Event Currency NetEase Games, the creators of Identity V, contacted Spike Chunsoft in 2018 to request a Danganronpa collaboration because Danganronpa has a strong international fanbase - particularly in China where Identity V is developed - and the fanbase of both games has a strong overlap due to their atmosphere. The collaboration was first announced publicly on April 18th, 2020 at the Famitsu/Dengeki Game Awards 2019, where the first teaser trailer was shown featuring a preview of the Monokuma skin[2]. Danganropa Crossover Event begins! Danganronpa producer Yoshinori Terasawa thought it was a good idea, and eventually agreed to a collaboration that would coincide with Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc's 10th Anniversary. Graffiti are stickers or "sprays" that can be be placed on the map during matches by players. Danganronpa Crossover Date モノクマとは モノクマの概要 名前 モノクマ 声優 大山のぶ代/TARAKO 衣装 No.26 学校 希望ヶ峰学園/学園長 モノクマは希望ヶ峰学園の学園長! モ... 江ノ島盾子とは? 江ノ島盾子の概要 名前 江ノ島盾子 声優 豊口めぐみ 衣装 バーメイド 学校 希望ヶ峰学園/78期生 江ノ島盾子は超高校級のギャル! 江ノ島盾... 苗木誠とは? 苗木誠の概要 名前 苗木誠 声優 緒方恵美 衣装 幸運児 学校 私立希望ヶ峰学園/1年   苗木誠は超高校級の幸運! ダンガンロンパの舞... 霧切響子とは? 霧切響子の概要 名前 霧切響子 声優 日笠陽子 衣装 空軍 学校 私立希望ヶ峰学園/1年 霧切響子は超高校級の… 記憶喪失により自分の才能が何で... アップデートについて 第五人格は2018年の7月5日から配信が開始した非対称対戦ゲームです 第五人格では配信後もアップデートによって新しいキャラクターや新マップ... 中国版とは ▲画像を拡大する 第五人格には日本でリリースされている日本版の他に 中国版、または海外版と呼ばれるものが存在します 第五人格を開発・運営する「Net... 第五人格/アイデンティティV エコーを無課金で入手するマル秘裏技! エコーを無課金で入手するやり方について ▲画像を拡大する 第五人格で操作するハンター・サバイ... ガードNo.26UR衣装「モノクマ」、バーメイドSSR衣装「江ノ島盾子」、空軍SSR衣装「霧切響子」、幸運児SSR衣装「苗木誠」, ガードNo.26専用のSR携帯品「モノモノマシーン」「モノクマメダル」「手掛かり」. You can also upgrade further by purchasing Monocoins with Echoes. Portraits from Essence, ordered by list below. The Danganronpa Crossover was an event that started May 2020 and ended June, where players could participate in activites to receive costumes, items, and other rewards based off of the main characters from the Danganronpa video game series. The pre-registration was a success, and all rewards were sent to players via in-game mail. If you wish to upgrade your Mono Mono Machine with even more glorious effects, don't miss out on this Ultimate battle event! Identity V is an asymmetrical horror mobile game for iOS/Android and PC created by Chinese developer Netease. 第五人格(アイデンティティ5)が ダンガンロンパとコラボ することが発表されました。 ダンガンロンパはアニメ化や小説化などもされている 人気のアドベンチャーゲーム です。 コラボ … The B-Tier version of the Mono Mono Machine could be obtained for free by completing the Danganronpa Crossover - Battle Event quest chain. The Danganronpa Crossover Event Battle was a quest chain. Upon meeting with the NetEase team, Terasawa was impressed that the team were such deep fans of the Danganronpa series, coming to the meeting prepared with a lot of ideas of how the Danganronpa characters could fit into the Identity V scenario, and so they were given full creative freedom. The collaboration launched world-wide on May 28th in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Global detectives pre-registration now and claim rewards up to 10 crossover essences and 1 exclusive portrait!". Official description: "Identity V X Danganronpa Crossover Event Pre-registration is OPEN NOW! https://id5.fandom.com/wiki/Danganronpa_Crossover?oldid=17470, [Portrait] Makoto Naegi - "The Ultimate Lucky Student", [Portrait] Kyoko Kirigiri - "The Ultimate Detective", [Portrait] Sayaka Maizono - "The Ultimate Pop Sensation", [Portrait] Leon Kuwata - "The Ultimate Baseball Star", [Portrait] Mondo Owada - "The Ultimate Biker Gang Leader", [Portrait] Celestia Ludenberg - "The Ultimate Gambler", [Portrait] Toko Fukawa - "The Ultimate Writing Prodigy", [Portrait] Aoi Asahina - "The Ultimate Swimming Pro", [Portrait] Byakuya Togami - "The Ultimate Affluent Prodigy", [Portrait] Hifumi Yamada - "The Ultimate Fanfic Creator", [Portrait] Enoshima Junko - "The Ultimate Fashionista", [Portrait] Yasuhiro Hagakure - "The Ultimate Clairvoyant", [Portrait] Chihiro Fujisaki - "The Ultimate Programmer", [Portrait] Sakura Ogami - "The Ultimate Martial Artist", [Portrait] Kiyotaka Ishimaru - "The Ultimate Moral Compass", [Portrait] Mukuro Ikusaba - "The Ultimate Soldier".