of friends inspired by the ancient perennial philosophy and hermetic traditions. Alchemical Travel: Inner Journeys in the Outer World. In the company of our splendid ‘Red King’ we re-member the alchemical cosmos of celestial harmonies, turning the wheel of stars once more. We will travel to Bad Orb, to the Toskana Spa and Therme, near Frankfurt, to renew our vision at this time of course correction on our planet, through practices that engage the creative imagination. Loneliness as a predominant mood of the technological world where we are increasingly more connected in digital space but increasingly more isolated from each other! Knowledge and experience of depth psychology is helpful but not required. 1. Although politically, economically, and environmentally we are in a crisis of global proportions, the Academy of Imaginal Studies is devoted to the contemplation of our spiritual crisis and the next step in earth/human evolution. These Degree Programs Provide A Cumulative, Emergent, And Integrated Curriculum, Empowering The Studentâ? Welcome to Imaginal Studies, where wonderful Inner Arts of visionary imagination are invited to illumine and inspire. Institute Of Imaginal Studies is a Colorado Foreign Profit Corporation filed on July 15, 2019. Ficino’s cosmology was based on the idea of a world soul that linked the divine, angelic orders, planets, and the elements to animals, plants, and minerals. The Asklepeia: Ancient Greek Healing Sanctuaries (15 days). What is the new pattern, the new story? As such, we are better able to make use of technology in sustainable and thoughtful ways that recovers the values of a human world and restores our connections with each other and with nature. In her lecture, Veronica will include strategies for engagement with the subtle world, and offer exercises to experience its healing potential. The Academy of Imaginal Studies is a contemporary version of Ficino’s Platonic Academy in Renaissance Florence. 8. During this Introduction, participants will set their intentions for the journey. Naturally, there is a wealth of spa treatment options available at Toskana as well as Aqua Wellness programs. 6. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Rob Gall and is located at 47 Sixth Street, Petaluma, CO 94952. Bad Orb, Germany: 5 day residential workshop. Welcome to Imaginal Studies, where wonderful Inner Arts of visionary imagination are invited to illumine and inspire. The company's filing status is listed as Good Standing and its File Number is 20191563634. Meridianâ? Field theories in contemporary science also offer a vision of universal interconnectedness, which mirrors the ancient idea of correspondence. In this journey we will experience a contemporary healing spa based on the ancient model of psyche-soma wholeness. The ecological crisis of the melting polar ice, the landscape where the novel ends! The Registered Agent on file for this company is Rob Gall and is located at 47 6th St, Petaluma, CA 94952. 5. Thermae Bath Spa, Bath, UK. The programs and workshops hosted by the Academy of Imaginal Studies are envisioned as a transformative learning environment. We will alternate the spa venue, from Germany and Italy, to France, Eastern Europe, and England, and to sacred mineral water places in the USA. This new story focuses on the emergence of the subtle and imaginal realms coming back into prominence as spirit and matter reach out to each other to heal the fractures of a split that has led to a devaluation of the feminine, the repression of the shadow, and the degradation of our Earth. If you own this company and would like to delete this listing, click here. It’s ‘the Way of the Imaginal,’ by which I research the ‘Splendor Solis,’ combining my training as an independent Archetypal psychologist-scholar with my long-term background as student and teacher of the Western Mystery Tradition at the School of Memphis. Then, examining the 15th century origins of modern science, he describes how Victor Frankenstein also incarnates the spectator mind, which from a distance behind a window regards the body as an anatomical specimen. Friday, May 30th – Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 (see fuller description under Retreats). © 2020 SaleSpider Media Inc. DISCLOSURE: We may earn a commission when you use one of our coupons/links to make a purchase. Visits to other stone monuments and circles may be included, as well as the large chalk-outlined hill figure known as the Cerne Giant, near Cerne Abbas in Dorset. As prophecy, Robert argues that if science and technology are the myths of our time, then Shelley’s story can be regarded as the archetypal pattern of those myths. This mineral springs spa, is situated in parkland and forest near to the place where the Brothers Grimm collected fairytales, an important source of patterns and images of the collective unconscious from the point of view of Jungian depth psychology. Besides daily group sessions and spa bathing (including floating in the world-famous Liquid Sound Temple—a spectacular circular pool flooded with sound and light over and under the water), participants will be able to explore the charming and historic areas around Bad Orb. Healing spa treatment options, sauna, and Aqua Wellness programs are also available here. The book is lyrically written, each card speaking directly to the Apprentice Alchemist, revealing western mysteries. Check dates below: Spa Waters and Sanctuaries of Healing After traveling by overnight ferry to Crete, in addition to the famous Knossos complex, we will visit the 6,000 year-old remains of Lissos, an ancient and unspoiled venue on the coast of southern Crete, that still has patterned mosaics on the floor of its temple remains, designs that are reflected in some contemporary crop circle designs.