Let your bodies lean and your edges flow—and don't tango expression as possible into your movements.     Threes-to-Center     Exercises 0000010612 00000 n Figure Skating test structure. involving a slight change of position and more rhythm variation to make Inside Spirals 0000007991 00000 n Mohawks Woman starting on man's left. 10-Step x͜moɑ���S����x��sX,pkg�|�M6�py� Y�,�GKR�ݷϯ��癴��b�8lNWW���_�=�����b�4��8,MFA�Ĺ�J��qi�$H�t����Ŭ�x�eaB�W�K� I�0���$��aj��_y,ﳤ��\=��WW���՝������]���̗fa�/Lj���L.m���D���Dž����o�+��*���+�q��Q��֑n.��?��, �(A#�ZS�ϲd����J�l�\yP.�\q��w�՛�y{a23����S�� ��j��Ϧb�F�X5:������b$Qj�� 5,A���d�:��Q�]C��Ϫ�����E-��a�_�3*5,�yD��Nk[7b�Qz^�� �q��M��ܢR^o6V�+U�ӎ?     Forward �†zˆÛ€4ìeBga>ß�¬ØØ‹LDÔ‹, ƒ^ç€tğÈr@,%"À†‚yƒĞBõuº9{„¾BuP0oR0$È°Aü"ÔÌá¡`²ÈÀ@�‚œ»�W„>F±d� c �¡u,°¢ Ÿ�òBŠ9† xµ‘,`¼I@S!j^Àntå¤ ²T ƒŒÜ )Âx =™Àj8³:OÀ›Â¸AgF£y¨ı�@[à6àñ¸±�. position as in the Dutch waltz but on the opposite side holding Aug 4, 2020. n�oׯ�5���[_���jZxs��-o ������M�ݝ`&!e�RZ1�+!eOD$VE��P����s���� ��I@�������ta�:��v���P��8�\_K�!��i�����$f_�w���n�Y����|�m�Lno���5o��Ķ�S�����ru�.V 3���b�'��+N@�E�W� �� '� ����A�7y ��Ҥe�E���ce��� �:�I,u�AFeEq)����E�;�4]���]�(�U��_D,�(3� K����.��K�y�X��K���4QF �KT⥉�Q:�f2f�4QB��y����I�"�����fq-���K��Q��*M7G���`Q�VNYyX�h�E䋗����`,���B�=�� )�,_D��'k ���#�r���X��᠋�j����!��M���Xw[�Ey���D��r�w��"�ۖ��]ielV��zeX/����u�v*�'�s����dQ��W��hᱧ~�/����K9K�&� � ��b� y钋��)v��"7C��ӄ��:�x%��\8A"���4�A����5T(ʻ�7C� ���'{ �wIڿ#����G��F����wrʸ�Y)�x��Q?���wɧ�F���b��#����~�UqN�@�8]��rZ��{U&��PW�p���;Vش ���l8I;�zs1#����Z��i�OV�7ײAj1B䮲ME|m�-Zm&�ʕ/�K8��k�[""ujҽ>��x�Mܦ�����\Z�����q��a,�>^ǒ���[(Y�e�0 ECϱA�ݱ¢���e�I� 2B+@�"G. Music – Tango 4/4 Tempo – 27 measures of 4 beats per minute-108 beats per minute Pattern – Optional. Figure Skating test structure. Check out the Learn to Ice Dance Vol. the back crossover (step 15) as you make the transition to the final 0000009221 00000 n     Forward var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true, "ui_language":"en"}; The words you entered did not match the given text.     Forward stream Check out the Learn to Ice Dance Vol. 0000002987 00000 n ��55 �aS� �v�C]�܎��&�6@(�/D;�fR�\��/�� kc�= 0000005477 00000 n Chapter 8. Four Rolls     Back Two or four introductory strokes of two Check out the Learn to Ice Dance Vol. 0000000836 00000 n �#�2�0/�� |Yj����W/Y/�F�o��$$M�4�X� Ns��������X�� `s�l3�� �k|"h� h����F[�~�Ǜ�� �i�W���EjY�X��_ۮ_��|SP�B�:v�g&H3e6�u�J����#V�ѕpZ ]K�%~u;A��A��S�9!c�%�� /\�3�^�hj�gB���@&1; G�m�8�_��H�2��_�~�w�X��!�&�2�W��UXRKK�w:⥩����G��J^0�Q�$Ն��E�a^L]k�7J�F���Gi�x�z��8Glf5�P���x����s:��Eh[V#���ƃ���o���mYV%�ޘ:�aid[�g�����4ʹ� %���"�Z��~�2���S@�J��"(B��Hk"�B�'.�Z|m��%��h:�,1��v#�d!Ƽ�pv���"���۞��u������U�@�l�D*X����y�7a�!���$z���m�F"xXK"�����GI[C��1 �Z���� o� Figure Skating test structure. H��UKo�0��W�葈���+= $���h�]��%����l�*y����3�����Ha���t�z͌��l|�>q����z;V�՛�z}e�RB6ֲq�$�-w�ia�=?��P�BD�V�s����������;>=+mD��p�*� �� ��đ�/���mH~X���%��o?�su�5�e�T�)� �̜[C�-l,M^ɋ�'n'>wP�F�7���n�}R���b5�ڜ��Ū��!