Unlike most others, you can even configure the back of this chair to tilt forwards for maximum comfort. I've been testing some of newest ergonomic IKEA office chairs for about a year now.

Worst thing is there is no adjustable armrest on either model (so I got without them). Hey guys, I spend around 10+ hours in my chair each day and need something that will fit my budget. Can you share your experience if you use this chair, please?

Since I sit in this chair so much, it's important to get one that'll last, have a good warranty, and is comfortable for short and long periods of time.

I can't decide what I want. Got one of these in the office, gotta say I find it very uncomfortable myself. So it digs into the back of your knees instead of being flat (or a user-set angle). The saddle posture, with legs spread apart and supported by the feet and buttocks only, supports good natural back posture and allows better blood flow than sitting with the thighs. I've had the Ikea MILLBERGET for nearly a year now, and for $65 I say it's a very comfy chair. They are removable. While the arms and base feel sturdy enough, the seat feels too sturdy. Any chance you could link it? But even if you are the right height of the chair, it’s not exactly $179 worth of back support.

Myself, I'm using the FLINTAN with the elbow rests (which are made of some hard, spongy-ish material) and I use it for 7-8 hours straight without any issues. Planning on building a computer but need some advice?

Ikea Markus: Should I buy it? The headrest hit me right in the neck, and the lumbar support was too low on my back. 1. Logitech x HM chair is finally announced. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be … The padded seat of this chair is very comfortable and provides enough support for you not to get tired even during long working days. The seat of the table has an ergonomic design with a waterfall edge that alleviates the pressure off your legs even if you sit for a long time. You can easily adjust the chair to suit your body and the built-in lumbar support relieves your back.

To prevent back pain after a prolonged day, you can adjust the tilt of the chair to provide better support. share.

The high back is fantastic, and once a pillow or something is added it's a great chair. Press J to jump to the feed. This chair offers a lot of back support, which can be useful especially for those who are already dealing with back pain. Yeah, it's a 10 year warranty chair. $229. Log In Sign Up.

$169.00 (cloth) or $199.00 (leather) from Ikea The height, angle, and recline resistance for the back of the chair can all be changed. This develops naturally over a week or so, but can cause some discomfort in the meantime. Tom Spark is a chair researcher, VPN expert, and a geek product extraordinaire. I run by a rule of "don't buy it unless you can try it", Chairs violently apply to this. However, there are also people complaining about lack of adjustability of armrests, lumbar support and head support. I personnaly go for a high price because I’m done wasting my money on poor chairs. The IKEA Markus is a budget office chair that several Wirecutter staffers still own and like.

I will definitely buy Herman Miller Aeron at some point but not sometime soon, unfortunately. I had to remove the armrests from the chair since I couldn’t find the right ergonomic situation. I've heard really good things about the Markus chair, especially for the price. IKEA Markus, but why? The Jarvfjallet is top of my list but need to try it out when Ikea reopens again for sizing as I have broad shoulders as well.