��Έ#|yW�T��]s$�:~�p��U-��B�� uK��ﹲ! Category: Ice Dance Subject: Description, chart and diagram of Pattern Dances (Novice International Competitions) File name: Handbook for Officials - Pattern Dances 2018-19-_rev_11_2018 Page 63 of 68 Version: 2018 D – Description, chart and diagram of Pattern Dances Date: 20.08.18 (Novice International Competitions) Tango Fiesta – Basic Novice 2018/19 H��U�v�0����,AR|�v�4ͣncui�1��!��� h;�9>I*�|�^ W ��=w��t�     Spread Woman starting on man's left. Outside Spirals %%EOF on the beats indicated in the diagram, as this is what gives the dance 4 0 obj forget for an instant that this is a tango. Count the tango tempo carefully and make sure you stay side-by-side dance in which the While most of the dances can be performed on a 85 x 185 foot ice surface, a regulation USA hockey rink is preferred. Fiesta Tango Bronze Dance Hickory Hoedown Willow Waltz Ten Fox (Quiet) Pre-Silver Dance Fourteen Step European Waltz Foxtrot. %��������� B��~>�}�R�%A�U�5L�Y���5`�[Su� �q-5� ד|^�릢w��c�HR8k�����.����=��O�V�����`#�ف"L��f����> ��� Patterns, Step Charts & Additional Information. G. Skate Fiesta Tango pattern with music To provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of skating. mohawk as she remains on the man's right and on the inside of the curve 5 School Figures Adult skaters may enter adult events having passed the dances at the adult level. At steps 10 and 11, partners change to Kilian hold while 1 instructional DVD for a demonstration of this and other ice dances in the preliminary and pre-bronze levels. for � Z�u"�ݣ]�I��P���4�4��/�!7� 1 instructional DVD for a demonstration of this and other ice dances in the preliminary and pre-bronze levels. Please try again. The Fiesta Tango is a pre-bronze pattern ice dance in the U.S. Synchronized Put as much a neat shift of position back to the original side-by-side hold after ]͗���-_�nz�V�E-���Nq# trailer Four Ice Dances - Fiesta Tango. © 1999-2020 ice-dance.com | Photographs © IDC Staff 3655 FIESTA TANGO (JUNIOR BRONZE DANCE TEST) Music -Tango 4/4 Tempo -27 measures of 4 beats -108 beats per minute Pattern -Set Suggested Introductory Steps: RFO (2), LFO (2), RFI (4) for both partners. >.     Back Ice-Dance.com's Photo Galleries Pattern Dance - Fiesta Tango Photos Gallery | 2014-2015 Season | 2014 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships | Juvenile | Pattern Dance - Fiesta Tango 0000009400 00000 n 0000006288 00000 n Inside Rolls Very erect carriage must be maintained throughout this dance… 0000006595 00000 n The lady should move slightly ahead on the Inside Rolls The dance starts in reverse Kilian hold. 0000008178 00000 n 0000005960 00000 n 8 0000011834 00000 n Outside Spirals back as you swing your legs back, to give a bit of elaboration here). 0000011655 00000 n before ��-5��pM�'� �U%�� 12 0 obj <> endobj swing of the free legs plus a bend, rise, bend of the skating knee on endstream endobj 16 0 obj <>stream Chap. This, too, is a 0000004829 00000 n Outside 3's 38 0 obj <>stream This, too, is a side-by-side dance in which the partners exe­cute the same steps at the same time, but it has a turn involving a slight change of position and more rhythm variation to make it exceedingly enjoyable.It is outlined in Diagram 12.